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Black dots on the nipples of a cat: causes

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Black dots on the nipples of a cat: causes
Black dots on the nipples of a cat: causes

If you find black spots on your pet's nipples, don't panic. They are not as scary as they seem, but they can appear for several reasons. Moreover, in some cases, black dots on the nipples occur in both females and males.

cat muzzle

Causes of occurrence

Before you grab a cat and run with her to the veterinary clinic, you need to find out what could provoke the appearance of black spots on the nipples of the animal and around them. There may be several reasons, and we will consider each of them in detail:

  1. Tranquil pollution.

  2. Pregnancy.

  3. Increased work of the sebaceous glands.

Let's start our conversation by looking at the first reason.

cat on lap


On cat forums, there are often questions about black dots on the nipples of pets. These points occur regardless of the sex of the animal and its age. The owners react differently: others fall intopanic and ask what to do, someone asks absolutely calmly what these dots are, while others immediately move on to the question of whether it is fatal for a cat.

More experienced owners, judging by the number of emoticons, slightly laugh at such alarmists. And they advise you to wet a cotton pad with warm water or skin tonic, gently wipe the nipples or the area adjacent to them and admire the results of your labors. A few black dots on the nipple of a cat or a cat are not a reason for premature burial of a pet. This may be the most ordinary, banal pollution, easily removed in the manner described above.

Affected nipple


When an animal is waiting for offspring, loving owners are ready to blow off the dust particles from it. And any, the most insignificant problem, one way or another related to the he alth of the animal, causes a panic attack. Some owners immediately take expectant mothers in their arms and run to the veterinary clinic. And others, not wanting to injure their already nervous pet, besiege the forums of "cat breeders" with questions.

The most popular question among owners is the occurrence of black dots around the nipples in a cat. This phenomenon scares owners, especially beginners, and they ask what to do. Is it worth it to call a veterinarian or take a pet for an examination, or these points will pass. Experienced owners reassure beginners: do not be afraid of such rashes. Everything is not as terrible as it might seem at first glance.

The fact is that a pregnant cat "plays" hormonal levels. And as a resultThis causes various shifts, including those characterized by the appearance of black dots on the nipples of expectant mothers. Closer to childbirth, they will disappear, and now the owners can only be glad for the pet. Such a phenomenon, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, when the belly has not yet appeared, indicates that the pet is definitely expecting offspring.

The cat lies on its back


What is it, everyone knows. Acne, or blackheads, occurs in both humans and animals. It occurs due to improper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Acne looks rather ugly, spoils the face, which is the subject of complexes in adolescents. Especially for young ladies.

As for cats, they don't have a complex about acne, because they don't know that it spoils their appearance. The main areas where cats develop acne are the chin, nipples and the area around them. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the wool in these places is the shortest or absent altogether. And where there is no wool, there are more sebaceous glands, which work very well. Sometimes blackheads appear on the inside of the animal's ears.

Acne on the chin

Features of acne

Does the cat have black dots around the nipples? Try to wash them off, as we advised above. If it does not work, it is possible that it is acne. They are able to appear not only due to an excess of fat secreted by certain glands. The reasons for their occurrence look something like this:

  • Unsanitary conditions in which the cat is forced to live. Her bowls neverwash, the tray is cleaned once a week, and the diet consists of the remnants of the master's table? The hormonal background of the animal is disturbed because of this, provoking the appearance of black dots near the nipples of a cat or a cat.

  • Allergy to filler is another factor in acne.

  • Contact with a sick animal, oddly enough, will give an impetus to the fact that the furry pet will get black dots in the most vulnerable areas of the body.

  • When an animal has problems with the central nervous system, the occurrence of various diseases is not excluded. No wonder they say that all diseases are from nerves. This phrase can be attributed to our smaller brothers. The body reacts sharply to what is happening around, receiving incorrect information from the environment. More precisely, the information is correct, only the dendrites cannot transmit it correctly along the nerve fibers. And it reaches the brain in a distorted form. The cat begins to panic, displaying various physical reactions, including the appearance of blackheads on the cat's body.

  • If a pet suffers from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver, it needs a certain diet. Otherwise, food will not be able to be digested as it should be, because the gastrointestinal tract does not cope with its work. Side effects of such a factor is the appearance of black dots on the nipples, chin and ears of the pet.

  • Regular stress is very hard on cats. The body tries to protect itself from it, nervous and psychological failures occur. The consequences are various diseasesmental and physical type. Blackheads are among these effects.

Should I go to the vet?

If a cat has a black dot on the nipple that does not wash off, it is clear that this is not dirt. With the correct maintenance of the pet and the exclusion of pregnancy, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian. Vse-taki the acne is a disease. And it is not recommended to treat it on your own. It can only make the problem worse.

In a neglected case, the appearance of black dots will not be limited to the main zones. They can be found on the elbows, near the genitals, on the skin between the fingers and the inner thighs.

Black cat

This is interesting

Did you know Persian cats are the most prone to acne? The folds on their skin get dirty too quickly, which leads to the spread of pathogenic microbes. They, in turn, provoke acne.

How to treat?

Attention! This section is for informational purposes only. Treatment can only be prescribed by a veterinarian, we provide this information so that the owner knows what he has to do and can calculate the approximate cost of drugs.

In the case of the primary manifestation of the disease, "light" medicines are dispensed with. The main emphasis is on the treatment of affected areas of the body with agents that include chlorhexidine. By the way, it can be purchased in its pure form. The drug is called: chlorhexidine solution.

We take a cotton pad, moisten in a solutionand carefully process the black dots on the nipples of the pet. Then wipe with a dry cotton swab, removing the remaining liquid, cauterize with iodine.

The vet can prescribe an ointment. As a rule, this is Vedinol, which has proven itself in veterinary medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent. Another drug very well contributes to the rapid healing of wounds. Before applying the ointment to the damaged areas of the cat's body, it is necessary to treat them with chlorhexidine.

An alternative to "Vedinol" are ordinary human ointments, which include "Synthomycin" and "Flucinar".

For secondary acne, topical antibiotics are used. They are prescribed only by a veterinarian, sometimes he recommends oral medications.

When the rash has not yet become inflamed, this stage of the disease is considered the initial one. There is no need for drugs, cosmetic lotion is enough to remove makeup. You need to choose one that has a disinfectant property.

Disease prevention

In order to avoid acne on the nipples of the pet, it is necessary to follow preventive measures:

  • If you feed your cat natural food, it must be fresh. An animal's bowl, like its body, is not a garbage pail where waste can be poured.

  • Keep your bowls clean and where they are. Wash them daily to keep food from drying out and sticking to bowls.

  • Cat's water should be fresh, notallow slime to appear in the bowl, especially if it is plastic.

  • Change the filler in time. Delete used, add new one.

  • Do not let your pet come into contact with homeless and unfamiliar brethren.

Clean nipple


Black dots on the nipples of a cat can be a disease, or they can appear during pregnancy. Sometimes they are the result of ordinary pollution.

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