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Dog kennels in Saratov and Saratov region

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Dog kennels in Saratov and Saratov region
Dog kennels in Saratov and Saratov region

Video: Dog kennels in Saratov and Saratov region

Video: Dog kennels in Saratov and Saratov region
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Dog kennels in Saratov and Engels deal with different breeds of these animals. These institutions, of course, are registered in the system of the Russian Canine Federation. To plan the purchase of a puppy, you need to make sure that there are breeders of the selected breed in the dog kennels of Saratov and the region.

How to choose a dog breed

A large number of breeds of four-legged friends of man makes it possible to choose a pet for any criteria. Wishes from which to proceed:

  • size of an adult animal;
  • purchase purpose;
  • nature and degree of desired activity;
  • hair type and color;
  • financial opportunities;

A detailed study of breeds that fit the above parameters will help you make the right choice and evaluate your capabilities.

Purebred puppy from the kennel
Purebred puppy from the kennel

Search for a breeder

A responsible breeder who owns a dog kennel in Saratov is always ready to communicate. Information about dogs is always in the public domain. Animals attend exhibitions, including monobreed ones, theirregularly examined by a veterinarian.

The right breeder will provide a maintenance manual and teach you how to care for your puppy. When buying a pet, the owner is issued the following documents:

  • puppy card (pedigree);
  • veterinary passport;
  • contract of sale.

A thoroughbred puppy is branded, the number of which is indicated in the pedigree.

Acquaintance with the dogs of the kennel
Acquaintance with the dogs of the kennel

Addresses of dog kennels in Saratov

To visit the selected cattery, you must first contact the breeder and arrange a meeting. If there are no puppies in the cynological establishment at the moment, you can sign up for the next litter.

Schnauzer puppy
Schnauzer puppy
  • "Silver amulet" (Wolf Spitz, Pomeranian): Saratov region, Balakovo-Saratov;
  • "Fortune Minion" (miniature schnauzer, miniature schnauzer): Saratov, Atkarskaya 42/54-124;
  • Chanson Pizhon (Boston Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier): Saratov;
  • "Kata Rios" (German Shepherd, Biewer): Saratov, International pr-d, 1;
  • "Gold Hezbell" (collie, sheltie): Saratov;
  • "Yen-Sen" (Chow Chow, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier): Saratov Region, Engels;
  • "Alpha k9" (German shepherd of working breeding lines, Malinois): Saratov, Perspektivnaya st., 23;
  • "Legend of Africa" (South African Boerboel): Saratov, 2 Shelkovichny pr-d, 10;
  • "From the House of Lancaster" (American Staffordshireterrier): Saratov, 133/139, 15;
  • "Regina West" (West Highland White Terrier): Saratov;
  • "Gem Saratov" (St. Bernard): Saratov region, Engels, Builders Ave, 37;
  • "Terrier Band" (Airdale Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Russian Toy, German Shepherd): Saratov;
  • Snailand (Scotch Terrier): Saratov;
  • "Shadow of the Moon" (schipperke, miniature pinscher): Saratov;
  • Aureo Medio (Labrador Retriever): Saratov;
  • Fast Rush (Brussels Griffon, American Staffordshire Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Affenpinscher): Saratov;
  • Shemsu Sotis (beagle): Saratov, st. Novouzenskaya;
  • Charming Fold (shar pei): Saratov, st. Chapaeva, 6;
  • "Gratulari" (Japanese Spitz): Saratov;
  • Light Night (basset hound): Saratov, st. Ceramic, 3-34;
  • "Stella Fidelis" (Labrador Retriever): Saratov, pos. Sokolovy, st. Kursantskaya, 29;
  • Blood in Gold (Tibetan Mastiff, Scotch Terrier): Saratov region, Engels, pos. Shumeyka;
  • Della Valle Dei Tigri (Cane Corso): Saratov, st. High, 10;
  • "S Ozero Nadezhdy" (Caucasian Shepherd Dog, West Highland White Terrier, Keeshond): Saratov region, p. Rybushka, st. Yuzhilina, 14a;
  • Saglans (pug): Saratov, st. Chelyuskintsev, 51;

"Balmond" (Chihuahua): Saratov, st. Urban

Working in a dog kennel

Finding a job in Saratov in a kennel where dogs are raised is quite difficult. Responsiblethe breeder rarely entrusts the care of dogs to an outsider. Due to circumstances in life, sometimes you have to hire a worker to help.

There are currently no open vacancies. If you wish, you can contact dog kennels and offer your help.

Games with kennel dogs
Games with kennel dogs

Qualities that are welcome for a person in this position:

  • experience in keeping or working with dogs;
  • physical strength;
  • ability to find contact with animals;
  • cleanliness;
  • love for long walks;
  • lack of aggression towards animals;
  • responsibility;
  • punctuality;
  • lack of disgust for animals.

Many dog kennels in Saratov have proven themselves among animal lovers. Graduates of cynological institutions live not only in the Saratov region, but throughout Russia, abroad.

You can learn about the success in the breeding work of the kennel by visiting dog shows, studying pedigrees and celebrating their achievements. You can find the owners of the puppies of the selected kennel and arrange a meeting.

Any interested person can visit the Saratov Service Dog Breeding Club and ask questions to the leader.

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