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How to kiss a guy so he likes it and doesn't run away

How to kiss a guy so he likes it and doesn't run away
How to kiss a guy so he likes it and doesn't run away

The first kiss is always very exciting. Girls don't like it when guys rush things, but they don't like it even more when time passes and there are still no kisses. You can continue to wait, but it is better to decide and take the first step. In this case, the question arises of how to kiss a guy so that he likes it.

It's no secret that kissing is different. Let's try to understand their classification in order to know exactly how to kiss a guy so that he likes it. Friendly and kindred kisses in this case will not interest us.

how to kiss a guy so he likes it
how to kiss a guy so he likes it

It's not easy to decide to kiss a guy. You can start with a harmless air kiss, which expresses only a slight flirtation and does not oblige you to anything.

Thinking about how to kiss a guy so that he likes it, you immediately think of tender kisses. This short-term "smack" can be intended not only for the lips, but also for other parts of the partner's face. Many people prefer such romantic kisses at the very beginning of a relationship.

Those who are braver will doa kiss of love meant to express love and passion. This long kiss on the lips is best hidden from prying eyes.

kiss a guy
kiss a guy

A few secrets for young ladies:

  1. Entourage is important not only for girls, so it would not be out of place to create a romantic atmosphere, or at least a situation in which you can stay alone.
  2. Smell from the mouth can spoil the impression of even the most skillful kiss, it will not be out of place to follow the freshness of breath.
  3. To relieve awkwardness during a kiss, you should not be a static statue, we recommend gently running through your hair or lightly touching your cheek with your hand. Just don't make any sudden movements, everything should happen naturally.
  4. romantic kisses
    romantic kisses
  5. Do not abuse sticky lip glosses and lipstick. The guy may be hesitant to kiss for fear of spoiling your carefully applied makeup. To make lips look more seductive, lightly bite them while your partner is not looking. The blood flow will increase, and they will look brighter and more sensual.
  6. You can try to cheat and say you don't know how to kiss. In case the guy did not know how to approach you, most likely, you will immediately hear an offer to teach you. But he may be confused, in which case it is better to turn the conversation into a joke.
  7. If you are still afraid to take the first step, then "guess" his kiss, imagine in detail how he kisses you gently and sensually or passionately and impulsively. Do this visualization whilegoodbye, he will certainly notice the sparks in your eyes and, perhaps, they will not leave your boyfriend indifferent.
  8. Don't think about kissing for a while and don't wait for them. Try to switch and forget, be direct and relaxed, so that the young man feels easy and at ease in your company. Excessive tension does not contribute to rapprochement at all.
  9. Don't be afraid to take the initiative, everyone loves kissing! After all, a kiss is a great indicator of relationship to each other.

Now you know how to kiss a guy to please him. Be brave!

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