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How to respond to a compliment to a man: possible answers, advice from psychologists

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How to respond to a compliment to a man: possible answers, advice from psychologists
How to respond to a compliment to a man: possible answers, advice from psychologists

How to respond to a compliment to a man without knowing how sincere his words are? Some masterfully manipulate attention, others speak from the heart, but show monstrous awkwardness. But in any case, it is unacceptable for the situation to become negative after uttering a compliment.

How to respond to compliments

It is not difficult for any girl or woman with normal self-esteem to respond to a compliment to a man. How to behave after praise - everything is individual here: whether to accept criticism of any kind with a raised head, a gentle smile, a slight irony, or with pleasure.

how to respond nicely to a compliment to a man

The positive effect of a compliment is that the girl feels her own attraction and radiates more and more charm, magnetism. As a result, it remains only to get used to the numerous admirations that sound more and more often.

If the other person is sure of the presence of certain qualities ininterlocutor, after all, it is his right to think so. And it should be taken lightly.

Before answering a compliment to a man who is sincere, first you need to believe in what was said, accept these words, apply them to yourself. Then - just allow yourself to be yourself.

How to respond to a compliment to a man who is not familiar? You should not go into verbosity or immediately show excessive interest. It is enough to answer briefly: "thank you", "I am very pleased." If the compliment comes from a well-known man, a humorous answer is quite acceptable: "everything for you", "glad to like you".

If the compliment is embarrassing, you can respond with your emotions in mind, acknowledging your excitement. A smile is essential.


Low self-esteem instills feelings of guilt, feeling as if the recipient of the compliment is deceiving others. An inflated opinion of oneself gives rise to the impression that this is the smallest thing that could be admired, or even offended. If such emotions are present, it is worth adjusting self-esteem.

A person has the right to rejoice when others like him or his actions. If the compliment is made from the heart, it remains to accept it with the same sincerity, and there is nothing reprehensible in this.

when a man compliments how to respond

If people emphasize those aspects that are important in the interlocutor, this is an additional reason for him to see himself in a positive light, as well as to inspire self-improvement.

From the point of view of psychology, therethe principle of "mirroring": a person who does not allow good assessments of himself is less likely to express them to other people. Therefore, accepting admiration is a kind of indicator of the ability to give it to others.

The lack of reaction to the remarks made leaves a much more unpleasant impression than any reaction.

Unacceptable reactions

The purpose of a compliment is to please, to win over. In addition to the personal attitude towards him, there is a certain kind of behavior that looks incorrect.

how to respond to a compliment to a man

How unacceptable to respond to a compliment:

  1. Objection. This will confuse the fan. It turns out that the girl is not like that. And he has no choice but to believe, or re-persuade her of what is said. Innocent flirting leads to an argument or a silly situation.
  2. An excuse. A man may doubt the adequacy of a woman, and also begin to wonder whether it is worth developing communication in favor of rapprochement with her. For example, he praised the dress, and in response he heard that it was her random choice, and she did not care what impression she makes.
  3. Indifference. The man, perhaps, was preparing to utter these words, did not dare, and there was no reaction. There just might not be a next time.
  4. Neglect. The pride of the ladies makes them suspect others of flattery. In this case, men lose all desire to show signs of attention to them.
  5. Exaggerated joy. Stormythe reaction suggests that the girl had some expectations and is now satisfied with what she heard. A man should feel like he owes something to her. If there is a free expression of admiration, then why should this be followed by the development of communication?
  6. A compliment in return. Such a manifestation will seem unnatural if it occurs in the next moment. Interlocutors, in addition, may feel stiffness.

Compliment in conversation and correspondence

How to respond when a man compliments? Regardless of the topic of conversation, it should be borne in mind that every man will be pleased to mention his virtues. Such areas can be touched upon, as if by chance, in response messages.

Pleasant themes for men:

  1. Personal qualities: a man is pleased to learn from others how smart, cheerful, kind, affectionate he is. And in order for these adjectives to sound most natural, you need to notice as many precise details as possible, arguments why this is so.
  2. Sphere of activity and self-realization: if he has a responsible, difficult, useful, inspiring job, you should tell him about it. The same goes for the results of his hobby.
  3. Intimate sphere: to hear from a woman that a man justified her expectations is beyond praise. This is not only pleasant to hear, but also inspires him to new exploits.
  4. Emphasizing the success of a man in sports, you should definitely focus on his willpower, the qualities of character, thanks to which he achieved results.

What to answer a man for a compliment,examples:

  • standard: "thank you, that's very kind of you";
  • praise the gallantry, tact, upbringing, politeness, observation of the interlocutor;
  • start a casual conversation in response;
  • in any conversation, you can indirectly emphasize the status of a man, albeit in a joking way, which will certainly cause positive emotions in him: "you speak as it should be for businessmen", "people with your capabilities are better at it";
  • responding to a compliment about his appearance, you can see that the pleasant words of a man improve mood, relieve fatigue.

How to answer a man for a compliment SMS:

  • replying to a compliment, you can also mention positive situations from the past that made you think well of him, and the like;
  • tell him about how others reacted to his authority, behavior, even if it will be an exaggeration to some extent;
  • noting his subtle sense of humor, in SMS you can see that he has not had to laugh so hard for a long time;
  • send gratitude in verse.
how to respond to a compliment with humor

How to respond to a compliment with humor for a man:

  • "… and all this is useless if there are no bright men like you around";
  • "but I can't achieve your skill (talent in that)";
  • " and I can also embroider on a typewriter";
  • "Take me as your secretary - I can't do that";
  • "the main thing- cook pasta deliciously, and the rest will follow".

How to respond to a compliment to a man you like:

  • dilute the emotional reaction with non-verbal gestures: a hug, a kiss, a playful handshake;
  • if the compliment had an uplifting effect, say that the partner's words are like a healing balm;
  • if you wish, you can promise your partner something that will please him.

Signs of insincere praise

If a man allows a statement about a woman that belittles him, or it seems that this is a great condescension on his part, such praise is alarming.

how to respond to a compliment to a man by correspondence

Usually people don't care how those who are one step down feel. Therefore, an overly flattering compliment can provoke persistent disgust. And after a while, the true purpose of that compliment may be revealed.

An "irrefutable" compliment that inspires a need to "fit" or irritates. And only positive words, expressed on an equal footing, deserve a sincere reaction.

Hidden compliments

Not every person is ready to be straightforward and self-confident enough to meet a response. Therefore, approval or appreciation on his part may take the form of a randomly asked question, remarks that are associated with pleasant impressions for a woman.

The implied compliment can come as a natural response in conversation. At the beginning of a relationship,quite appropriate given the temporary awkwardness. And then it is convenient to use a subtle game.

The ability to recognize a person's cautious intention to win over oneself will shorten the path to achieving harmony. But a guy's remark about a girl's flashy looks in the form of "she's getting everyone's attention" can anger her if misunderstood.

Before you respond to a compliment to a man via correspondence, it is not necessary to specifically "formulate" the reciprocal praise, because you can unintentionally "imply" his attractiveness and other virtues during the conversation.

Mistakes of women

It would be wrong not to praise men. But some do not feel the measure, while an excessive amount of admiration loses its value. Many flattering words have the opposite effect: a person loses motivation, closes.

how to respond to a compliment sms

You should not use banal, boring phrases for everyone, but instead you need to think about what a person really deserves, and "take out" these words from the inside. If a famous person is admired for his appearance, another delight is unlikely to surprise her much. But other noted virtues, with regard to character or actions, will surely find a response in the soul.

When praise comes in handy

The brain of a man more effectively perceives clear "constructs" from words, rather than "blurry" hints. Therefore, specific remarks are quite suitable for compliments.

Thinking about howbeautifully answer a compliment to a man, it will not be superfluous to note for yourself when exactly he will come in handy.

Examples of situations where nice words can be helpful:

  • partner is depressed, very tired;
  • he had a lack of confidence in his abilities;
  • there is a need to stimulate initiative in him;
  • praise in order to establish a more trusting contact.

Where bad reactions come from

The causes of wrong reactions lie deep within. Perhaps the cause was long-forgotten traumas of the past, and it makes no sense to project painful sensations onto new acquaintances that appear in life.

what to answer a man for a compliment examples

If a person is absolutely unable to accept compliments addressed to him, he should think about it and look for reasons in himself. If there is a belief that a person cannot be admired, the prerequisites may be rooted in childhood, when the attitude towards oneself was formed with the help of parents.

The desire to protect yourself from manipulation can inspire suspicion of every person who utters kind words. But this is not right: such an attitude that the world is full of evil is destructive in itself, no matter what happens.

The belief that there are no free and useful things is wrong. If someone's words make you feel obligated, this may indicate that much in life is equivalent to material cost: more space should be allowed for spiritualmanifestations. There are some things that you can't pay for.

A woman should make compliments to other people herself more often, and then they will come into her life even more.

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