Why a guy doesn't want to get married: reasons, plans, personal relationships and opinions of psychologists

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Why a guy doesn't want to get married: reasons, plans, personal relationships and opinions of psychologists
Why a guy doesn't want to get married: reasons, plans, personal relationships and opinions of psychologists

Video: Why a guy doesn't want to get married: reasons, plans, personal relationships and opinions of psychologists

Video: Why a guy doesn't want to get married: reasons, plans, personal relationships and opinions of psychologists
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For a woman everything is simple: if you love, marry. But not all men are ready to make a marriage proposal even after many years of marriage. Remember that it is impossible to force a guy to marry with the help of pre-wedding agitation. You need to get to the bottom of his hesitancy about marriage and then take action.

Parent experience

Why do young guys not want to get married? One of the most common reasons for the fear of ringing yourself is childhood trauma. Men who had to observe regular conflicts between parents at a young age are afraid of the repetition of such situations in their family. Therefore, they are not always in a hurry to start their own. But it is worth noting that this is not always the case.

If a girl is faced with such a problem, then she will have to realize the complexity of the work that she has to do in order to build the most trusting relationship with her partner. Moreover, sometimes you have to prove that family relationshipscan be happy and prosperous.

The desire to remain free and independent

When a guy says he doesn't want to get married, he probably wants to keep his independence. I don’t want to upset the girls, but a loving man always strives to spend maximum time with his beloved and very rarely asks for freedom. But of course there are exceptions.

guy says he doesn't want to get married
guy says he doesn't want to get married

As you know, a man's desire for independence is considered absolutely normal. But very often in relations with the opposite sex, they tend to demand absolute obedience. Therefore, when a man sees that his chosen one has her own opinion and often does not agree with him, then he does not have a desire to make her his wife. A girl who is in a relationship with such a guy should consider a joint future with her chosen one. Namely, whether she is ready to accept the conditions.

When there is no love

Why does the guy not want kids and get married? The most banal reason associated with the fact that a man is in no hurry to propose is the possible lack of love. He probably experienced strong feelings before, but they tend to fade with time. This is important to remember. Therefore, if you notice that a young man has become cold towards you, then most likely he is just spending time with you until he finds a suitable reason for parting or a more attractive option.

guy doesn't want to get married psychologist's advice
guy doesn't want to get married psychologist's advice

Many girls find it hard to believe that the chosen one can do thisact. But it should be understood that most men who love their chosen one are ready to marry her.

Different ideas about family life

What if the guy doesn't want to get married? In some situations, the cause must be sought in the views on family life. It often happens that a woman is focused on her career, respectively, she does not want children or has not seriously thought about it yet. The chosen one, on the contrary, wants to get married and have children. With such opposing views on a joint future, doubts arise about the correctness of their choice.

the guy does not want children and get married
the guy does not want children and get married

Most loving men tend to wait. Therefore, he will hope to the last that the girl will eventually accept his point of view.


What if the guy doesn't want to get married? Make plans and take action. So, you are sure that your chosen one is ripe and ready for marriage. It is very important that the role of the future wife belongs exclusively to you. According to statistics, about 27% of guys who are ready for family life marry completely random women.

the guy loves but does not want to marry
the guy loves but does not want to marry

For everything to be as you wish, you need to act according to a pre-planned plan:

  1. Make him think you're irreplaceable. This does not mean at all that you need to spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen in order to please your loved one with another gourmet dish. You should try to become a reliable friend and soul mate for him. No matter,whether he dedicates you in particular to running his business. The main thing is that he feels your support, and also sees admiration for his success in your eyes.
  2. Prepare for viewing some melodramas that will show the positive aspects of married life. It really helps in some cases.
  3. Don't show your addiction to him. Go about your life, namely work, study or hobbies. Men tend to value independent women more.
  4. Keep him interested. You can flirt with another guy to arouse the jealousy of your chosen one. The popularity of a girl among guys only increases her importance in the eyes of the chosen one.
  5. Show him the difference between life with you and without you. You can go on a business trip or on vacation with family. He must miss you, call and call back home.

Why doesn't the guy want to get married? What to do? You have done everything that was listed above, but the chosen one is still in no hurry to call you to the registry office? Then you need to resort to the help of "extreme" advice. Give him an ultimatum: "either get married or don't" Most men who really love the chosen one get married.

A man in his twenties…

Why doesn't the guy want to get married? We live together, but he does not want to sign. The girls are different, someone is annoyed by a civil marriage, and someone, on the contrary, does not want to get married early. The personal attitude of a guy between the ages of 20 and 30 towards marriage is most often negative. Young people at this age are determined to finda high-paying job, buy a decent car and get your own home. The girl needs to understand that these are very good qualities, and she can be sure that she has chosen a worthy chosen one. Most men in their early 20s don't think about getting married.

Girls should think about relationships in the following cases:

  1. They have been together for more than three years, but the chosen one avoids marriage.
  2. He's almost 30 years old, but he still doesn't think about getting married.
  3. Your man is a supporter of the opinion related to the fact that you must first walk up and then get married.

If you are willing to wait until your man gets his own place and invites you there, then you should not be sure that Mendelssohn's march will follow. Perhaps by that time your chosen one will get used to the fact that you lived with him in a rented apartment, accepting all the conditions without marriage. Accordingly, he has already tested the ground and is well aware that it is unlikely that you will leave him if the wedding is postponed for another couple of years.

If you are ready to accept the conditions of living together without painting, then pay attention to the attitude of the chosen one towards you and life in general. A person with high potential rarely sits around watching TV or disappears for hours on walks with friends. He has a clear idea of what he wants out of life. A loving man is interested in the opinion of his girlfriend about joint children and shares his plans for the future.

Man over 30

Why doesn't the guy want to get married?The reasons that lie in the reluctance to ring yourself after 30 years are very commonplace. Men, upon reaching this age, tend to look at women with different eyes. He is looking for a chosen one who is ready to make his life fun and easy. A woman should be able to support her man in a difficult situation. Only then will he be ready to take responsibility for her and the children. If you are still an eccentric girl who can make a drama out of every little thing, then your chosen one is most likely in no hurry to marry you for this very reason.

guy doesn't want to get married psychologist's advice
guy doesn't want to get married psychologist's advice

Of course, much depends on the age at which a man became successful. If the representative of the stronger sex has achieved almost everything he wanted, then he seriously begins to think about creating a family. But if a man has crossed the thirty-year mark, and his career has not yet worked out, then he will not even think about marriage. The main thing for him is to observe successful people, as well as trying to equate them in order to achieve prosperity.

Why does a guy not want to get married after thirty years? Most likely, this is a meaningful decision, and not just fear. The task of the woman in this case is to make it clear to the chosen one that if he does not want to tie their life together in marriage in the near future, he will have to look for a new girl. Of course, it can be difficult for the representatives of the weaker sex to decide on such a rash step. Perhaps you are afraid that he will leave after your words. But it is important to remember that the white light has not converged on anyone like a wedge. And if a man leaves you, then he has no love. Yes, you made a mistake with the choice of partner, but it does not matter. Wipe your tears and move on, in search of a man you really deserve, and who can appreciate your feelings.

A man in his forties…

Why does the guy not want kids and get married? Almost all men get married by the age of 40. If the guy is single, then there must be serious reasons for this. Perhaps he is very unlucky in love, and he is afraid to plunge again into a permanent relationship. He probably devotes his whole life to his work and simply does not represent anyone else in it.

If a man who is over 40 years old lives alone, then he is so comfortable. Such a man needs a woman only to satisfy sexual needs. It is unlikely that he will consider his partner to start a family.

If a man has become single because of a divorce, then most likely he will not marry again, as he has become very cautious. But the hunting instinct may have played out in him very strongly.

Girding a forty-year-old man is not easy. And a woman must understand that she has a difficult job ahead of her. But if the fair sex can become a kindred spirit for him, will support him in difficult situations, then she has a chance.

He is not getting married

The guy loves, but does not want to marry. What to do? You can continue to agree to a guest marriage, or you can analyze the situation, draw conclusions, and then decide how to proceed.

why young guys don't want to get married
why young guys don't want to get married

Let's consider the mainsigns that a man is not likely to marry you:

  1. He is already married. And to believe that someday he will divorce in order to marry you is completely pointless. Perhaps this is the most common trap that single women fall into. Often married men look good, have a stable income, reason correctly and appreciate the most important things in life. Of course, this is an ideal option for creating a family. Only now he already has a family. Do not fall into such traps, sometimes women cannot get out of them for years. And they lose a huge amount of time for which they would have managed to build their happy family long ago.
  2. You are strangers to his parents and friends. If your relationship lasts more than six months, then think about why your chosen one is in no hurry to introduce you to people close to him.
  3. He never discusses joint plans for the future with you. A man in love always makes plans related to his beloved. He will even discuss purchases in the store with you, and even more so trips, vacations, goals and more.
  4. He flirts with other girls in front of you. A good and strong family is built only on respect. A man who allows himself to make eyes or compliment other women does not respect his chosen one.
  5. Not jealous. It is usually said that strong personalities are devoid of feelings of jealousy. Maybe it is so. But if a guy does not show any emotions, seeing how his girlfriend flirts left and right, then this indicates his indifference to her.
  6. You've been dating for over two years. Of course,a marriage proposal can also be received after 5 years of cohabitation. But statistics show that for a man, in order to understand whether he is ready to marry a chosen one, more than 2 years of relationship is enough. The guy gets used to the fact that the girl is next to him, so he is in no hurry to propose to her. What for?! She's not going anywhere anyway.
  7. He avoids talking about family life. Most often he laughs it off in any conversation about marriage and children.
  8. Long distance relationship. He does not attempt to move to your city, and also does not offer you to move to him. Perhaps you meet a couple of times a month, and that's just enough for him. Remember that such relationships almost never reach the registry office.
  9. If you do not receive moral or material support from a man when you need it, then you can be sure that you can not wait for a marriage proposal.
  10. He openly tells you that he is not in the mood to get married. In that case, try not to have any illusions that everything will change soon.

Psychologists' opinions

What to do when a guy doesn't want to get married? In this case, the psychologist's advice suggests a transition to specific actions:

  1. Calmly talk to the chosen one. Ask him what he does not like about you as a girl. Perhaps you demand a lot, but he is not able to give it to you. Pay attention to his behavior, if a man closes in on himself when talking about this topic, thenthe problem is serious, but for some reason he hides it from you.
  2. Don't manipulate your partner. It is unlikely that a man will want to marry a girl who goes ahead to make her chosen one a husband. The representative of the stronger sex himself must want a wedding. Only in this case, a happy and strong family will turn out.
  3. why does a guy not want kids and get married
    why does a guy not want kids and get married
  4. Understand yourself. Sometimes the problem lies in the woman's low self-esteem. She believes that no one else can love, accept and satisfy her like that. These girls are driven by the fear of loneliness. They are willing to wait years for their loved one to propose. It's good if that happens. And if not?! Believe me, there are a huge number of men in this world, and one of them is able to make you a happy wife.
  5. Take care of yourself. Analyze the temperament, appearance and mannerisms of the girls they want to marry, but they doubt whether they need this guy as a husband. Work on your self-esteem, "pump" your feminine qualities.
  6. And remember that the stamp in the passport is just a transfer to another plane. And much depends on its serviceability and situations that may occur during the flight.

It is unlikely that a loving guy does not want to get married. The psychologist will only confirm this statement. Of course, you can listen to many opinions about your situation from relatives, friends or relatives, but only you see the true attitude of your chosen one towards you. Make timely conclusions. And never be delusional.