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Theatrical groups for teenagers: admission conditions, selection, curriculum, teachers, reviews
Theatrical groups for teenagers: admission conditions, selection, curriculum, teachers, reviews

Many teenagers dream of stage fame, but still this profession is not suitable for everyone, you must definitely test your strength. Others lack self-confidence, there is a fear of public speaking. A theater group for teenagers is suitable for everyone, it will help to reveal their creative potential, gain self-confidence, find friends and like-minded people. The skills acquired here will also be useful to those who will not connect their future lives with theatrical art: among these skills are excellent diction, a high level of self-discipline and the skill of public speaking. All this will serve in good stead after school, when the teenager goes to "independent swimming". Such knowledge will be needed at the institute when presenting reports and abstracts, defending term papers and theses. In addition, participation in amateur productions develops imagination, horizons, and the ability to work in a team. Theater group for children, the program of which is selectedcompetent teachers, will help even a shy teenager to become liberated, become more plastic and more energetic. A necessary quality for adult life. But for the implementation of all of the above, it is necessary to make the right choice.

How to find the right theater club for teens

theater groups for teenagers

Puberty is a difficult time for both the child and his parents. Therefore, the first and main recommendation is to look for an extracurricular activity for a grown child together, take into account his desires. If you stopped your attention on the subject of this article, then you inevitably faced the question: how to choose the right one from the whole variety of theater groups for teenagers? To make a decision, take into account the feedback on the network about the teaching staff, the atmosphere in the team. Some studios may have additional selections and admission conditions, this is also worth paying attention to. It is not necessary to ignore the program of classes in theater circles for children, among which the choice is made. This article will help to study information about them in different cities of Russia, to make the right choice.

Private Studio "Home Theater"

The questions of finding a suitable studio are asked by parents from different cities, but the lion's share of such requests comes from the capital. Therefore, the first in this article will be theater groups for teenagers in Moscow. The guys who work here don't have to worry about having good roles. New performances are staged monthly, and the students of the studio have time to visit different roles.Its creators, Arseniy Epelbaum and Olga Zeiger, are supporters of an individual approach to students, to unlock the creative potential of everyone. Children here are real creators and co-authors of productions: they themselves create the text, costumes and scenery for the performances of the shadow, puppet, game and paper theaters. The variety of genres and deep immersion contribute to the creative development of each child, serve as a guarantee that he will definitely have something to his liking. The creators of the studio believe that there are no mediocre children, therefore there is no strict selection in the studio - here they are happy to introduce everyone to the work. Many theatrical and creative celebrities also bring their children and grandchildren here, including Lev Rubinstein and Tatyana Drubich. The cost of a monthly visit is 8000 rubles. The studio is located at the address: Moscow, Granatny per., 12, next to the Barrikadnaya metro station. The serious approach of teachers is also evidenced by the fact that all members of the circle are entered free of charge in the actor's database of the TELEcasting agency, through which federal channels find participants in their projects.

Children's theater circles

Academy of Children's Musical

The musical genre in art has confidently conquered the stage space and is one of the most sought after at the moment. Therefore, if your child loves to sing, he will love to develop his talent in this theater group for teenagers in Moscow. The advantage of this studio is that desperately wanting to sing, but not possessing enviable musical abilities, children get a chance here. There is also no strict selection here.But they appreciate the enthusiasm and creative energy of students. Every year the academy releases a new serious production and constantly holds concerts. The best roles go to the most talented, children get a chance to take part in major projects of the studio, such as the performances "Carlson, who lives on the roof" and "The Snow Queen", staged with the participation of the Variety Theater. Or to be part of the retinue of the godmother Cinderella in the eponymous production of the Operetta Theater. The school has several branches in the capital, the cost of education for one month will be 5,000 rubles. Here they are waiting for students from 5 to 15 years old. The main address of the academy: Moscow, Zhukovsky st., 8, building 2.

theater circles in Yaroslavl

Studio "I'm an artist myself"

That's exactly what the participants of this theatrical circle can rightfully exclaim. Since its opening in 1994, it has become a full-fledged "New Art Theater" with its own troupe and premises. But the children's studio has been preserved and at the moment, about 120 people from 4 to 25 years old study acting skills in it. In the program of the school: acting, vocals, choreography and solfeggio. The best participants go to the main part of the theater. All members of the studio are one friendly family, and plays for modern teenagers are created by artistic director Dmitry Kalinin. Topical topics that excite modern youth are raised within the walls of the theater. It exists due to sponsorship activity, because classes in the studio are free. It is located on Leninsky Prospekt, 37a. On an ongoing basis, creative evenings are held with famous film actors andtheater. Most of the feedback from Internet users about the studio is positive. In the workshop, unlike the above-mentioned theater circles for teenagers, there is a selection, for which younger teenagers need to prepare a poem, a song and a fable, and also prose to enroll in the youth department. A professional approach, successful graduates make the school an excellent place for a serious start in the profession. Classes are held here four to five times a week.

Young actors of the theater of the moon

Studio at the Youth Theater under the direction of V. Spesivtsev

At the theater of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev, there has been a workshop almost from the very beginning. Education is free. Due to the presence of selection already in the process of learning and a serious approach, the school could not be classified as a theater group for teenagers. Everyone can try their hand and gain knowledge and experience in the studio, but rather, this is another place for a serious start for children and teenagers who cannot imagine their life without a stage. Training is conducted in three groups: from 6-10 years old, from 10 to 15 and from 16 to 18. Here they promise that the pupils of the studio will gain knowledge comparable to the first courses of specialized acting schools. The training program is superior to other classes for a theater group for children. In addition to acting, solfeggio and other subjects, there are lessons in stage fencing, acrobatics and dance. But do not be afraid of a professional attitude, the studio provides all kinds of support and develops the talents of students. It is located at the address of the Youth Theater: streetRustaveli, 19. You can sign up every Sunday at 10:45 (from the service entrance).

Pupils of the studio at the Spesivtsev Theater

Play theater workshop at the School of Contemporary Drama

The studio was opened quite a long time ago by television journalist Larisa Maksimova, who was dissatisfied with the quality of teaching for her child in other circles. The workshop was opened at the School of Modern Play, known to many theatergoers in Moscow. According to the idea of ​​the founder, teachers of GITIS, professional actors: Albert Filozov, Olga Gusiletova and artistic director of the theater Iosif Reichelgauz teach in it. Child actors are divided into three age groups: the younger - from 5 to 7 years old, the middle - from 8 to 11 and the older - from 9 to 16. The curriculum of the latter is very similar to Gitisov's: acting, plasticity, stage speech and artistic word. The younger participants are passionate about general creative development - they draw, play, listen to music. The studio is one of the best theater groups for teenagers in Moscow. Classes here will allow already determined young talents to fully prepare for entering the theater school, and undiscovered talents - to gain invaluable creative skills, the ability to concentrate and speak in public, which will be useful for other professions. In the workshop, they are in no hurry to include young actors in adult productions - the key task of teachers is to reveal the talents of each child, without burdening them with adult emotional burdens ahead of time. Education here is free, auditions and classes begin in September,are held once a week for 4 hours, ending in May. Such a schedule is convenient for parents, and for young talents, the duration of classes allows them to dive deeper into the theatrical atmosphere. The studios create their own children's productions, take an active part in festivals and competitions.

Children's Theater Center "Little Moon"

The studio was founded back in 2004. Her pupils take an active part in adult productions of the Theater of the Moon, and are also full owners of the stage in children's performances of the theater. The approach to learning here is a combination of practice and theory, children and teenagers from the first days in the workshop are involved in active theatrical activities. It is worth watching the theater performances before sending the child to the studio, to look at the style. The founder and artistic director of the studio is the People's Artist of Russia Sergey Prokhanov. The creative director of the center is Dmitry Bikbaev, a graduate of the Star Factory, the author of the production of The Tale of the Queen of the Night. The studio helps make some parents' dreams of stage glory for their child come true. But high stakes give rise to an atmosphere of competition and intrigue in the struggle for roles. However, such skills will be useful to any talent who has chosen a professional path. Distinguished by a modern approach, more than others focused on show business, the curriculum includes many necessary disciplines. The repertoire of the theater includes many musical performances. At the workshop, a vocal department, an ensemble and a film and television studio "Luna-TV" were opened. Education in the center is paid and amounts to 12000rubles per month, in addition, there is a mandatory audition. Children and teenagers from 5 to 18 years old are accepted.

theater circles in St. Petersburg

Studio at the music school "Virtuosos"

This workshop is one of the theater clubs for teenagers in St. Petersburg. There are children's and adult studios, the latter can be visited by older teenagers and youth. The studio invites children to try themselves in the acting profession and along the way acquire the skills of working in a team and interacting with like-minded people of different ages. Classes here are held in a playful way, taking into account the peculiarities of child psychology. Participation is paid, but, according to many parents, it is inexpensive. The goal of the studio is to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively outside the walls of educational institutions. Studio teachers are actors of the best theaters in St. Petersburg. The result of the course is the staging of a play or musical. "Virtuosos" is a great option for those schoolchildren who have not yet decided on their choice of profession and want to gain speaking skills for general development.

School "Easy People"

The theater center has been in existence since 2009, it is aimed at teenagers and adults who want to join the acting profession. In addition to stage speech and plastique, traditional for other schools, they can also teach juggling, acrobatics and clowning. The studio has several courses for adults and teenagers from 14 years old, depending on the level of familiarity with the profession. Famous circus performers Stas Malyukov and Mikhail Belov, who have certificates, work with teenagers"Cirque du Soleil". Classes begin in September, there is no selection for the studio. The cost of visiting is 2700 rubles per month. Pupils are waiting for a lot of shows in front of invited spectators. The students will learn to improvise, control themselves, convey information with the help of plasticity and voice. The school holds master classes and meetings with famous actors, organizes theater camps.

J&M School of Jazz and Musical

The studio is open to children and adults and trains jazz musicians and musical artists. Children and adolescents are divided into two groups - from 2 to 6 years old and from 7 to 17. The center accepts everyone, without selection, training costs from 8,000 to 10,000 per month. Each artist studying at the studio can eventually try his hand at local musicals The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Wizard of Oz. The training program in the studio is based on innovative author's methods from the USA. The school has several courses to choose from, there is the possibility of individual lessons. They will also learn how to play musical instruments. Artists of the musical, emerging from the walls of the studio, master three areas: vocals, dance and acting.

Choreographic Studio "Planet of the Children's Musical"

Children and teenagers from St. Petersburg are admitted to the workshop to learn modern choreography: tectonics, hip-hop, R'n'B, jazz, tap. The program also includes acting and pop vocals. Future artists of the musical are trained here. The studio is located in the center, at the address: st. m. Chernyshevskaya, Liteiny prospect, house 11. Classes and master classes areacting actors of the theaters of the city, famous choreographers. Cost of classes: 6500 rubles per month, 4 lessons per week. The head of the studio is prima ballerina Tatyana Prince, who danced on the stages of the Bolshoi, Mariinsky and other theaters. There is no selection, everyone can sign up.

theater circles in moscow

Assorti Children's Center

There are not so many theater clubs for teenagers in Rybinsk, but they do exist. Within the walls of this studio, they teach vocals, stage speech, acting and much more. The cost of visiting for one month is 2400-2800 rubles. The task of the center's teachers is the personal and creative development of each child and adolescent, the disclosure of his talents with the help of an individual approach to each. Pupils of the school take part in competitions and festivals, perform at holidays and concerts. Many graduates of the school became laureates of television festivals. There is no selection, all students are welcome here.

Our Theater Studio

Fast to a new city, theater groups for teenagers in Yaroslavl are presented with many options. One of them is the Nash Theatre, founded in 2006. Participation in the creative life of the center is a great opportunity for children and adults to express themselves, to reveal their creative potential. Education is divided into age levels, acting skills, stage speech, vocals and choreography are waiting for the students under the guidance of experienced teachers. One new performance is staged annually, and performances are regularly held for an invited audience. The workshop is located at three points in the city at once, whichvery comfortable.


In this article, various options for theater groups for children and adolescents were considered. The best studios in the capital and St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Rybinsk are represented. When choosing a suitable workshop for a teenager, it is worth focusing on the creative direction, the training program and the professionalism of the teaching team. Worth reading online reviews. Each studio has its own characteristics. In a number of circles, education is free, but there is a strict selection, somewhere everyone can try their hand, but you have to pay. The most prestigious centers combine both approaches. Focus on the desires of a teenager and the financial capabilities of the family. In any case, participation in a theater group disciplines, develops speech, makes you more plastic and more self-confident.

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