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Toys for cats

Toys for cats
Toys for cats

No kid in the world grows up without play - and it doesn't matter if he is a person or an animal. Kittens try to play already at the age of 4 weeks. Some are still not very confident on their paws, but are already trying to “attack” their brother or sister. If they grow up together, they play with each other with pleasure, tumble, attack, run away, fight. So their bones and muscles are strengthened, blood circulation improves, skills and abilities develop, natural instincts are fixed. If a kitten lives without relatives, its owner should provide for its play needs.

toys for cats

Toys for cats are offered on the Internet, in the markets, and in any pet store. You need to choose them according to some criteria. It is very important that the toy fits your pet in size. It is noticed that too small an object is not able to interest the kitten. In addition, such a toy can be swallowed, which will lead to disastrous consequences. A toy that is too large is safe in this regard. But if it is difficult for a kitten to perform actions with her, for example, roll a ball that is too big, she will quickly get bored with her and will just gather dust.

Secondan important condition: toys for cats must be environmentally friendly. This applies to a large extent to goods from China. All of them, as a rule, are bright and attractive in appearance, but they are all very far from environmental standards. You can determine the suitability of the toy by reading the information on the package, as well as by smelling it, rubbing it in any place with any solvent, for example, nail polish remover. If the toy has a strong unpleasant odor or if the paint is peeling off it, you should not give such an item to your cat. Also, it is impossible to offer an animal for games easily breaking, breaking things and those from which feathers, threads, etc. are easily separated.

Toys for cats are classic, made in the form of balls, balls, mice, sticks with bait. Now many interactive devices have been invented that develop the intelligence of kittens, allowing them to sharpen their claws, overcome obstacles, and get their own food. All of them can captivate your pet for long hours and even days, or they can leave you completely indifferent. It depends not so much on the toy, but on the nature of the animal and on its personal priorities.

DIY cat toys

In 9 cases, their 10 cat toys represent the most unexpected household items. Tailed purrs are happy to drive around the apartment clothespins, pens, pencils, caps, tennis balls, bright candy wrappers “forgotten” by the owner. There is a known case when a cat named Phil was simply thrilled by disposable syringes (without a needle). He not only played with them enthusiastically, but also mined them himself, having learned to open a box with his paw.chest of drawers where they were stored.

So, the owners of tailed pets should use their imagination and make toys for cats with their own hands. The simplest of them are pieces of paper on strings. They are made in half a minute. The only drawback is that you will have to take part in the game yourself, because the pet will not hunt for a motionless "mouse".

You can let your pet play with an empty spool of thread or a yellow center from a Kinder Surprise egg by placing something rattling there and securely fixing it.

toys for animals

You can take a small plastic bottle from baby food, put in there, for example, a couple of acorns, and close the lid. What is not an interactive toy! It is also easy to build devices for them to overcome obstacles. To do this, medium-sized cardboard boxes are taken, well connected in the form of a labyrinth. Holes are cut in them on different sides and balls or bumps are hidden.

Toys for animals can also be made with a smell. For cats, the smell of catnip is used (not valerian!). Grass or spray can be purchased at a pet store. The toy is made from pieces of fur. Grass is placed in the middle. Such toys are needed for inactive obese cats.

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