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Worms in a dog: symptoms and treatment, reviews
Worms in a dog: symptoms and treatment, reviews

Any pet can become infected with parasites, even with proper care. Helminth eggs are found in raw meat and fish, in water or soil. It is enough to give poorly cooked food once or not notice how your dog picked up something in the street and ate, and you can expect parasites to start attacking the pet. In this article we will tell you how to determine the presence of helminths in a dog in time. What is fraught with worms in dogs, is it possible to get infected by contact with a pet, how to cure an animal of parasites and what are the best ways to prevent it?

Dog sits listlessly
Dog sits listlessly

Main causes of occurrence

Helminthiasis is a serious disease that is an infection with worms. Parasites are dangerous because they are difficult to recognize or remove from the body in time. The smallest eggs of worms cannot be seen with the naked eye, and they are found only in the laboratory. They have a special "survivability", withstanding even the acidic environment of the stomach, and some are resistant to too low and high temperatures.

Infectionworm eggs occur through raw meat and fish, ponds, puddles, unprocessed food, outdoor objects, and even feces. Keeping track of your pet is almost impossible, because dogs are always chewing and sniffing something, as soon as they go out into the street. That is why it is impossible to completely remove worms from the body of a dog, but you can only prevent their abundant reproduction and damage to the walls of internal organs and the central nervous system, blood poisoning and intoxication.

First sign: disruption of the gastrointestinal tract

When worms appear in a dog, she may experience the following symptoms: excessively increased appetite or lack thereof, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, a change in diet (refusal of the usual food, switching to foods that are unnatural for a pet).

Dog refuses to eat
Dog refuses to eat

Second sign: changes in dog behavior

Worms in dogs cause depression and apathy. Take a look at your pet: has his behavior changed? If your dog has become dull, lethargic, and reacts indifferently to outdoor games, then it's time to start worrying. In the first stages, parasites do not affect the central nervous system, so their presence does not betray them. The dog can also actively run, jump, please you, but as soon as the number of worms reaches a critical point, the behavior of the dog changes dramatically. Please note that a dog infected with parasites can behave extremely restlessly, itch for no reason, and even tear out its hair. If the worms annoy the pet, then it becomes aggressive, and sleepviolated.

Third sign: obvious symptoms appear

Worms in dogs affect not only appetite and behavior, but also appearance. Conduct a thorough examination of the dog. If the mucous membranes of the mouth have become whitish, the hair has begun to fall out more abundantly than usual, and the skin shows signs of diseases such as eczema or dermatosis, then it's time to contact the veterinarian for help. The specialist should not only examine the pet, but also take blood, feces for analysis. As a rule, if a dog has worms, then hemoglobin decreases, anemia is noted. If the dog has contracted heart or lung worms, there may be shortness of breath, a severe cough, and difficulty breathing.

Fourth sign: the presence of parasites in the feces

When walking your dog again, don't hesitate to examine his feces. Of course, it is impossible to see the eggs, but the presence of live parasites is very easy. Worms cause itching of the anus, not only in animals, but also in humans. Therefore, the dog can often lick itself and just itch. Sometimes the dog gives a lot of inconvenience to the owners by rolling its buttocks on the floor, carpet or furniture, trying to get rid of uninvited guests. If you suspect the presence of worms in a dog after such behavior, then feel his stomach - with parasites it is swollen and unnaturally protruding, especially if this has not been noted before.

Parasites that infect animal organs
Parasites that infect animal organs

Recommendations for getting rid of worms

Parasites are insidious, so a simple change in diet will not save your pet from torment. It is also important not to ignore the changesin behavior, paying attention to all accompanying symptoms. Treatment of worms in a dog should be carried out only by a qualified specialist, based on the results of the tests. In the worst case, your pet may simply die from intoxication.

  • First of all, never feed your animals raw and poorly processed foods. Even if your dog loves cucumbers, then you need to give them only clean, and not just brought from the store. As mentioned above, parasites live perfectly on any surface, and sometimes even warm running water will not help get rid of them. Meat and fish must be boiled or stewed before being fed with these foods to the dog.
  • Secondly, if you find worms, try to reduce the contact of pets with children and adults. To do this, you do not need to throw out, give away or send the dog outside. It is enough to touch it less, and after any contact, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
  • Third, don't forget to clean regularly. Wash floors with antibacterial agents, keep your pet out of bed and even a made bed, every evening treat the surfaces of furniture, clothes and linen with a steam iron (you can use a household steam generator).
The right diet for a dog
The right diet for a dog

Recommendations for hosts

Do not rush to panic and figure out where to give your pet if it has parasites. Now there are many effective preparations for worms for dogs that will save the dog from suffering and from possible consequences. However, in order to achieve maximum results and prevent relapse, it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment not only for the pet, but for all family members.

When worms are found in an animal, then, most likely, parasitic eggs have also entered your body. That is why you need to get rid of them all together, giving anthelmintic drugs to other pets (for example, cats). But do not self-medicate and ignore preventive measures, even if some family member is sure that he does not have worms.

Best of the Best: Kanikquantel Plus

This is a combination drug that consists of fenbendazole (500 milligrams) and praziquantel (50 milligrams). Of course, an equally effective remedy of the same name is made from the last active substance, but it is more dangerous for the he alth of the pet. "Kaniquantel Plus" can be given without a preliminary analysis for the sensitivity of microflora.

Pills in hand
Pills in hand

The drug effectively fights flatworms, as well as trematodes and nematodes. Cleaning is not recommended if your dog is pregnant. Compared to many analogues, "Kaniquantel Plus" is really able to help a pet, while at a relatively low cost.

The dosage is calculated based on 10 kilograms of animal body weight, but before use, you should carefully study the instructions. For example, EURACON PHARMA GmbH produces an anthelmintic drug, where one tablet is designed for 20 kg of a pet. But have"Kaniquantela Plus" has one significant disadvantage - the dog does not like the taste of the medicine, so you need to give it along with a treat or forcibly.

Effective, cheap, but not angry: "Drontal Plus"

Probably one of the best dewormers for dogs. First of all, because "Drontal Plus" is chosen by a large number of people, since it contains not just praziquantel (50 milligrams), but also pyrantel embonate (144 mg) along with febantel (150 milligrams).

The drug works as carefully as possible, destroying trematodes and roundworms. In addition, parasites are easily excreted from the body in a natural way, without causing intoxication in the pet. As in the first option, it is not recommended to give an anthelmintic agent to pregnant bitches or to give, but under the strict supervision of a veterinarian.

Buy this drug only in trusted pet stores and veterinary clinics. You may come across a fake analogue, which costs significantly less than the original (on average, for 1 single package, in which there are 6 tablets, you can pay at least 800 rubles). "Drontal Plus", like "Kaniquantel Plus", has a minimal number of side effects, unlike the next drug.

Effective, but dangerous and expensive: Milbemax

Dog deworming pills are a real miracle of pharmaceuticals. These proven granules, capsules, gels or powders have long saved thousands of pets from parasites that lead the animal to inevitable death. Milbemax, although effective,but it should be used with extreme caution, as it is not suitable for puppies whose age has not reached two weeks, as well as "herding" dogs, such as shelties, collies and others. Therefore, before giving this remedy to your pet, you should consult a specialist, otherwise there may be complications and disorders in the functioning of the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Due to the fact that these deworming tablets for dogs contain milbemycin oxime (at least 2.5 milligrams), they are able to destroy cestodes and nematodes.

Parasites inside the dog
Parasites inside the dog

What are the dangers of anthelmintic drugs

Treatment of worms in dogs should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist, based on the body weight of the animal, its breed, individual intolerance. In addition, there are several types of parasites that affect not only the intestines, but also the lungs, liver, heart and soft tissues. That is why worms are not always found when examining pet feces.

  • The main danger of prescribing the wrong anthelmintic drugs is animal intoxication. After the first dose of the drug, the parasites die, but in most cases they are not excreted from the body on their own. Once in the organs, the worms begin to decompose, releasing dangerous toxins that can cause shock, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and epilepsy.
  • As mentioned above, some anthelmintic drugs should not be given to herding dogs, because they adversely affect the liver and kidneys, causing complications.
  • Each remedy fights certain parasites. Therefore, it is impossible to give, even for preventive purposes, any anthelmintic drugs indiscriminately and without prior consultation.

List of universal remedies

If worms were found in a dog (you can see a photo of the cycle of infection and reproduction of parasites below), then you should pay attention to the most popular drugs that effectively fight various types of parasites, ranging from round tapeworms to nematodes:

  1. "Febtal", "Prazitsid", "Alben S". These three drugs are universal, as they fight tapeworms and roundworms, and also actively get rid of their larvae.
  2. "Pyradek". The tool is effective against nematodes. It is often prescribed if a specialist has made a diagnosis such as hookworm, toxocariasis, toxascariasis.
  3. "Stronghold". Perhaps this is really a universal remedy, because it saves the animal not only from roundworms and hookworms, but also fights ear mites, has a detrimental effect on flea eggs and prevents them from developing in the dog's undercoat.
  4. "Troncil". Like Piradek, it fights against nematodes, as well as roundworms and whipworms.
  5. "Vermidin". An inexpensive remedy that is sold in any pharmacy. It is given for prophylactic purposes or against one type of parasite.
  6. "Histaral". A more expensive anthelmintic because it attracts animals and does not make the deworming process painful, nerve-wracking and stressful. Fights nematodes and cestodesIn this case, dogs willingly absorb the right medicine themselves, because it smells like meat.
parasite cycle
parasite cycle

Reviews and opinions of dog breeders

To figure out exactly how anthelmintic drugs work, numerous reviews will help. Dozens of different drugs are prescribed for deworming dogs, but what effect each of them will have on your pet is unknown. What should be feared and how to prevent complications?

  1. The most popular and proven pharmacy products are Drontal, Poliverkan and Cestal Plus. They are prescribed by most veterinarians, and the drugs themselves can be easily found at any pet store in the city. But you should beware of fakes, they are much cheaper than the originals.
  2. Cheaper analogues are very difficult to give to an animal. As a rule, the smell does not appeal to them, so owners, as noted in the reviews, have to take extreme measures to force the dog to drink a pill or capsule.
  3. Overdose is life-threatening for a pet. Don't give "an extra pill just to be sure" otherwise you may end up with vomiting, diarrhea and weakness in the dog - at best.

Always look out for signs of tapeworms in your dog, and if you notice any suspicious symptoms, see a veterinarian immediately. Do not spare money for the initial examination and sampling of feces and blood. In the worst case, you can lose the animal, especially if the dog is still quite a puppy and you took it not from breeders with a veterinary passport, but from strangers, unverified people.

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