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Letter to army brother: tips on what to write about, interesting stories and good examples

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Letter to army brother: tips on what to write about, interesting stories and good examples
Letter to army brother: tips on what to write about, interesting stories and good examples

Modern technologies make it easier for people to communicate with each other. Today, any distance is not a hindrance to the daily exchange of electronic messages and calls. Even while in military service in the ranks of the Russian armed forces, a soldier can call his family and friends in his free time. All this has led to the fact that conscripts practically do not receive paper letters. But letters must be written, including on electronic devices. After all, words of support from loved ones will help a soldier overcome the hardships of military service.

How to write a letter to your brother in the army? To do this, there are several general recommendations that should be followed. We will tell about them.

Should I write letters to the army

Paper media are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Most modern correspondence on paper is business and court letters. In many ways, this led to the fact that people forgot how to write. We are all accustomed to the momentary exchange of information, so almost no one knows how to make longtexts so that they are interesting to the addressee.

army letter to brother

Meanwhile, such a message from home will allow the soldier to feel that he is loved and expected. And in fact, it doesn’t matter how the conscript receives it - by phone or on paper. Anyway, it will give him a lot of good emotions and a particle of home warmth.

Although it will be especially interesting to receive a paper letter, for example, from a little sister. A letter to his brother in the army, sent in the old fashioned way by mail, will be a real surprise for him. The main thing is to write it in such a way that these words support him in the most difficult moments and remind him that very soon he will return home, where he will be met by a loving family.

letter to brother in army from sister


So, there is a task - to write a letter to my brother in the army. First of all, you need to put down the date of compilation. And it does not matter where exactly the text is written - on paper or in a text editor. Many conscripts keep such messages for their entire service life, and often beyond. The date stamped at the very beginning allows you to remember exactly when the message was received.

Next you need to write a greeting. Usually, when composing a text, most people use the address by name, for example, “Dear Sasha”, “Hello Sasha” or the less formal “Hello Sasha”. It is desirable to put an exclamation point at the end. It is better to write the main part of the text on the next line to highlight the appeal.

letter to brother from sister

Answers to questions

What else to write to your brother?

A letter to the army from a sister should contain a lot of personal information. But the best place to start is by answering the questions he asked in his previous letter. For example, a conscript may ask: “Is your grandmother he althy?”, “How is your session?”, “Is the new season of my favorite series out?” All these questions need to be answered in detail and in detail.

The worst thing to write is "okay". Or limit yourself to a dry “yes” or “no”. You should write in detail, mentioning all the interesting details and not forgetting to give them your emotional assessment.

Information part

What else to reflect in a letter to a brother in the army? When writing a message to a conscript soldier, a sister should take into account that the latter will be interested in all the details of everyday life: from yesterday's menu to the tricks of a neighbor's dog.

how to write a letter to your brother in the army

Military personnel are in a certain information vacuum in terms of what concerns their life in civilian life. And they will be happy with any news.

No need to focus too much on those things and people with whom the conscript was not familiar before. For example, don't spend half your email describing your new girlfriend or boyfriend.

But be sure to dwell on those topics that interested the soldier before. For example, on the achievements of his friends, on the upcoming filming of a movie based on his favorite book, on the release of a new computer toy in his favorite genre, etc.


The next part of the letter to the army brother should contain interesting facts fromeveryday life, funny stories from the web, funny stories from the life of friends and relatives. This will give the soldier a moment of joy.


  • “I regret to inform you that your best friend has confirmed his title of the biggest fool of our neighborhood. He managed to drop his new phone into a pot of borscht.”
  • “I found out that in the online store you know, you can buy brand new headphones that you have been dreaming about for a long time at a big discount. Unfortunately, when you return, the promotion will be over. Our neighbors will have to listen to your music non-stop again.”

Ending and postscript

The letter to the brother in the army must be completed correctly. You can not cut off the story in the middle - all the issues raised need to be covered. Then you should say goodbye, but always on a positive note. And do not forget to add a postscript, for example, P.S (and beyond):

  • Waiting for an answer.
  • Miss you.
  • Come soon.
  • Love and wait.
  • army letter to brother

What not to write

There are some topics that you should avoid when writing a letter to your brother in the army or touch them with caution, namely:

  1. Everyday family quarrels. For households, this is a banal verbal skirmish, which everyone will forget about the next day. But in a letter, especially if you mention quarrels often, it takes on the proportions of a real family tragedy.
  2. Illnesses of relatives and friends that are not severe and do not require immediate presence. For example, you shouldn'teach time to write that dad's blood pressure jumped, and mom needs to check her eyesight, as doctors suspect cataracts.
  3. Negative information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, facts discrediting the conscript. It is worth remembering that all correspondence is checked and controlled. Therefore, in a letter to a brother in the army, controversial, provocative and illegal topics should be avoided.
  4. Death of relatives and loved ones. Although this is debatable. Sometimes hiding such information is not worth it, as this will result in a lot of unpleasant emotions after returning to civilian life.
  5. Negative information about brother's girlfriend. The text of a letter to a brother in the army should not contain any defamatory information about the conscript's current passion, especially unverified rumors and conjectures should not be reflected. Sometimes such messages lead to a breakdown and very sad consequences.


How should a letter from a sister to a brother in the army look like? Text can be:


Hello Sasha!

I miss you so much! We recently talked on the phone, but I still miss communicating with you. Do you remember how great we sat with you six months ago and talked about the fact that the year will end very quickly? Sometimes I feel like it was only yesterday. And today I thought that the same amount more - and you will be at home. We have an "equator" at the institute - the middle of studies. Do you have a middle service? If there is, then with the "equator" you!

You asked where your friend Denis had gone. He lost his phone, and his parents are not buying him a new one yet. So he's temporarily out of touch. But the helmetbig hello!

Granny feels good. So good that she joined a local dance club. Well, the one where all the participants are over 60. I got younger and prettier! I'm afraid we'll have a new grandfather.

letter to brother in army from sister text

In your absence, only one thing pleases: the prefix is ​​at my disposal! Haha! I'm finally breaking away from all the years of humiliation. Do you remember how many dishes I washed for you so that you would let me play? Although, frankly, I would still prefer you to be at home. And for this, she is ready to wash the dishes every day for another 10 years. I hope you won't remember these words in six months.

The first episodes of the new season of The Walking Dead have already been released. And I love you so much that I can do without spoilers. Although I'm tempted to tell you a couple of things.

In general, I'm waiting for you to come home soon. I hope the remaining time will fly by quickly.

P.S: Mom and dad asked me to add that they also love you very much and are waiting for you!”

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