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Tulip Riddle: Child Development

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Tulip Riddle: Child Development
Tulip Riddle: Child Development

Riddle - an allegorical reproduction of a phenomenon or object. This type of folklore has been known since ancient times; it had then a cult significance associated with the prohibition of naming various things. Riddles form thinking, ingenuity, logic, therefore it is so important to play with the child for his full development in such puzzles.

the tulip puzzle
the tulip puzzle

Uncomplicated poems with deep content are absolutely about all areas of human life, about plants and animals, natural phenomena. This article will focus on the riddle about the tulip and other flowers.

Why do we need riddles?

Riddles are not the last place in the development of the child, they have a positive effect on his thinking, they are a kind of mind training. Solving riddles forms the following abilities in children:

  • observe, compare and compare various objects, phenomena;
  • memorize the features of things;
  • combine knowledge into categories, synthesize them;
  • develop intelligence, independence, logic;
  • teach to comprehend the world in many ways.

Riddles about flowers

Unraveling folklore poems aboutflowers allows the child to get acquainted with the wonderful and wonderful world of plants. The kid comprehends the difference between the types of flowers, learns their distinctive features. The riddle about a tulip, a rose, a cornflower tells him about the variety of not only species, but also shades.

tulip riddle for kids
tulip riddle for kids

Before playing, the child needs to be introduced to some colors. He must carefully examine them, find distinctive features, highlight individual features so that the riddle about the tulip and other flowers does not become an incomprehensible abstraction for the baby. As visual material, you can use pictures from the Internet or specialized magazines. In addition, it is worth preparing coloring pages for better memorization of plants.

Sample riddles

The riddle about the tulip for children figuratively tells about this flower, highlighting its main features that distinguish it from other species. The following riddles can be cited as an example:

Grown from an onion, He is not good for food.

On a bright glass

The flower looks like.

Blooms early in spring, Pleasing to our eyes.

We congratulate their mother

Happy holiday now.

In addition to the tulip, other flowers can be studied with children: roses, cornflowers, pansies, peonies, daisies, asters, etc. Thus, the riddle about the tulip (and not only) develops the child’s thinking, talks about rich and diverse world of plants, teaches you to highlight their features.

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