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How love differs from passion: definition, how to recognize, signs and features

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How love differs from passion: definition, how to recognize, signs and features
How love differs from passion: definition, how to recognize, signs and features

For many centuries there have been disputes about what love is and how to separate it from another, no less interesting concept, such as passion. But few people ask the question of whether love can exist without passion and vice versa. What takes possession of a person first - love or passion? To understand this issue, let's do a little analysis and compare two ambiguous feelings, love and passion.

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I love it, or Passion overwhelms me

What is the difference between love and adoration? The rush of feelings is so exciting that words and thoughts have a chaotic character. A lover likes everything, the whole world for him is in colored paints, and pink glasses are in front of his eyes. A lover or beloved idealizes a soul mate, not noticing any flaws. Any act is regarded as something magical. Psychologists note that adoration always leads to disappointment if feelings are not supported by a reasonable component, namely love. Love is conscious and accepting. A loving person realizes that there are no ideal people, buthis beloved person does not consist of mere virtues, but at the same time he accepts all the shortcomings and puts up with them. Adoration is blind, short-sighted and sometimes absurd. If we compare figuratively, then love is a wise old man, and adoration is a young student who takes the teacher's words on faith and deifies him.

what is the difference between love and passion

Passion as an unknown variable

Now, for a greater contrast, let's compare passion and love. How is love different from passion? Passion is often compared to impulse and even to falling in love. She is not endowed with constancy, she flares up in relationships, then fades away. She is able to push a person both to the most courageous act, and to the meanest. What is the difference between passion and love? Psychology does not give a clear answer. Rather, he tries not to separate one from the other, but to make these two feelings mutually beneficial for both partners. If passion has a positive character and thus ex alts love, then this is harmony. If passion has a negative character in love, then this is a relationship disfigured by jealousy, suspicion and resentment. Unlike passion, love is distinguished by constancy, tolerance. These two feelings must exist together in the first, nascent stages of a relationship. Then only love should remain.

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Sympathy, crush or love?

The birth of love begins with sympathy. This feeling is appreciative. At the level of sympathy, an assessment of the object, its character, and behavior takes place. It is at this stage thatlove is born, which subsequently turns into a deeper feeling, such as love. How is love different from affection? Depth. Sympathy is superficial, ambiguous. It's just a quick glance, a nice word or conversation. Sympathy does not oblige you to confess your love, it does not oblige you to love. However, it is sympathy that can be decisive in a relationship that begins. Of course, partners will have to go a long and thorny path to love, but sympathy is like a pleasant beginning of a journey. First love is sympathy and passion. The next relationship is already sympathy and work on the mistakes of previous relationships. That is why first love is so memorable and so fleeting.

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Psychological Essay

What is the difference between passion and love? An essay on this topic can be written personally for everyone who cannot understand their relationship. Only loneliness can help you find the right answer. A person who is for passion lives in the moment, but not life. For him, the moment is important, not the course of life. This is the relationship of a moth that flies into the light of a candle without thinking about the consequences. A person who, for love, makes plans for the future, dreams, matures to create a family. For him, it is not today and not even today's events that are important, he lives in the future. The psychology of relationships is so complex that it is completely impossible to understand it. Different people, different reasons. Psychologists can only analyze a similar situation in a stereotyped way, and only a few manage to find the true cause and possible solutions.situations. It is people who are overwhelmed by passion who most often attend psychological trainings or directly turn to a psychologist. Understanding oneself can be extremely difficult, so a look from the outside is necessary.

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Tender Passion or Tender Love?

What is the difference between love, passion and tender love? Perhaps it is worth saying that love by its nature is quite brutal. She is calm, reasonable, she does not prove anything. Passion is just tender, it allows the beloved to enjoy his partner, to show all the tenderness, attention, so that the relationship still burns and does not cool down. It is with tenderness that passion proves that relationships are at their peak, and that is where they can end or turn into love. Even if you say “tender passion” aloud, you can immediately feel that the words contradict each other, do not agree. Yes, passion is not gentle, it is violent, dangerous, thoughtless and at the same time bewitching. Therefore, the very concept of "tenderness" can be attributed to a certain moment, but not to the feeling as a whole.

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Passion is inspiration

If we turn to the history of art, we can see that all the great works were written by the authors in a fit of passion, inspiration. How love differs from passion, they did not know when they created magnificence, but it was a symbiosis of love and passion. So in relationships, passion inspires, love restrains passion. No, these are not two sisters, rather, two rivals who are fighting in a person for the rightstay in his heart, mind, in his life. Passion is always actions, a person cannot express his attitude in a different way, he needs to prove his claims to the object of adoration every time. Sometimes these actions lead to the end of the relationship. The second half is bored with such behavior, which does not grow into anything further. In other words, passion must have a limit.

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How to recognize love?

How is love different from passion? How to recognize exactly love and not entrust your heart to the seeker of love adventures? First, no one will talk about their love as something sublime, unattainable. Love is reasonable. She knows whom and in spite of what she extols. Secondly, love is not a moment, not a flash, not a sprint for a short distance. This feeling comes gradually, looking closely. If we say how love differs from passion, then, of course, devotion. Passion is a flame, it can arise at the first meeting. It is often confused with love at first sight. Some joke that love at first sight is usually love at first sight. Such a substitution of concepts fully answers the question of how passion differs from love. Desire and passion go hand in hand. Love always goes alone. And one more little clarification: love has no special features, because everyone has their own, special. It is enough to remember love stories, they are all different, and each has something to learn.

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