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Folding picnic table
Folding picnic table

Monotonous office routine, urban gray landscape, asph alt dust raised into the air by cars, the noise of shopping malls and the screaming of advertising from the speakers at every stop - over time, it all starts to strain. Now even a child already knows that prolonged nervous tension is dangerous for he alth, it leads to various problems in the body and psyche.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to give yourself a time-out more often, being distracted from pressing problems at least for a while. One way to take a break from the hustle and bustle is to go on a picnic.

picnic table

Can you remember the last time you were in nature? Most likely, you love this type of outdoor activity, the aroma of a roasting barbecue, the noise of foliage, the smell of green juicy grass. Such impressions are never forgotten.

Oh, those bugs

Although there is another side of this holiday, for example, insects in your dishes with a dish cooked on a fire. These ubiquitous bugs tend to crawl under your clothes while you sit on the grass and eat delicious treats. And let's go to the next picnic, you will be very upsetcrawling flora? May Greenpeace forgive us, we suggest you leave all these ants and bugs without a portion bitten off from your plate, the plate of your friends and relatives. After all, everything is simple! It is enough to purchase a set (table and chairs) for a picnic instead of your blanket for the clearing. With such necessary furniture, you will appreciate all the advantages. And also, most likely, you will never regret this purchase.

table with umbrella

Let's start looking for a picnic table

Its advantage is not only that insects will not crawl into your food, but also that you can enjoy a more civilized holiday. After all, it will not be necessary to sit on cold or wet ground. No one can step (accidentally, of course) on a plate of sandwiches, carried away by dancing "with sabers" in the form of skewers.

It's good that the times of total shortages have long passed us, now you can pick up any picnic table you like to suit your needs.

Any outdoor furniture will come in handy not only in the forest, but also, for example, in your summer cottage or in your country house. Also, folding furniture can fit perfectly in a medium-sized car. Therefore, for more convenient car trips, it would be quite useful to purchase, for example, a picnic table-suitcase.

How convenient is this table

Here are the top benefits:

  1. This table model can be easily folded and stored. It is also very convenient to transport and carry such a table. When folded itlooks like a closed suitcase. During storage during the cold season, the table will not become dirty or clogged with dust.
  2. The price of a picnic table is very affordable for people of any income.
aluminum table

What other models and types of tables are there? What are they good for?

Here is the range of stores and the advantages of different models:

  1. The most important positive characteristics: light weight, easy transportation of the product. Such tables in most cases are made from lightweight materials. It can be aluminum, plastic, there are also folding picnic tables made of wooden slats.
  2. Tables have several configurations. May have a standard square shape. The rectangular shape is also common. The oval and round shape of the picnic table will add more "lamp" atmosphere to your holiday.

Materials, which one is better?

Folding travel picnic table, made of aluminum alloy, is very light weight, resistant to corrosion, which eventually conquer almost any metal. But if you do not want the "continuation of the banquet" to take place on the ground, do not load such a table model with more than forty kilograms.

table suitcase

Model made of modern plastic is light in weight. It is also convenient to transport. Plastic tables have a large selection of colors, they attract with their hygiene. But these tables tend to burn out over time. During operation, the plastic picnic table acquires many scratches andeven chipped.

Wooden tables are the most solid, they are quite pleasant to the touch, but heavier than all other models. This version of the table (together with benches) will be the most optimal for a country holiday. Make sure that the surface of such a table is protected by a varnish coating, it can also be simply painted.

A lighter version of the picnic table - combined. The legs of such a table are made of metal, the tabletop itself can be made of wooden materials. It can be lath, chipboard or fiberboard.

A smart choice is the key to success. A few tips for choosing

Determine the approximate number of people who are usually with you on vacation or on a trip. In addition, measure the trunk of your car and select a table model that can easily fit into it when folded. Next, decide what shape and color you want to have a table. Take a closer look at the tables that have the so-called "telescopic" legs. These legs are height adjustable independently of each other. Very handy for uneven terrain.

wooden folding

To protect yourself from some natural disasters in the form of a scorching sun or heavy rain, choose a table model that has a hole in the middle of the table top. It can fit a large umbrella.

Are you going to use a folding table only in the summer season on your suburban area? Get a reliable, solid design. When the gardening season ends, this table can be stored until next year.

Now that you have learned how to choose the right and comfortable folding picnic tables, you can go directly to the picnic itself. Just do not forget to bring barbecue meat and other delicacies traditional for such a trip.

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