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Board games and competitions for adults
Board games and competitions for adults

It just so happened that most people meet the holidays with a noisy cheerful company. Guests communicate with each other, say toasts. At one point, topics for discussion end, and silence hangs in the air. The owner of the house needs to defuse the situation, rally the company and cheer the guests. All these goals will help to achieve board games. You need to select contests based on the composition of the group, relationships among themselves, social status and age. After all, what seems interesting to a young married couple will not inspire people of retirement age at all. It is not recommended to build competitions at the table based on topics that only a certain circle will understand. You are the owner of the house, and therefore you must pay attention to all those gathered. There are many options for board games for adults, consider the most popular and fun.

Table organization

Adults also sometimes want to play something. If your company has no experience of joint competitions at the table, take the initiative into your own hands. Prepare in advance, choose some interesting games and surprise your friends. The role of the leader is best performed independently, but you canask someone from the company or invite a toastmaster.

board games
board games

It is very important to choose the right competition. For example, if a male group is gathering, holding card games would be an excellent solution. The corporate party will be decorated with several immodest and funny contests. In the company of friends, you can offer more frank competitions. If you are gathering people of retirement age, offer to spend time with an intellectual quiz.

Most popular contests

There are a lot of cool board games, but among them there are the most common ones. These competitions have already won the hearts of people:

  1. "Crocodile". The host of the party prepares pieces of paper with various words in advance and puts them in a box. One of the guests takes the first note that comes across, sees the word and tries to explain what he has read to the other gathered only with the help of gestures and facial expressions. The person who guessed the word takes another piece of paper from the box, and so on.
  2. "Detective". The essence of the game is that the host begins to tell an intricate story. It stops at a certain point, and the guests need to continue, making guesses. The host answers only yes/no questions, and at the end you get a full-fledged detective story. Below we will give some examples of complicated cases.
  3. "Fanta". This is probably the very first thought that pops up at the mention of table games. Despite the banality, this contest is quite interesting. Each present guest collects one item in a box.(something like sticks, hairpins, etc.) One of the participants is blindfolded, his task will be to come up with tasks for the person whose thing the leader will pull out. It is recommended to play with good friends.
  4. "I never…". Chips are required for this contest. Usually, sweets or toothpicks are used for such purposes. Chips are distributed to all participants, each in turn says “I never (spoke, ate, did, etc.) Those guests who said, ate and did this give their chip to the confessor. The person with the most chips at the end of the game wins.

Board games and competitions are great to defuse the atmosphere and make the company more united.

Detective story options

In this impromptu investigation, the presenter's delivery comes first. Firstly, the story itself should not be boring and too long. Secondly, the leader's task is to interest the audience with his story. So, some interesting ideas:

  1. The Amazons took the traveler prisoner. They decided to kill him, but before that they promised to fulfill their last wish. In the end, the traveler escaped. How did he do it? Answer: the traveler asked that the most beautiful Amazon woman take his life from him. Deciding which of them is better, the girls fought and killed each other.
  2. Two friends went on vacation to the mountains. One of them died there. The situation looked like an accident, but one person proved that it was murder. Answer: The ticket seller from whom the killer bought one return coupon in advance.
  3. To the bara cowboy runs in and gestures for a drink. The bartender pulls out his gun and knocks off his hat with a gunshot. The cowboy thanks him and leaves. Answer: The cowboy had hiccups and the bartender knew that being scared was the best remedy.
  4. Finally, a classic. From vanity she lost food. Answer: a crow from Krylov's fable.

Cool contests at the table

When all the guests have already eaten, and the solemn part has come to an end, you need to somehow entertain the audience. There is not enough space for dancing, time for table games for the company of adults. It's best to test the waters first, offer those contests during which you don't need to make sudden movements.

youth company
youth company

A good start would be the "make a story" game. Its essence is as follows: one letter of the alphabet is selected, and all those gathered must come up with an event where all words begin with the specified letter. For example, if the choice fell on "k", the story might look like this: Konstantin (the first participant speaks) smokes (the second) "Kent" (the third), etc. If the circle has passed and the event has not been revealed, continue playing.

When the guests have stirred a little, you can offer funny board games. One of these is "in my pants …". True, you need to prepare for this, write different words on pieces of paper in advance and put them in a box. The host brings the note to the participant, the latter chooses one and says out loud: “I have in my pants …”, and then the word that he saw. Usually, this kind of game defuses the situation very quickly, because it turns out to be fun and funny.

Nextthe competition, on the contrary, must be held at the very beginning of the meeting. All guests fill the plates with food from the table, then the host calls the letter. The audience, in turn, must lift the food that begins with this letter on a fork and voice the name. Those who did not have such dishes on their plate are eliminated. The last person left wins.

Another cool table game for the company is "Surprise". Only here you need to carefully study the guests. The game will appeal only to those who have a sense of humor and self-irony. The host of the party should prepare in advance for this show. To do this, you need a large box where you need to put funny things. Here, who has some imagination, as an example, you can give a children's cap, bra, etc. It is best to hold the competition in a dance, during which participants pass a box to each other. When the host says “stop”, the guest who has things, takes one of them and puts it on. Then the box continues on its way.

Board Games

They are popular not only with children. There are companies that get together at least once a week to play something. Currently, the following games are especially common: "Monopoly", "Mafia" and "Activity".

"Monopoly" is an economic game where participants feel like businessmen. This is a favorite "table" for adults and older children. For Monopoly, time flies unnoticed, the main thing is to be able to lose, since there were cases when participantswere very offended by each other.

"Mafia" is one of the simplest, and at the same time, interesting table games for adults. The goal is to survive and expose the mafia. Before the start, all players are given cards indicating who they are in this game. Night falls and the mafia kills a civilian. During the day, ordinary residents try to identify criminals and kill suspects.

table games
table games

Among the cool board games for the company at the table stands out "Activity". The competition has many analogues, but in the traditional version it is the most popular. Participants need to be divided into teams of two people. One of the duet players takes a card and uses facial expressions, gestures and synonyms to try to explain six different words. Depending on the number of words guessed, it is determined how many cells the team chip will go (if all six are guessed, respectively, the chip advances by six points). The first duo to reach the finish line wins.

Fun time

An evening with close friends is always pleasant and fun. Cool board games for the company will only decorate it. If your guests are active people who do not like to sit still, you can offer "Twister". Among young people, this game is now very popular, as it gives a lot of positive emotions. The rules are quite simple: each player steps or puts his hand on a circle of a certain color (this is chosen on a special clock). The competition is uplifting, because the poses can becompletely different, and there is some body-to-body contact between the members, which is quite funny.

If the audience prefers cool table games in the truest sense of the word, offer "Nonsense". It is necessary to prepare cards with answers and questions, decomposing them into two different piles. The first participant takes a card with a question and chooses a person who must answer. The second participant takes a piece of paper from another pile. As a result, the question and answer are read out, and very funny options are obtained. Here, connect all the fantasy to make the game more interesting due to the original notes.

When talking about board games for adults, one cannot fail to mention "Guess who I am?". A sticker with an inscription is stuck on each participant's forehead. The note usually contains the names of famous movie and cartoon characters, famous personalities, animals, etc. In a circle, each guest asks leading questions to the other participants, the answers to which should sound like yes / no. The first person to guess their inscription wins.

Contests for a drunk company

It's no secret that towards the end of the evening, most of the guests' mood improves, and embarrassment disappears somewhere. Cool board games for adults are perfect for such a company. For warming up, it is better to choose "Associations". All guests participate in this competition. The host calls the word, and everyone needs to come up with their own association. For example, "love is…". Believe me, you will hear many funny answers.

funny company
funny company

There is an interesting game called "Doll". The participants are given a doll in their hands, everyone must kiss it in any place, and be sure to announce which one. Then pass the toy to another player, and so on until the end of the circle. After that, the host announces that now the participants take turns kissing the neighbor in the place where the doll is.

The "Stickers" contest will be great in a drunken company. You need to prepare them in advance. The content of one sticker is a letter. The game is played by men and women in equal numbers. The host distributes these sticker letters to the representatives of the stronger sex. Men must attach leaflets to those parts of the body that are called by the letter given to them. The most interesting thing is when the letters "x" and "g" come across.

For tipsy guests, the next contest will also be interesting. First you need to prepare pieces of paper with the names of body parts. Each player needs to draw out two pieces of paper. After the notes are over, and all participants have two pieces of paper, the game begins. The facilitator suggests creating a chain of those gathered, and to connect with each other should be those parts of the body that are indicated on the sheets.

Board games for adult birthday

Holidays are often monotonous and boring, birthdays are no exception. First, the guests eat and drink, and then go home. You can surprise the crowd by preparing some interesting competitions.

Tentacle Fork is perfect as an introductory contest. The essence of the game is simple: a blindfolded person needs to blindly recognize objects, armed with two forks. The participant is given twominutes, during which he must name as many things as possible. It is better for the owner of the house to prepare and purchase interesting items in advance. The player can ask leading questions, guests are allowed to answer in the yes/no format.

The next challenge is perfect as an anniversary table game. It's called "Guess the Prize". Why is the game good for a birthday? You can take as a basis the name of the hero of the occasion, for example, Sergey. The box contains six gifts for each letter of the name. Guests can give some advice. The first person to guess the item gets it.

cool contests
cool contests

The next contest is good as a table game for an anniversary or any other holiday. Usually it delights guests and does not require pre-prepared props. The game is called Avral. Participants should break into pairs, the leader distributes small pieces of paper and pens. Each player must write one word and put the note in the common box. The competition begins with any pair, one of whose participants pulls a piece of paper and explains the word that is written there. For example, "breakfast" is "morning meal". The task is to guess as many words as possible. The difficulty is that each pair is given twenty seconds, and the box is passed to others. As you know, haste makes people nervous, chattering, stammering, which looks funny from the side.

For a big company

If you have a lot of friends, and everyone came to the party, you need to somehow entertain them and not let them get bored. For starters, you can hold a warm-up match. ATan ordinary jar should be put with banknotes of different denominations and types. Then each guest picks up a jar and tries to guess how much money is inside. The one who was closest to the truth wins.

After a while, when the guests are already tired of sitting at the table, you can offer an outdoor game. The facilitator divides the audience into two teams that line up facing each other. A stool is placed on one end, and an object is placed on it. From the other side, the leader takes the hands of the first people from the two teams. Then he simultaneously squeezes the hands of these players, and they, in turn, pass the squeeze to other members of their team. The impulse is transmitted to the last person, who must take the object from the stool. Who was faster and more agile, he won.

christmas party
christmas party

"Staging" will perfectly complement the series of birthday table games. It is necessary to prepare pieces of paper where a couple of interesting characters are written that are known to everyone. Often they use Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, etc. In the middle of the evening, distribute notes to the participants who have broken into pairs. They need to prepare a little, and then speak to the assembled guests, whose task is to guess the characters.

Team competition

Not everyone likes to take part in table games. Below are a few contests that will not make anyone bored:

  1. "Build a castle". All the guests gathered should be divided into several teams, the ideal number would be two or three. Everyone needs to givebag of candy. The team must do their best to build a castle of sweets. Whoever has the highest building wins.
  2. "Flotilla". Those present are divided into two teams, each of which is given a lot of napkins. The facilitator marks the time, for example, five minutes. Participants must make the maximum number of boats during this period. The team that succeeded wins.
  3. "Making up a story". Guests are divided into two teams based on gender. The facilitator distributes papers and pencils. Men write what they think about women, and women write about men. Notes must be placed in different boxes. The task of each team is to write its own story. The first participant takes out a piece of paper and makes a sentence using the specified word. The second player does the same, as if continuing the story. The result is a very fun and funny story.

More fun board games

There are a huge number of contests, the stock of which is replenished daily. You need to select competitions based on the composition of those present. If the guests are all cheerful and not averse to laughing, offer them a cool board game at the table “Seated Dancing”. Participants must dance to the music without getting up. The facilitator encourages the players, and tells them which parts of the body to move at a certain moment. It looks something like this: "Dancing with the eyes, and now we connect the eyebrows", etc. You can select several guests as a jury so that they choose the winner.

It's quite interesting to play "Unsmiled Princesses". The point is simple: we need twocommands. One takes on a sad look, and tries her best not to laugh. The participants of the second group need to make every effort to cheer up the "unsmiling". The one who smiled joins the opposite team. If after a certain period of time all the "dull people" have fun, the other group wins, and vice versa.

cool party
cool party

Board games are suitable for almost any holiday. There are plenty of options, everyone will find what they are looking for. If you manage to create the necessary atmosphere, the guests will remember this evening for a long time. After all, you need to take care not only about the treat, but also about the mood of the guests. Let the host of the party take on the role of host, and the winners of the competitions can be given symbolic prizes. The main thing is to put your whole soul into organizing the celebration, and then everything will be held at the highest level.

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