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Warm wool blankets for children and adults

Warm wool blankets for children and adults
Warm wool blankets for children and adults

Since ancient times, people have used wool blankets made from camel, sheep, llama wool. Camel wool is not only very soft and pleasant to the touch, but also hypoallergenic. For the production of blankets, only the undercoat of animals or the hair of young camels is used. Blankets made from this material are quite expensive, but also of high quality.

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Llama wool blanket is warm enough, but not too well known to the average buyer. It can be found sold in the store much less often than woolen blankets made from the undercoat of a camel or sheep. But, nevertheless, this material is springy, elastic, stretches well. Such blankets are characterized by truly unique properties. They are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Wool fibers are coated with naturally occurring lanolin, that is, wool wax, which is secreted by the animal itself. The use of this kind of model is recommended for heat-loving people. The rest of the blanket may seem too hot!

Also very popular are woolen blankets, in the creation of which sheep "helped". Mostly use material sheared from the withers of animals,grown in Australia or New Zealand. Parents will love the baby woolen blanket, thanks to its naturalness, it will warm the baby and even help get rid of colic.

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On sale you can find samples made from the wool of cashmere goats. Such products are very expensive and are considered elite. With its fairly low weight, the blanket is very warm and will not let its owner freeze even on the coldest winter night. From one Kashmiri goat a year it is possible to obtain only about 200 grams of wool. Products made from this material are of high quality, light and very warm. This baby woolen blanket is convenient to use for children of all ages (starting from the neonatal period).

Almost everyone knows about the healing properties of natural wool. For example, a sample made from camel wool is excellent for relieving rheumatic pain in people suffering from this disease. For patients with sciatica or people with any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, camel wool blankets will be a real salvation. When using such a natural accessory, blood circulation improves and even in the most severe frosts you can quickly warm up.

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Traditionally, it is customary to make thin blankets from animal wool, which can be used not only for sleeping at night, but in order to be warm during the day, wrapped in such a cozy woolen blanket.

Using animal wool blanketsnot only convenient, but also very he althy. With the daily use of such bedding, you will maintain your he alth and be able to avoid many unpleasant diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system of the body. Quality samples made from natural materials are always pleasant and practical to use.

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