Education technology is The concept, features, new methods, goals and objectives
Education technology is The concept, features, new methods, goals and objectives

Video: Education technology is The concept, features, new methods, goals and objectives

Video: Education technology is The concept, features, new methods, goals and objectives
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Technology of education is a special system of methods, procedures and techniques of educational activities, where teachers hone their skills. Thus, the level of preparation of the teacher and educator is displayed. If his techniques work in practice, it means that he has reached a certain level of mastery.

Features of education technologies

Anton Makarenko
Anton Makarenko

Parenting is about personal and individual interaction. The process of such interaction is very difficult to describe by algorithms. There are situations when a teacher devotes himself to education, and then legends are made about him. Such personalities were Makarenko and Sukhomlinsky. Therefore, although technology is an important aspect of education, it does not always give the result that can be obtained with the help of talent, perseverance and proven skill.

In modern psychology, there are more than 70 technologies and concepts of education that open up the structure of personality. These technologies includeimportant points:

  • define a clear specific goal;
  • development of theoretical material;
  • structure of activity by stages;
  • analysis of results and monitoring.

Teaching and education technologies

parenting technology
parenting technology

About a hundred years ago, for the first time, such a concept as pedagogical technology, or technology of education, appeared. The main idea is the complete management of the educational process. Teachers must constantly design the technology itself and regularly reproduce it in the classroom, thereby checking the effectiveness of their own work. Thanks to these concepts, the pedagogical process must guarantee the implementation of the assigned tasks.

According to scientists, the productive pedagogical ideas of each teacher should be discussed at the pedagogical councils, where they will develop projects for their implementation in schools. Thus, all participants in the educational process will be able to gain new knowledge that will be useful in future work.

Description of educational technologies

Pedagogical education technologies are complex systems of techniques and methods that are aimed at not only educating students, but also so that they are imprinted in this process, which will contribute to the overall development of children. All these and other technologies are aimed at organizing educational and educational work. It is educational technologies that play an important role.

Education technologies are means of influence that contribute tointroducing students to cultural and national values. They include several essential components:

  • control;
  • control;
  • construction;
  • design;
  • goal setting;
  • diagnosing.

The content component determines the success and nature of the technology. It depends on him what type the educational technology will have. The success of the technology largely depends on how effectively the goals and their content are matched.

The content of educational goals is as follows:

  • a situation of success is created;
  • organized creative work;
  • socialized assessment of the student;
  • the situation that has developed is analyzed and the goal is determined;
  • teaching experience is transferred;
  • conclusions are drawn about the work done.

Classification of educational technologies

There are 3 main classifications:

  1. Philosophical basis.
  2. Scientific concepts.
  3. By object category.

Educational technologies are good because here it is possible to reproduce the educational chain, where you can then analyze the results.

The chain of any educational process looks like this:

  • preparation;
  • psychological mood;
  • meaningful activities;
  • final stage;
  • forward-looking design.
Education technology is
Education technology is

In the modern worldeducation plays an important role. The teacher should be able not only to present educational material in an interesting way, but also to educate successful citizens of their country. Now in the world of iPhones and computer games, it is difficult to involve students in the learning process. Therefore, the development and implementation of these technologies will benefit not only now, but also in the future. New generations of teachers will improve them. Next, consider the main technologies of education.

He alth saving technology

Features of education
Features of education

Its main goal is to keep the mental and physical he alth of the child. Such technologies are very necessary in educational institutions. It, in turn, includes:

  • Medical-hygienic technologies - with their help they control and provide proper hygienic conditions on the school grounds. Vaccinations for students must be done in a medical office. Psychologists should also consult here. In addition, everyone can seek emergency medical care in case of injuries and falls. Also, the medical office organizes various methodological events, which inform students how to properly adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Technologies of physical education. They are aimed at the physical development of those involved in sports and physical education. Speed, endurance, flexibility, strength are trained here, and the body as a whole is tempered.
  • Ecological technologies for saving he alth. Their purpose is to equip the school area where they growdifferent trees and bushes. It also includes gardening the classroom with flowers on the windowsills and creating living corners.
  • Technologies aimed at ensuring life safety. The Fundamentals of He alth course details how schoolchildren can save their lives and how to avoid unwanted situations (primarily on the roads).

Modern technologies of education are such diverse means that they are not limited only to he alth. Therefore, experienced teachers also distinguish project-based learning technologies. Here, students independently acquire all the knowledge they need. They develop their communication skills here. All training takes place in the form of a game. Children collect information of interest to them, and then protect their project.

Person Centered Technology

parenting technologies
parenting technologies

It creates the most favorable conditions for the development of the student's personality. Several related sub-technologies are also highlighted here:

  • The humane-personal aspect - the idea of all-round respect and love for the child is preached. It aims to support the personality of the student.
  • Technologies for raising children through cooperation realize such important tasks as equality and partnership in the relationship between the teacher and the student. Teacher and student together choose goals, and then gradually implement them.
  • In the technologies of free education, the child is given the right of free choice.

Technology of collaborative pedagogy

It can be both educational and upbringing. This is a special penetrating technique, where the ideas of almost all pedagogical technologies are gathered. Her main goals look like this:

  • Education and upbringing should work together, because if you work only on education or only on education, then there will be no result.
  • A humane approach to the child, where the focus should be on the student himself, and not on the subject and the teacher who teaches him.
  • The pedagogy of requirements is being replaced by the pedagogy of relations.

Here are the main concepts:

  • Must come up with a difficult goal.
  • Individual and collective education should be interconnected and not separate.
  • Try to revive national cultural traditions and customs.
  • Comprehensively develop the child's creative abilities.
  • The personality of the student should be at the center of the educational system.
  • School should provide not only new knowledge, but also proper education.

Other technologies

Technologies for educating preschoolers
Technologies for educating preschoolers

As noted at the beginning of the article, there are more than 70 technologies and methods of education. Let's analyze the most popular of them.

Pedagogical communication - the main principle is that you need to accept the child as he is. In this case, the requirements of the teacher are limited, and the dignity of the child is preserved.

Pedagogical conflict resolution - elimination of contradictions in relations between subjects and the search for a compromise solution.

Presentationpedagogical requirement - a hidden pedagogical position, presenting the norms of cultural life and holding conversations that talk about local national traditions.

Pedagogical assessment of the behavior and actions of schoolchildren is aimed at developing an understanding of social norms and attitudes in society. It recognizes the independence and inviolability of any individual.

How to raise children who have not yet gone to school?

Girls hug the teacher
Girls hug the teacher

To successfully raise children who are just finishing kindergarten, you need to familiarize yourself with the technologies of raising preschoolers. Here we mean gaming pedagogical technologies. They are aimed at stimulating the craving for learning and new knowledge with the help of gaming activities. Key points to consider:

  • a special game task is formed for children, which must be completed in a certain time;
  • everything children learn must follow the rules of the game;
  • to translate a didactic task into a game one, you need to create conditions for competition (divide the children into teams);
  • at the end of the didactic task, certain results are displayed that were obtained during the game.

In the classification of pedagogical games, there are such areas: education, training, development, creativity, communication skills and other useful human qualities that preschoolers receive during the game.