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Stationary and submersible blenders "Mulineks". Features and Reviews

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Stationary and submersible blenders "Mulineks". Features and Reviews
Stationary and submersible blenders "Mulineks". Features and Reviews

Blenders are great helpers for those who know how and love to cook. They are able to make the process of preparing various dishes even more interesting and enjoyable. Many procedures without them take a lot of time and effort, which is why the preparation for a family celebration or gatherings with friends stretches for several hours. Meanwhile, these devices will be able to do the same as a person, but much more accurately and faster.

Mulinex blender reviews

More than a blender

Mulinex is well known to consumers, as it has been operating in our market for a long time and offers excellent kitchen appliances. Mulinex blenders are very popular with housewives all over the world. They take upon themselves the performance of simple, but rather time-consuming actions - grinding, whipping, mixing. If there are a lot of products, this may require a lot of effort and time, and with this technique, 10 minutes will be enough. Blenders"Mulineks", depending on their model, have from 1 to 16 speeds. The most powerful, in addition to the usual functionality, can grind coffee beans, nuts and spices, grate food, knead the dough.

Possibilities of Mulineks blenders

Mulinex blenders have gained popularity among good housewives, and among bachelors, and among family people. They will help you perform a variety of actions without the hassle:

  • cook delicious meals;
  • grind coffee;
  • make fruit puree for baby;
  • mix an alcoholic, fruit or milkshake;
  • quickly slice the ham;
  • knead dough for pancakes;
  • make fresh;
  • for homemade cookies or scrambled eggs beat egg white;
  • cut onions without tears;
  • for the cake prepare a fluffy cream;
  • for pies finely chop the meat;
  • much more.

Mulinex blenders are divided into the following models:

  • stationary;
  • submersible.

Let's consider each type in more detail.

Mulinex blenders

Stationary blenders

A regular stationary blender is also called a shaker because it mixes cocktails perfectly. In addition, thanks to its high power, it can be used to beat proteins, mix dense liquids, and crush ice. There is no need to keep such models in your hands all the time, because all work with them is automated. Many of them are equipped with a self-cleaning function that allowssave you time.

The bowl of standard models can be made of glass or plastic. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, this factor does not affect the quality of this device in any way. The cost of the Mulinex blender depends on the power of the product. For the normal functioning of a stationary model, 400 - 600 W is enough.

mulinex immersion blender

Immersion blenders

Hand (submersible) blender "Mulinex" consists of an elongated handle-case and bladed knife-nozzle. The device is immersed in a container and grinds all the ingredients. The case can be either metal or plastic, but it is still better to give preference to the first one, since it is more durable, it can mix hot and whip hard foods. The immersion blender kit may include different attachments: choppers, whisks for beating eggs and others.

Mulinex blender: reviews

The main advantage of a hand blender, according to user reviews, is its compactness, practicality, versatility and relatively low cost. It also takes up little space. Due to the nozzles, some models can be used instead of a mixer.

Disadvantages - fewer functions than stationary ones, during grinding there is a possibility of splashing of products, but the main inconvenience is the need to keep this device in your hands all the time while working.

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