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Gold wedding dress: tips for choosing
Gold wedding dress: tips for choosing

Wedding is a joyful event for every couple in love. The girls are waiting for him with bated breath, thinking through all the details. An ideal celebration will remain in the memory of the spouses for a long time, and in order for the memories of this day to be the best, the girl must become the star of this event. A golden wedding dress will help her with this. By choosing the right style and accessories, the bride will create a luxurious look that will definitely amaze all the guests.

Dress color meaning

Gold is the color of the sun and bright light. When it comes to gold, thoughts of luxury, we alth, brilliance come to mind. The color speaks of the we alth and financial well-being of the bride and the future family as a whole.

Additional colors for a gold wedding dress

In itself, this color does not need to be decorated by others, as it already stands out for its brightness. But in order to correctly place accents, make the outfit less flashy and eye-catching, you can choose additional colors.for a gold wedding dress, which will help the bride create an even more interesting, original look.

If a girl is afraid to choose such a bright color for an outfit, she can experiment. An ordinary white wedding dress, decorated with gilded threads, will become a more familiar alternative to gold. You can give your preference to an outfit in which the desired color will be present only on the hem or top.

Gold wedding dress goes well with colors such as purple, blue, burgundy, green. It is worth considering this when choosing an outfit for girls who will act as bridesmaids.

Which wedding suits a golden dress

If a couple plans their celebration in a certain style, then all the details, including the outfit, must correspond to the given theme.

For a wedding celebration in a glamorous style, a gold-colored wedding dress will be a great option. It will add chic and help to create an atmosphere of we alth and beauty of the event.

Choosing a single color scheme for a celebration is a popular theme, and a wedding celebration is no exception. If the banquet hall, decorations, service are golden, then the dress should be appropriate.

Wedding in golden colors

But you should pay attention to its shade and make sure that the outfit is not exactly like the color of the tablecloth, balloons or other decor elements. If the shade of the wedding dress is "golden sand", then it may be invisible against the background of brighter tones.

Weddings with a baroque or royal theme also need an irresistible bride whose outfit will speak of we alth and luxury. At such celebrations, it would be appropriate to use wedding dresses with gold in fabric colors or accessories.

Puffy dress

A gold-colored tutu dress will make the bride feel like a real princess. This outfit is suitable for ladies with an apple body type. It will favorably emphasize the waist and hide the fullness of the hips.

Golden wedding dress with a puffy bottom will look good on a Byzantine-style celebration. It will not stand out from the general theme, but will complement it, making the bride even more feminine and romantic.

Pipe dress

The hem of this dress is reminiscent of a mermaid's tail, with golden, shimmery scales shimmering in the sun. What could be better than such a bright outfit, which, among other things, perfectly emphasizes rounded hips and a thin waist.

Trumpet dress

A dress of this style is well suited for a celebration, where all the decor elements will be made in gold. It will favorably distinguish the bride from other guests dressed according to a suitable dress code, but will not look pretentious. If a girl wants to look sophisticated and elegant, she should opt for this golden dress. Wedding photos will be brighter, and the newlyweds will remember this atmosphere of luxury and chic for a long time.

Long hem dress

If a couple is planning a holiday that involves a lot of active competitions anddancing, such a dress would not be the best choice. A long hem will get underfoot and limit the bride's movements. But for a beautiful, solemn wedding ceremony or for a baroque wedding, this outfit will be perfect. A long hem will help create a royal look in which everything will talk about the beauty and sophistication of the bride. It is also worth noting that a wedding dress with gold embroidery and a floor-length skirt will suit girls with any type of figure and skin tone.

Wedding dress with golden embroidery

Choosing a dress depending on the appearance of the bride

For brunettes, a dress in darker tones would be the best choice. The bronze color of the outfit will be combined with black hair and emphasize the appearance of the girl.

Owners of dark skin can choose for themselves a light gold, shiny dress made of smooth, iridescent fabric. In this outfit, a tanned bride will look more luxurious and richer.

Tanned girl in a golden dress

White and gold wedding dress will suit blondes with soft features. So the bride will be able to create a romantic, gentle image for herself, and the groom and guests will see in her the embodiment of femininity and beauty.

Choosing the fabric for the dress

A dress made of satin or silk will look better on slender girls, as this fabric does not hide figure flaws well. The advantage of using such a material is the ability to transmit several shades of color at once due to its smoothness. The hem of a golden satin wedding dress will sparkle and createthe impression that sunlight comes from the bride.

Satin fabric dress

Taffeta and crepe, on the contrary, are suitable for pastel shades. In a dress made of such fabric, the girl will look modest and gentle. Also, the material holds its shape better and is suitable for a tutu dress or other style with a puffy bottom.

Chiffon will become an assistant to create an airy dress in which the bride will look sophisticated, light and fragile.

Velvet is used for tailoring a wedding dress for girls who want to create an atmosphere of we alth and luxury around them. The dress is additionally decorated with sequins and rhinestones of different colors.

Creating the perfect look

Even the most beautiful golden dress will not look good if you do not choose the right accessories for it, do not pay due attention to details.

Shoes should not differ from the color of the dress. You should not choose exactly the same shade for shoes, they can be a little lighter or darker than the main outfit. Otherwise, the bride risks drawing too much attention to the shoes, and the luxurious golden dress will make less impression. If a dress with a long hem was chosen, you should not think that in this case the shoes will not be visible, and therefore, no matter what they are. The girl will still walk, dance and sit, lifting the edge of her skirt. Shoes of the wrong color, visible from under the hem, spoil the look of the bride.

Shoes and jewelry for a golden outfit

If a girl wants to be a real star at her celebration, don'tuse too bright makeup for this. It can be done in the same color scheme as the dress or in soft, neutral tones. It is enough to focus on the eyes or lips, but not at the same time. A golden dress in itself attracts the eye, and bright cosmetics on the face will only overload the image.

If a girl plans to impress guests with an outfit made of glossy, iridescent fabric, she should refrain from additional jewelry or choose accessories in matte, pastel colors. The same recommendations apply to hairstyles. Nothing should draw too much attention to itself.

Golden dress with accessories

Beige pearl beads or an amber necklace will look good with a bronze-colored dress. Jewelry made of gold will be most successfully combined with a light dress embroidered with gold patterns.

In this case, the accessories will not stand out or overload the image of the girl. But if the choice fell on an all-gold, shiny dress, you should forget about any jewelry of the same color.

For every girl, a wedding is a long-awaited and joyful event. A golden dress will make her feel like the most charming bride, the groom will be delighted with the outfit of his beloved, and the guests will talk about this luxurious event for a long time.

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