Black feces in a cat: causes and treatment. Cat food for sensitive stomach

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Black feces in a cat: causes and treatment. Cat food for sensitive stomach
Black feces in a cat: causes and treatment. Cat food for sensitive stomach

Video: Black feces in a cat: causes and treatment. Cat food for sensitive stomach

Video: Black feces in a cat: causes and treatment. Cat food for sensitive stomach
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Imagine the situation: the owner comes home from work. He goes into the "corner of thought" in order to clean up the cat's tray. And there is found black-precherny feces. The owner is in a state of shock, grabs the cat and rushes to the veterinary clinic. At this point, it's time to say: "Stop"! In what situations is the help of specialists necessary if the cat has black feces? Should I take my pet to the vet?

striped cat
striped cat

Fecal norms

Yes, there are certain rules for cat feces, according to which the feces should be from light brown to dark brown. The final color depends on the nutrition of the animal. As for the consistency, normal bowel movements are like a long sausage. Everything else is a deviation from the norm, especially the black feces of a cat. This color of stool indicates internal bleeding. However, before we panic, let's understand the causes of black poop.

cat in the toilet
cat in the toilet

Main reasons

The cat's black feces are caused,usually for serious reasons. These are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the presence of worms, malignant tumors and nutrition. Now let's talk about each of the points in more detail.


Let's start with the last reason. The question that the owners of Murok and Barsikov often ask is whether cats can eat raw meat? Everything is possible for them, but the usefulness is in question. In small quantities, the use of raw meat by seals and cats is allowed. Just before you treat your pet with something delicious, you need to defrost and scald the product with boiling water.

The causes of black feces in a cat lie in overeating meat. When the pet ate heartily the day before, the owner will receive a surprise in the morning. In this case, panic is not appropriate, because there is nothing to worry about. A completely normal reaction of the body to "overeating" raw meat.

By the way, if the animal takes any nutritional supplements containing iron, then black feces are the perfect norm. The same can be said for foods high in iron.

kitten and meat
kitten and meat

Malignant tumors

One of the causes of black feces in a cat are malignant tumors of the stomach and small intestine. Tumors lead to ulcers, resulting in internal bleeding.


What are the causes of blood in the feces of a cat? One of several may be the presence of worms in the intestines. Parasites attach to the walls of the intestine, violating the integrity. Blood enters the large intestine, digested there, the color of the stool changes.

tricolor cat
tricolor cat

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

The most dangerous causes of black excrement. Diseases are divided into several types:

  1. Gastritis or colitis due to trauma to the stomach or small intestine. Chicken bones consumed by a cat are becoming the most common cause of such injuries.
  2. Peptic ulcer of the stomach, duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis - diseases that provoke the appearance of black feces in a cat. Bleeding ulcers that appear on the walls of the listed organs cause this phenomenon.
  3. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis - exfoliation of the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. There is injury to small vessels and bleeding.

Symptoms Requiring Veterinary Care

What to do when the cat's feces are black, hard peas? It is possible to have constipation associated with intestinal adhesions. You need to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Symptoms that require a visit to a specialist:

  • Increased body temperature in an animal.
  • The cat has loose stools.
  • Frequent, profuse vomiting of blood.
  • Rejection of food and treats.
  • The cat won't let you touch the lower abdomen.
  • Step away from people, the pet tries to hide, there is a small shiver.
  • Blood in excrement.
  • Weakness and sluggishbehavior.

The listed symptoms and the black color of the excrement require prompt veterinary intervention. Self-treatment at home, without an established diagnosis, will lead to the death of the animal.

The cat got sick
The cat got sick


It is said above that diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can only be diagnosed in a veterinary clinic. First of all, a fecal occult blood test is taken, with a positive diagnosis, the following procedures are performed:

  • Blood test.
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen.
  • Gastroscopy.
  • X-ray.


Attention! The following information is published so that the owner of the animal can calculate the approximate cost of treatment. It is strictly forbidden to use the listed drugs without the recommendation of a veterinarian!

Cat treatment
Cat treatment

First of all, veterinarians prescribe drugs to stop the bleeding. Most are injected intravenously or intramuscularly. Full treatment is started after the bleeding stops completely. Otherwise, the risks of losing the animal are high.

Drugs used to stop bleeding:

  • "Tranexam". Use every 6-8 hours until the bleeding stops completely. The recommended proportions will be prompted by a veterinarian. The drug is administered both intramuscularly and intravenously, depending onthe general condition of the animal. The price of the solution starts from 800 rubles for 5 ampoules.

  • "Vikasol 1%". It is administered intramuscularly for 3-5 days. The price of the drug is from 60 rubles, depending on the volume of ampoules. Pack of 10 ampoules.
  • "Dicinone" is used for 3 days, administered intramuscularly. The price starts from 600 rubles for 10 ampoules.
  • Aminocaproic acid 5%. Used intravenously, the duration of treatment is determined by the veterinarian.

After the bleeding is stopped, they switch to the use of drugs prescribed by a specialist. In some cases, when bleeding is caused by the presence of a foreign object in the stomach or intestines, as well as a tumor, surgery is performed. Of course, the operation is done only on the recommendation of a veterinarian. In other cases, the following drugs are prescribed:

  • "Prazitel", "Drontal", "Pratel", "Dirofen" - used against parasites.
  • "Tetracycline", "Gentamicin", "Amoxiclav", "Penicillin" - long-acting antibiotics.

  • "Gamavit", "Cycloferon" - antiviral drugs.
  • "Almagel", "Ranitidine", "De-Nol" help in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract.

Issue price

Let's talk about the cost of these drugs. The same "Prazitel" is sold in veterinarypharmacies or hospitals. The price starts from 80 rubles for tablets or from 170 rubles for a suspension.

"Drontal" in tablets will cost the owner of the animal 320-400 rubles, depending on the region of residence.

"Pratel" is a rather expensive drug. For ten tablets, you will have to pay from 450 to 600 rubles.

"Dirofen" costs about 120-150 rubles.

The rest of the drugs are sold in ordinary, human pharmacies. Price categories are quite different, depending on the region where the pharmacy is located.


Sometimes blood in the stool is caused by a pet's sensitive stomach. In such cases, veterinarians recommend special super-premium cat food for sensitive stomachs. The most common Royal Canin for animals with similar features.

But there is nothing better than natural food for cats and cats. Porridge with meat is great for individuals suffering from a sensitive stomach. The pet instantly forgets what blood in the feces is. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners.