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Height and weight of a Labrador
Height and weight of a Labrador

Labrador is considered a fairly popular breed of dog that many families prefer to keep. It is difficult to find a kinder and more devoted being who has a very docile nature. This pet will be a true friend to a married couple, single people, and kids. Labradors are famous for their loy alty to their owners. Their life expectancy is up to 10-12 years. There are general standards for this breed, which we will talk about later.

labrador puppy weight

Breed Standard

The nominal weight of an adult Labrador (male) is between 30 and 40 kg. Bitches weigh 25-32 kg. As a result of malnutrition, Labradors can gain weight faster, which is fraught with the appearance of heart disease.

The height at the withers of males is 56-58 cm, females are approximately 54-56 cm.

Head circumference - 46-56 cm.

Bust - 70-86 cm.

Muzzle length – 7.5-10 cm.

Muzzle girth - 28-32 cm.

Girth of the mouth - 11-14 cm.

adult labrador weight


As a rule, threecolors: chocolate, black and fawn. However, the shades of these colors can be quite diverse: light cream, light chocolate, golden, liver, red fox, etc. The chest may be decorated with a white spot.


Labrador dogs are covered with short, dense hair that does not have feathers or waves. She is rough to the touch. The waterproof undercoat is also very dense.

Breed Varieties

Labradors of different colors can differ only in color. There is an opinion that black dogs are more inclined to hunt, fawn animals are lazier, and chocolate pets are more stubborn, but this is not at all true.

labrador weight

Puppy age

A Labrador puppy from birth to two weeks of age will be deaf, blind and dependent on his mother. In 2-4 weeks, he will be able to see and hear the world around him for the first time, become mobile, explore smells, sounds and new places. In the fourth week, milk teeth will begin to erupt. And at the age of 8 weeks, the puppy can already be taken away from his mother and made his full-fledged companion and friend.

labrador weight by month

Height and weight of a Labrador puppy by months

Puppies grow very fast, so the figures change quite impressively every month. The table below shows the approximate height and weight of the Labrador by months, starting from 1 to 10 months. life.

Puppy age




































All the data in the table (height and weight of the Labrador) are quite approximate, since the individual performance of each representative of this breed depends on many factors (nutrition, lifestyle, etc.).

Some animals stop growing as early as 6 months, while others continue to grow for almost a year. The males are much larger than the females. Therefore, the puppy's measurements do not always coincide with the indicators indicated in the table, since they are averaged.

Development of puppies from 3 months to a year

At 3 months old, an active puppy is already fully prepared for training and homeschooling. ATthis period of time, it will still continue to grow rapidly and become stronger every day. Your little pet will start to erupt in permanent teeth, so it's important to provide him with suitable chew toys during this period to ease his toothache. At 7 months old, he will become a full-fledged teenager who has reached puberty.

By this time, after puberty, the Labrador will have grown all of its permanent teeth. This is the best time to start conducting an obedience training course. This is a very intelligent and easy to train breed, which is why these dogs are quite often chosen to serve the disabled and the blind.

Adult life of dogs

Despite the fact that a lot of the development of a dog depends on its individual characteristics, Labradors most often reach their full size at 18 months. By this time, he will gain good weight, but it is important that he does not have fat. Regular exercise will help the Labrador develop muscles and bones, develop a decent constitution in the later stages of development.

Adult Labrador Size

The height and weight of a Labrador, as we said above, depends on many factors. A dog's size can also be estimated by seeing its father and mother earlier.

  • According to the standard of dog breeders, the height of a male Labrador at the withers is approximately 56–60 cm, females - 54–58 cm. Outwardly, by the height of the dog, you can determine its gender, since males are noticeably larger.
  • The normal weight of a male Labrador is 30-40 kg, females - 25-35 kg. Pets of both sexeslarge enough.


A lot of the height and weight of a Labrador puppy depends on what he eats, so feeding your pet with high-quality food will ensure not only good he alth, but also significantly affect his adult size. Check with your veterinarian about a good puppy food and how much to feed. Remember that malnourished dogs can grow much more slowly than those who receive adequate and quality nutrition. In addition, if the puppy has serious diseases or disorders, this can also significantly slow down his development and growth.

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