Dishwasher Bosch SMV47L10RU: reviews, instructions, installation

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Dishwasher Bosch SMV47L10RU: reviews, instructions, installation
Dishwasher Bosch SMV47L10RU: reviews, instructions, installation

Video: Dishwasher Bosch SMV47L10RU: reviews, instructions, installation

Video: Dishwasher Bosch SMV47L10RU: reviews, instructions, installation
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Housekeeping today, although greatly simplified thanks to all sorts of technical innovations, still takes a lot of time, which is sorely lacking. The pace of modern life makes you adapt to it and devote less time to necessary household chores. In this case, irreplaceable electronic assistants come to the rescue. So, many families can no longer imagine themselves without a dishwasher. However, her choice is not such an easy task. After all, there are so many things to consider. Buyers often opt for the Bosch SMV47L10RU machine. Why does it attract buyers so much? What features do consumers value the most? What exactly should be analyzed when choosing such a device? How economical is this dishwasher? Does she have any disadvantages? Answers to all these and some additional questions can be found by reading this article.

bosch smv47l10ru reviews
bosch smv47l10ru reviews


So, what is a Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher? Reviews allow you to draw certain conclusions about how comfortable it is to use. So, the machine is able to accommodate thirteen sets of dishes,which is convenient for both families and small events. The device does not create unnecessary noise. So, the noise level that the dishwasher in question causes is no more than 48 dB.

The device has only four modes of operation, but they are quite enough to do their job well and meet the needs of its owner. Among them:

  • Intensive program (wash at 70 degrees).
  • Quick program (only takes 45 minutes).
  • Eco (saves resources).
  • Auto (standard mode).

There are also two special modes:

  • Half load.
  • Hygiene (provided for washing baby dishes).

Detergent can be used sparingly. This is facilitated by the presence of a special ergonomic compartment for such substances - DosageAssist.

The device is equipped with a modern motor (inventory), which ensures the long-term operation of the machine - EcoSilence Drive.

The dishwasher in question is able to automatically recognize which type of detergent you are using. And most importantly, the result of washing dishes will in no case depend on it.

Water is supplied alternately, which allows you to significantly save it. Among other things, the electronics of the device provides the ability to adjust the level of water hardness, which helps to keep the machine in proper condition. The filter installed in the dishwasher cleans itself.

When the carfinishes its work, you will hear the corresponding signal. And while the device is in the process of washing dishes, you will be notified about this by InfoLight - an indicator that casts a beam of light on the floor. You can also see how much time is left until the end of the program on a special display. It is possible to use the delayed start function. The start timer can be set from one hour to a day.

Also, the machine is able to assess the presence of s alt or rinse aid, which will definitely notify the user using special indicators.

The model is distinguished by the presence of a convenient third level of loading, designed for cutlery. There are special shelves for cups, as well as convenient folding guides used for plates.

Special security system fully protects against any kind of leakage. And the ServoSchloss lock helps the door open and close as comfortably as possible, thanks to a functional closer.

What to look for when choosing

How do you know if your Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher is right for you? The manual reveals many details about this device and its main features. To begin with, you should objectively assess the needs of your family. If you feel the need to get rid of the obligation to wash dishes by hand, if you are sure that this will save you a lot of effort and time, then a dishwasher can be a really good choice for you. It is important to correctly assess how many dishes it should contain,to be comfortable, do you need a special compartment for cutlery and glasses, what space are you ready to allocate for the apparatus in your kitchen. You should also figure out which energy class is desirable for you and what you additionally expect from this device. It is likely that the Bosch SMV47L10RU model meets all your requirements. The instruction recommends adhering to the established norms and rules of operation. And then you won't have to deal with unpleasant surprises from a new acquisition.

dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru reviews
dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru reviews


How safe is this dishwasher to use? Confidence in the device adds a built-in safety valve, as well as technology that provides reliable glass protection. Since the system is completely closed, it is fully protected from leaks. All this makes it absolutely safe to use the dishwasher in question. You can safely leave it on at night or when the kids are at home.


If you want your dishwasher to be covered by a full warranty, it's important to have it installed by a professional. It won't be too expensive, but ten years of free car service is definitely worth it.

If you still decide to save money and install it yourself, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Choice of location. The machine is built-in, which means that you need a niche in the kitchen furniture of a suitable sizewith the possibility of supplying water.
  • Tools. At a minimum, you will need pliers, a set of wrenches and screwdrivers. Take care of this in advance.
  • Stages. Connect to a drain, then to a cold water pipe, connect a tee, seal, install a facade.
bosch dishwasher installation smv47l10ru
bosch dishwasher installation smv47l10ru


The manufacturer guarantees the reliability of the main functions. For example, such as AquaStop (leak protection technology). So, the buyer has not only the right to the seller to eliminate free of charge all defects that arose during the warranty period (this is fixed in the purchase agreement), but also to compensation in the following cases:

  • If the leak nevertheless occurred as a result of a malfunction of the protection system described above, and as a result of this, any property of the consumer was damaged, then the company is ready to fully compensate for this damage. Relevant for ten years.
  • The buyer receives the right to compensation for damages and warranty repairs only if the installation of the Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher was done properly. Also, an appropriate branded extension cord must be available. However, if the flooding occurred due to a violation of the integrity of the hose or damage to the fittings, which violated the connection to the water supply system, then the company is not responsible in this case.


The model under consideration has a number of nice features:

  • Accurate loading sensor. He estimates how many dishes have been loaded and, accordingly, how much water needs to be drawn. The optimal amount of water will help to achieve the desired result and save. So, if there are not enough dishes, then a little water will be spent.
  • Another indisputable advantage of the Bosch SMV47L10RU machine is installation. The device is built directly into your kitchen set, which is not only convenient, but also incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
  • The motor that powers the dishwasher in question is quiet and efficient. Its reliability is highly rated by experts.
  • The device is characterized by high performance. Its service life is at least ten years. Such durability is due to competent equipment. For example, there are no brushes in the inverter motor, which means that friction losses in the water supply system are significantly reduced.
  • You can set a delayed start of the program at a time that suits you. For example, during the day, when no one is at home, to get clean dishes by your arrival. Or at night, when electricity is cheaper. No excess water will be used up, nor will it get too hot if the dishes are few or lightly soiled.
  • All small kitchen utensils, utensils and coffee cups are fixed securely and are not damaged during washing.
  • Expensive fragile glasses will be cleaned as delicately as possible and kept intact.
  • Water for washing dishes should not be too hard or too soft (so as not to provoke the development of corrosionglass). The dishwasher in question automatically actively adjusts the level of hardness, bringing it to the optimum.
  • For those who have children, the "Hygiene" function will be especially useful. In this program, the dishes are exposed to a higher temperature for a longer time.
  • There is no need to wait until the machine is fully loaded. Programs can be run at any level of workload. This significantly reduces the consumption of water and electricity. A special program automatically and efficiently recognizes various types of dirt in order to ensure that the result is perfect. What makes it possible to achieve amazingly clean dishes after washing, if it uses so little electricity and water? This is provided by a special "smart" processor, which has a system of ultra-sensitive sensors.
dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru manual
dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru manual


This washing machine model is incredibly economical. So, for example, manufacturers declare that the device belongs to the energy consumption class "A". This means that the dishwasher will use this resource as economically as possible (for example, such an apparatus consumes a little more than 200 kWh per year). Also, water costs are only 12 liters. Many consider this to be much more economical than if the dishes were washed the old fashioned way. In addition, the washing efficiency and drying efficiency are also classified as "A". And this is a lotspeaks about the quality of how the device copes with the duties assigned to it. Also a significant plus is the availability of glass protection technology. The car does not overheat. The maximum water temperature during operation is only 70 degrees.


As they say about the Bosch Silenceplus SMV47L10RU dishwasher reviews, you can buy a number of unique accessories for it that greatly simplify the use of the device or make it safer, but are not included in the basic package. So, for example, such an accessory can be a convenient basket in which you can securely fasten four glasses on a high leg. Built-in dishwashers (60 cm) Bosch SMV47L10RU can accommodate four of these stands. They can successfully place glasses for both wine and champagne. They are securely fixed in the apparatus during its operation, which ensures the absolute safety and integrity of the dishes. Everything in general helps to achieve an amazing result after washing and drying. Another practical addition can be an extension for the inlet and drain hose. As a rule, you can buy a whole set at a very low cost. Hoses are universal. They are suitable for a variety of dishwashers. The extension for each type of hose is about two meters long.

built-in dishwashers 60 cm bosch smv47l10r
built-in dishwashers 60 cm bosch smv47l10r

Positive Feedback

As a rule, Bosch SMV47L10RU gets good reviews. Consumers are satisfied with the quality and functionalitythe model under consideration. The Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher has a number of operating modes that are convenient to use with different degrees of soiling of dishes. They also separately note the convenience of using a special third tray, which is designed to clean appliances. Buyers claim that it is much more convenient than a regular basket, which, as a rule, is available in other models for this purpose. The Bosch SMV47L10RU built-in dishwasher also earns positive reviews for the presence of leakage protection. Reliability has always been an important selection criterion. Also, the Bosch SMV47L10RU built-in dishwasher pleases many with the presence of the "beam on the floor" function. This is a kind of indicator of the operation of the device. It is very convenient to use it to navigate whether the machine has finished washing. There is an economical mode that allows you to significantly save water.

built-in dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru
built-in dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru

Negative Feedback

The Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher reviews are mostly positive, but, of course, there were some shortcomings. So, for example, many people are incredibly annoyed by the sound of the machine (splashing water and moderate clanging of dishes). However, it does not cause any inconvenience to others. So this shortcoming can be safely called controversial. Almost all reviews written about Bosch SMV47L10RU note the inefficiency of the automatic mode. However, there is always an opportunity to choose another mode more suitable for your dishes and circumstances. Some are confused by the smell that comes from a running Bosch machineSMV47L10RU. Reviews of others, in general, do not note any inconvenience in this regard. These are all the shortcomings that consumers report in their responses.

built-in dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru reviews
built-in dishwasher bosch smv47l10ru reviews


How good is the Bosch SMV47L10RU dishwasher? Reviews highlight many of its advantages, and the disadvantages against their background look so insignificant that they should not be paid attention to. Safety, efficiency and high quality results make this dishwasher model incredibly popular among consumers. A ten-year warranty adds credibility to the manufacturing company.

Be careful when choosing. And then you will never have to regret your purchases!