Military camp for teenagers
Military camp for teenagers

Video: Military camp for teenagers

Video: Military camp for teenagers
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Recently, children's camps with a military-patriotic bias are popular. All the necessary conditions have been created for life and recreation in these institutions: separate rooms for sleeping and eating, a playground for sports activities, a dining room. Feedback from children about the camps is positive. While there, they learn various trades.

military camp
military camp

Main goals and objectives of the military-patriotic camp program

Each camp without exception has its own goals. The management takes care of the implementation of the planned programs in a timely manner. The main tasks of the organizers are as follows:

  1. Create a favorable atmosphere for the development of morality in children, the formation of a worldview.
  2. To instill in children a sense of patriotism, an active citizenship, to involve them in educational, creative and sports activities.
  3. To instill in the younger generation love for the Motherland, a sense of pride in the native land, a desire to contribute to its prosperity.
  4. Conduct military training to prepare for servicein the army.

The main goal of the military-patriotic camp is to promote the development of children in various directions, teach them to work, respect elders, love nature.

Children's military camp
Children's military camp

Characteristics of program participants

The action plan is designed for the summer period and is carried out in two shifts. The main structure of the military camp includes children aged 11 to 18 years. As a rule, these are students of general educational institutions.

The organizers pay special attention to children from large, low-income, handicapped families, as well as to those teenagers whose parents are retired or disabled. Children who are in a difficult life situation are also always welcome in such institutions. The participants of the military field camp include adolescents of the "risk group" from the cadet class.

The stay of students during the camp shift is carried out in groups of 25 people. To date, the number of members of this organization has increased significantly. According to the organizers, the children arrive at the military camp of their own free will.

Military camp for teenagers
Military camp for teenagers

Program Features

The practical application of pedagogical methods contributes to the formation and development of life ideals in a child. The program is aimed at educating in a person certain skills and qualities, knowledge and skills that are necessary in modern society.

The uniqueness of this project lies in the ability of the organizers of the military camp to combine several types of activities at the same time,that form the initial level of the abilities of the guys - these are combat, drill training. Children improve physical endurance, receive information about the service in the Russian troops.

This program is in demand, although it is considered short-term in duration. The work of some children's military camps is designed for 3 days. The guys arrive on the first day of the week and return home on Thursday afternoon. In others, the shift lasts 21 days.

The divisions are led by professional athletes, retired military men and specially trained teachers. Classes are held in strict discipline, but despite this, the guys are treated like children.

Military camp for children
Military camp for children

Advantages and disadvantages

Such camps have nothing to do with institutions such as military schools or the army. Most school students do not mind spending their holidays in a summer military camp, studying hand-to-hand combat, rock climbing, and mastering shooting from various weapons. At the same time, not only young men like to spend time in such institutions. Such institutions are usually controlled by government agencies, which provides children with protection and good rest, allowing them to build character and strengthen muscles.

One of the main advantages of a military camp for teenagers is the discipline that neither the organizers nor the children violate.

The guys who find themselves in these places increase the degree of their physical development. They have the opportunity to control their own strength, to show their abilities in various competitions. All this is happening undersupervised by high-class trainers and instructors who teach them how to properly handle weapons and equipment. Participants of the event acquire the skills and abilities of self-defense, learn to survive in nature. At the military camp, they are outdoors most of the time.

However, it is quite difficult to get a ticket to such an institution, since they are created on the basis of clubs and youth institutions that have been functioning regularly for many years. Therefore, you should think about a ticket in advance.

What's included in the package

Despite the fact that it may be difficult to get a ticket to a military camp, many guys want to go there. It contains:

  1. Daily training according to the developed project, approved by the education committee.
  2. Hiking.
  3. Educational games.
  4. Sports (the program is designed for children of all ages).
  5. Accommodation (this can be a hostel or detached houses with amenities).
  6. Three meals a day.
  7. Patches, cups and gifts for the winners of competitions.

The military-patriotic camp forms a moral and psychological base in children, which can help find a way out of any extreme situation. The guys here learn to be adults and take responsibility for their own actions.

Summer military camp
Summer military camp

Patriotic education

Military camp for children - a kind of youth organizations that are located in different parts of the Russian Federation,where the main attention is paid to the development of schoolchildren in the military-historical direction.

To be a patriot and feel a sense of duty to the Fatherland, to know about the events in your country - these are the main qualities that a combat camp should develop in guys.

The main goals and objectives of the military-patriotic camp are as follows:

  • To instill patriotism in boys and girls.
  • Improve knowledge of Russian history.
  • Develop the ability to navigate the territory.
  • Teach autonomous survival skills.
  • Organize trips and excursions.

Military camps with a patriotic twist are great for high school students who are already 17 years old. Here, boys and girls have the opportunity to acquire not only auxiliary knowledge and abilities, but also decide on a vocation in the future.

Most often, this kind of occupation is preferred by children who, after graduating from high school, expect to get into the ranks of cadets of military institutions.

Children's education
Children's education

Parents Day

A day is appointed at the summer military camp when parents of children staying there visit this institution. For dads and moms, the organizers have developed a separate program:

  • Concert for parents.
  • Excursions.
  • Conducting a meeting.

Difficult children

Children who find themselves in difficult life situations, the military camp is ready to help. It has everything you need to make children from this category feelcomfortable.

Experts from various fields work in the camp: specialists in psychology, sports coaches, teachers with extensive work experience who deal with issues related to minor children. Some institutions even have priests. All of them can help difficult teenagers who find it difficult to adapt to the existence of the world. Here they are given emotional and psychological support, help them to self-determine, to choose the right profession.

These guys need special treatment. For this reason, experts:

  • Examine the individual characteristics of the child.
  • Help them understand their own actions.
  • Give complete information about the negative effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • Build positive self-esteem.
  • Help identify talents and abilities.
military field camp
military field camp

Teen Survival Camp

Such camps are currently known in many Russian cities. They are based on the basis of military physical training. Their requirements are quite strict. For schoolchildren, this is a chance to test themselves, learn to control emotions, have willpower in various circumstances.

Time has shown that the military-patriotic development of the younger generation does not lose its relevance. Its absence has a negative impact on the development of a person's patriotic and civic duties, as well as on the physiological formation of the younger generation.

In military sports camps, children get acquainted with weapons, receive militarytechnological skills and abilities. Traveling, competitions, various games and fun strengthen willpower, develop patience and self-confidence in children and adolescents. Undoubtedly, military-patriotic camps of any type are excellent places for children and teenagers.