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I wonder how to give birth to twins?

I wonder how to give birth to twins?
I wonder how to give birth to twins?

To give birth to twins, and even more so to raise twins, is the dream of many expectant mothers. Seeing a photo of twins on an ultrasound, most parents will be delighted. However, statistics say that out of 80 pregnancies, only one is with twins.

Twins or Twins?

photo of twins on ultrasound

Twins are children born from one egg, and twins are born from two. In order for twins to be born, different sperm must simultaneously fertilize two eggs. Each fetus has its own placenta and may or may not look like a brother or sister. The predisposition to the birth of twins is transmitted through the mother's line. And one more thing: twins are born three times more often than twins. It turns out that there are three times more twins on earth than twins.

How to have twins?

  1. To conceive twins, it is good to have a husband from the Middle East or Africa. The ethnic characteristics of these peoples increase the chance of having twins.
  2. Heredity. If there were twins in the family of the wife or husband, the probability is doubled. Usually this fact is passed down through the generation.
  3. Probability of twins alsoincreases if you are over 40 years old. However, after a few years, it drops sharply. It is assumed that this is affected by an increase in the level of the hormone gonadotropin.
  4. Statistics say that twins appear in women who have already become mothers. In fact, the chance of twins increases with each pregnancy.
  5. There is an opinion that prolonged sexual abstinence also increases the chances of having twins.
how to give birth to twins

Don't know how to have twins? Try and believe, but know that women who are pregnant with twins have twice the hard time. The possibility of complications is great, and children, as a rule, are born physically weak or premature. Only by the age of three do twins begin to catch up with their peers.

How to give birth to twins using the achievements of modern medicine?

Today it has become possible to plan even the birth of twins. After the IVF (in vitro fertilization) method was discovered, there were much more cases of the birth of twins. Doctors plant several fertilized eggs at once in order to increase the chances of pregnancy. If all the eggs survive, then several babies are born.

Don't know how to conceive and how to give birth to twins? Go to a genetics doctor, taking with you information about the family tree.

Giving twins - stories of those giving birth

twin birth stories

Even if a multiple pregnancy proceeds smoothly, the mother-to-be may feel tired. As they saywomen who have twins, the second trimester is often overshadowed by shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Arterial hypertension is also a companion of multiple pregnancy. Often there are cases of varicose veins. The most intense physical activity permitted is swimming and walking. You should use a good bandage and special tights for mothers of twins. In a sitting position, legs should be placed on a stand or a low coffee table. And of course, many are worried about stretch marks - they need to be de alt with with the help of special preparations, of which there are now a large number on the market.

Toward the end of pregnancy, frequent urge to urinate. There are complaints of constipation and heartburn. The mother's stomach decreases in volume due to the pressure of the uterus on it. Therefore, you have to eat little and often. In the vast majority of cases, women who are pregnant with twins are recommended for delivery by caesarean section.

Don't be scared though, the facts speak for themselves. Throughout the ages, women have given birth, give birth and will give birth to twins. Good luck to you too!

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