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Aluminum blinds: benefits, care tips

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Aluminum blinds: benefits, care tips
Aluminum blinds: benefits, care tips

Aluminum blinds are in high demand in the market. And this is not surprising, since products in this category have an affordable price, attractive design, low weight, a variety of textures and colors. Aluminum blinds look great in any interior, suitable for fixing on windows of various sizes.

Design features

aluminum blinds
aluminum blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds look like a canvas, which consists of slats - separate slats, movably connected to each other. The rotation of these structural elements is carried out using a rope mechanism. In more advanced systems, control sticks are used for this purpose. Roll up the system to the top position allows the tension of a special lace.


Blinds of this category are made of aluminum, on the surface of which a protective layer of metal-plastic is applied. Such a coating not only protects the lamellas from external influences, but also acts as a good basis for applying color. As a result, the consumer has the opportunity to choosealuminum blinds, the surface of which is stylized as fabrics, natural wood, other materials.


how to clean aluminum blinds
how to clean aluminum blinds

Aluminum louver has the following features:

  1. Reliability - aluminum lamellas are durable and resistant to wear. Such products are not subject to the development of corrosive processes during operation in conditions of high humidity. Aluminum blinds do not fade in the sun and do not deform during sudden temperature fluctuations.
  2. Versatility - products in this category look equally attractive when used in residential and office spaces.
  3. Color palette - in addition to the standard white shade, aluminum lamellas can be painted in any tone. Thus, the consumer has the opportunity to choose a color scheme that will best match the features of the used interior solutions.
  4. Easy maintenance - cleaning aluminum lamellas does not take extra effort and time.
  5. During operation, the surface of the aluminum lamellas does not accumulate a charge of static electricity. Therefore, such systems do not attract dust, which is the main advantage for people who suffer from allergic and asthmatic manifestations.

How to wash horizontal aluminum blinds?

how to clean horizontal aluminum blinds
how to clean horizontal aluminum blinds

You can take care of structures based on aluminum lamellas without removing the suspension system from the window. To remove a light layer of dustSimply wipe the elements with a damp cloth. In this case, the lamellas should be moved to a position in which they will form a single canvas.

How to wash aluminum blinds that contain significant contamination in the form of sticky deposits, fat deposits? In this case, the structure should be dismantled, and then placed in warm water with washing powder for several hours. As soon as the slats are wet, it is necessary to wipe each plank with a soft sponge. Finally, all elements are rinsed with running water.

In closing

Aluminum blinds look like the most practical, effective option for business-style rooms. At the same time, due to the special variety of color and texture solutions, the systems of this category are perfect for arranging residential interiors.

Blinds with a slat width of 25 mm are in the greatest demand. As practice shows, such structures turn out to be as reliable as possible during intensive use and therefore are in demand when decorating window openings in public institutions and other premises where they are subjected to increased loads.

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