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How girls in love behave: signs of love, gestures, attention and attitude towards a guy
How girls in love behave: signs of love, gestures, attention and attitude towards a guy

Love for a girl changes everything. Literally the whole world suddenly becomes completely, completely different. And, of course, it affects behavior. Many people are interested in how girls in love behave. We will talk about this in this article.


Love changes the hormonal background of a person, and it immediately becomes noticeable. The girl seems to glow, radiates joy. Perhaps that is why the affectionate appeal "sun" is so popular. She really becomes like a local, intended only for her beloved, the sun. And from this it becomes attractive even for complete strangers. She gets more attention.

girls in love,

Falling in love is a joyful expectation. Therefore, the girl perks up when a young man appears, experiences a surge of emotions. Usually pleasant, although, of course, anything can happen. Some girls in this state begin to speak louder, interrupt others and themselves, and gesticulate more than usual. It all looks like a holiday for which they did not have timeget ready.


It is known that all the emotions that a person experiences are determined by the ratio of hormones in the blood. It will not be difficult at all to understand how girls in love behave, if you remember that their increased emotionality and sudden mood swings have a completely material reason. The body increases the content of hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, which are part of the so-called "reward system". They are what “make” the feeling of happiness.

how to know if a girl is in love

Many people wonder how a girl in love behaves. She always hides from others, even if a little. Usually it seems to her that something extraordinary is happening to her that cannot be described and explained to others. Hence the sharp change in her behavior at the appearance of a handsome prince. Even if the girl has always been equal in relations with people, now it is clear that she singles out one of them. While he is gone, she is distracted, often distracted from the conversation, and when he comes, she is confused. Perhaps the presence of the chosen one confuses her. Excitement manifests itself in a blush, breathing quickens.

Lady in love. Communication

Guys are baffled by how different girls behave when communicating with the same person. There is no mystery here. The girl is very friendly with those who occupy her thoughts and feelings, but only if he does not show interest in others. Having fallen in love, women begin to dislike anyone whom her lover speaks of with admiration. Even if he's justI saw that this woman is beautiful, the result will be some manifestations of jealousy. If he did at least something (turned his head, looked after him) - this can greatly hurt a woman in love, and, most likely, he will know about it right away.


girl in love

How to understand that a girl is in love, but hides? To find out, you need to pay attention to her movements and words. Even if she hides her feelings, she will unconsciously try to draw attention to herself. If you wish, you can learn to read these non-verbal signals, and at the same time take into account that the severity of gestures and facial movements can be different. A person who is restrained by nature will not wave his arms, even if he has completely lost his head from love. So for the correct interpretation of "body language" you have to be very careful.

How to understand that a girl is in love? Signs and gestures will betray her. She keeps looking at the person she likes, and if he looks at her, she immediately looks away. Some girls listen to their gentleman with downcast eyes, but at the same time they often cast a short glance at him from under half-lowered eyelashes. In a woman in love, you can see "mirroring". She repeats the gestures or posture of the interlocutor, as in a mirror, without noticing it.

It is not clear to everyone how to behave a girl in love. I would like to say that it is better for her, of course, to be restrained. But awakening feelings make the girl make frequent and exaggerated compliments to the chosen one. If she does not have a very quiet character, she makes fun of him, but only about the fact that he himselfhe thinks it's funny. A woman in love will not humiliate and ridicule someone who has suddenly become so important to her, and will not intentionally hurt. Rather, she will try to provoke the guy, for example, incite him to demonstrate her strength. The girl considers such a “feat in honor of a beautiful lady” a compliment to herself, her attractiveness.

How to recognize the signs of a girl in love? Very simple, if you carefully look at the person. Pay attention to how often the girl straightens her hair, shows her wrists, as if by chance touches her neck, ears, lips. Such gestures mean an invitation, the movements of the girl indicate that the young man is allowed to approach. She doesn't take her hand away if a guy touches her.

How does a girl show her feelings?

10 signs that a girl is in love

How does a girl in love behave? She tries, under some pretext, to be in the personal space of a young man or to place her personal belongings there (he tends to consider items belonging to a person as part of himself). The girl touches the elbow, shoulder or hair of a young man. If she is a bully, she can lightly poke him in the back or side. It is the touch that is important, and it does not matter at all which one. She asks him to hold the bag, she leans on his arm like she really can't balance, or puts her phone close to him (for example, showing interesting photos). The desire to taste the food from his plate belongs here - this is also a way to shorten the distance. Sitting opposite, sheleans forward, puts his hands on the table in conversation. If young people are sitting nearby, then the girl shows interest by turning her face to the interlocutor. Her hands and knees are also turned in his direction. Sometimes she wiggles her leg. This means that she is very occupied with some strong emotions. Here, optional movements are needed like a valve, they release energy, which at this moment simply has nowhere to go.

She will be very attentive to everything the other person says to her. She is interested in the stories he tells, the places he has visited, his skills. However, she does not pretend. You can sometimes notice how her pupils dilate from interest, and a person is able to fake such reactions.

Deeds betray that the girl is secretly in love. Signs of feelings

If a girl is seriously infatuated with a certain young man, even if secretly, there are signs of a deeper change. Not only the mood, but also the actions become different. For example, there is a sudden change in clothing preferences. Instead of something comfortable, something appears (depending on the character) that is romantic, defiant, beautiful, or simply very expensive. Now she does a more thorough make-up and constantly remembers the need to check and renew it. Almost any woman, falling in love, begins to devote more time to her appearance.

She talks to those who attract her in private differently than in the company. She willingly maintains a conversation on topics that occupy him, shows interest in his affairs and hobbies, passionately (to the extent of upbringing and temperament) empathizes with him.successes and failures, making it clear that he had a like-minded person. For example, if a young man is passionate about cars, she may well go to a driving school and courageously pass her license, even if she did not intend to do so. Even if she is afraid. Simply because collaboration is one way to get closer.

Falling in love, the girl begins to care about the convenience of the person she has chosen. She will reschedule or cancel meetings with other people (sometimes to the detriment of business) to see him. She prefers the company of a young man to communication with her friends, and to everything else too. It takes very, very good reasons for her to turn down the opportunity to see someone she has become dear to.

Giving presents for no reason is a sign of love

signs of a girl in love

Give gifts for no reason, "just like that", very kind people and women in love. But the latter, in addition, are also inclined to take care. If some young lady was the first to rush to the sick person with oranges, warm socks and a miraculous potion, the recipe of which she received from her grandmother, one can hardly suspect her of indifference. Most likely, along with care, the patient will receive an infinite number of worldly advice. There is nothing to be done about it - she has found herself in a motherly role and therefore feels that she is obliged to advise and warn.

Lack of communication with the guy. What happens to a girl in love?

If a day or two of a lover is nowhere to be seen, and no one talks about him, a very violent reaction is possible. How to behave in lovegirl in such a difficult situation? Emotions are a powerful fuel, and inaction is unbearable. Most likely, she will call mutual acquaintances. Or even drop in for a minute to visit, to accidentally hear something about him. And it is possible that she will start some kind of common event that simply cannot be arranged without this person. She will check his social media pages ten times a day.

And the most serious sign of falling in love - the girl begins to plan her future. And so that in it there is a place for the chosen one. And there's nothing to be done, the future is important.

how to understand that a girl is in love but hides

10 signs

Let's look at 10 signs that a girl is in love. They will appear when a lover appears. These features include:

  • girl "shining";
  • worried, embarrassed, bullied;
  • changes behavior, mood, topic of conversation;
  • looks in his direction or defiantly turns away;
  • laughs out loud, even if the joke is not very good;
  • invites you into your personal space with gestures and movements;
  • asking mutual friends;
  • looking for a reason to meet;
  • shows self-sacrifice;
  • Young person's interests are given higher priority.
gestures of a girl in love

Small conclusion

Now you know what signs a girl in love can give out. A photo of some of these ladies is presented in the article. In these pictures you can see how in a special waygirls eyes are on fire. Love each other. After all, it is love that inspires!

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