Gratitude to the leader from the team and vice versa
Gratitude to the leader from the team and vice versa

Video: Gratitude to the leader from the team and vice versa

Video: Gratitude to the leader from the team and vice versa
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The team has experienced many events during its existence. In addition to ordinary work tasks, he goes through joyful and sad events. When people spend a lot of time together, they involuntarily become imbued with each other's life.

However, each team has a leader who is responsible for it, makes difficult decisions, and coordinates the work of all employees entrusted to him. His difficult position deserves pleasant words. In the proposed article, the reader will be able to find tips on how to independently write gratitude to the leader from the team, as well as find ready-made examples of such texts.

Writing Tips

The team in the office
The team in the office

Since this gratitude comes from the collective, it is necessary to get away from the overly formal form of submission of the text. Most often, it is read out during a corporate party or congratulations from the boss directly at his workplace. Such situations carry a semi-official, and sometimes not at all formal coloring. Therefore, a text consisting entirely of boring and on-duty phrases will not impress the manager at all.

Get specific thanks. It will make the text directed specifically at your boss. Think about his habits (of course, useful ones), note his unusual leadership style, compliment his image, tell us what you can learn from him.

Often the boss is at a certain distance from his subordinates, but he no less wants to hear heartfelt and warm words instead of a mean and dry formality.

Nevertheless, the share of formality still needs to be observed. Let her bring elegance and nobility in gratitude to the head of the team. It is important to observe a certain golden mean, which will show the respect of subordinates for the work that the boss does.

The texts below can be used as a ready-made version and as an example for writing your own gratitude.

A bright and worthy example

(Innokenty Stepanovich), we are in a hurry to say “thank you” to all our workforce! It is thanks to you that the relationship between the leader and subordinates appeared for us in a completely new light. Each employee knows that he is important and his opinion will not only be heard, but also taken into account. Established feedback allows you to always be on the same wavelength with the team, in a timely manner to make adjustments to its work. Thank you for a bright and worthy example of leadership qualities, wise leadership andprofessional excellence!

A real teacher

Dear (Innokenty Stepanovich), please accept the words of gratitude to the leader from the team, who learns something new every day with your help. Daily performance of the usual duties, at times, makes the work boring and monotonous. However, with you, we have learned to deal with the routine and keep abreast of everything that is happening around us. Becoming open to new experience and knowledge, our team has expanded the range of feasible tasks and increased work efficiency. And for this we thank you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us every day!

Soul of the team

Gratitude to the head
Gratitude to the head

(Lyudmila Sergeevna)! You are not only the brains of the operation, code-named "Collective of (department name)", but its beautiful face and soul. Therefore, accept the words of gratitude to the leader from the team. In prose, they sound even more soulful. We want to thank you for a particle of warmth and tenderness that you bring to our hard daily work. Thank you for the ability to use the whip in a timely manner, which will force you to mobilize all your forces, as well as for the carrot in the form of a bonus, with which you do not forget to reward the efforts of the team. Together we will achieve great heights!

The Family Chosen

Dear (Lyudmila Sergeevna)! With your efforts, you have created, so to speak, a working "cell of society", because each of the employees feels here, as if in a family circle. There are traditions, habits and even signs. All this has united us, and thanks to your sensitive leadershipnot only our corporate spirit is high, but also professionalism. Thank you for your warmth, wise advice and the ability to quickly respond to any disruptions in the work of the team!

The above examples of texts can be supplemented with several sentences that would express the features of your leader. This will make the message even more enjoyable.

You can also express gratitude to the leader from the team in verse. It is better if they are composed specifically for this occasion.

Big, clean "thank you"

The whole team is telling you.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

For daily work, perseverance, honesty.

You made us famous.

You are now the number one boss!

Funny words of gratitude for the boss

Gratefulness to the leader from the team can also have a comic character, because the environment in which it will be pronounced, as well as relations with superiors, can be very informal.

Below are some examples of thank yous that are funny.

A born boss

Boss, you are a born leader! Few can say the phrase "To be at work in five minutes" so that the employee will fulfill this requirement, even if he is half an hour away from the office. Not every boss can bring to life a team that yesterday walked away at a corporate party, and today must submit an annual report. But you do such miracles perfectly well. Confidence, the ability to clearly set goals and create a favorable environment for employeesatmosphere make you the boss of the highest class. Thank you for keeping work from becoming boring and repetitive!

Merit to the team

Thanks from the boss
Thanks from the boss

A gathering of like-minded people, called the labor collective, expresses gratitude to its leader! His valiant merits will be listed below: heroically protects subordinates from attacks by higher authorities; subsequently conducts an equally brilliant and tactically well-thought-out operation to liquidate the stated claims; can determine how much he overslept by looking at the employee. We are all immensely grateful to him for the attention and care for his subordinates!

A pleasure doing business with you

The leader is an honorable and responsible position. Perhaps because he gets scolded at an even higher level. But today we would like to express our gratitude to the head of the team, because for us you have become not only a boss, but also an ideological inspirer. Even when we gave up, we knew that the boss would come and put them back in. Thank you for believing in us!

When the leader leaves

It's not just employees who write resignations. It happens to bosses too. No matter what the occasion was, it is necessary to say goodbye to the leader on a positive note. He will be pleased to hear that his employees appreciate his work. Gratitude to the leader from the team upon dismissal should be drawn up, remembering all the good things that he did for his subordinates.

Wishing you success

The atmosphere in the team
The atmosphere in the team

Dear (Innokenty Stepanovich)! We are very sorry that you are leaving the team. Together we have achieved tasks that previously seemed impossible. Your shining example of leadership and professionalism has allowed employees to improve their skills and develop an effective way of working. We would like to wish you further success in your career and fulfillment of your wildest ambitions!

Going for a promotion

Dear (Lyudmila Sergeevna)! The length of the career ladder can be different, but we are glad that our team has become one of its steps for you. The collaboration was fruitful, interesting and informative. The experience that we have received from each other has significantly enriched the professional baggage of each of the employees entrusted to you. We would like to express our gratitude to the head of the team for their work, patience, wisdom and determination. We wish the next team you work with to be just as great!

Thanks to the team

Bosses can also say "thank you". Gratitude to the team from the manager in prose will help to sum up a successfully completed order or decorate a toast at the next corporate party. Below are examples of such messages to employees.

Real professionals

Thanks to the boss from the team
Thanks to the boss from the team

Dear colleagues! The team, overcoming difficulties, becomes stronger. Stressful situations expose all his weaknesses, while strengths become especially valuable. We have done a lot of work, but at every stage of it: from planning and developing a strategy to itsdirect implementation, I watched the work of real professionals. Each of you, by all means, has learned something new. I hope that the implementation of such tasks will contribute to raising the level of professionalism in our team. I thank everyone for the work worthy of the highest appreciation!

Huge potential

Dear employees! Today I turn to you with words of gratitude. You have a huge potential hidden in you, which every day is manifested in the operational and high-quality work of the entire team. You strive for better results, you are not afraid to try new methods of solving problems, you are ready to support your colleagues. Thank you for the fact that in the work of our team there is always a place for warmth and joy. I am sure that we will only move forward.

For people of the creative profession

Present to the boss
Present to the boss

Creative people - creatively created text. Gratitude in verse to the female leader of the children's team is a great way to celebrate her difficult, but very interesting work.

So many admiring eyes are directed at you.

And you've probably heard "bravo" more than once.

Keep carefully the talent of hearts, lovers

To music, art, flow of beautiful phrases.

Thank you for taking the kids with you.

You give them your soul, that heaven is brighter.

He alth to you, patience, inspiration

May life always become kinder from singing.

(Lyudmila Sergeevna)! Accept from everyonepupils and parents thanks to the head of the dance group. Happy anniversary to you! Every day you are in motion and let others touch the magnificent art of dance. May inspiration always be near, and students never cease to delight with their achievements.


Gratitude Creation
Gratitude Creation

It's not that difficult to write thanks, if only for the reason that it's a pleasant occasion. The main thing is to decide on the format of the text and the degree of officiality. Words of gratitude to the leader from the team should sound beautiful, without excessive pomposity, reflect the characteristics of your team.