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Kindergarten: joy for a child or grief? How to prepare your child for kindergarten

Kindergarten: joy for a child or grief? How to prepare your child for kindergarten
Kindergarten: joy for a child or grief? How to prepare your child for kindergarten

Congratulations! Your child was given a ticket to the garden, a new world with all its colors will open for him. However, most parents experience very mixed feelings of joy and fear, anxiety about a new stage in the life of a child.

how to prepare your child for kindergarten

How to prepare a child for kindergarten? How does the baby feel?

Children can also be sad, anxious, excited, and just as scared as you are. Only you can help your child make a smooth transition into a changed rhythm of life.

Kindergarten is good

Before you go to kindergarten, prepare your child psychologically, talk in a positive way about kindergarten. Tell me how you went to the garden at the same age, and you really liked it there, that you made many friends and learned a lot in this institution. Children tend to love hearing stories about their parents' childhood. Emphasize all the most interesting and exciting aspects that the baby will meet.

howadapt the child to kindergarten

Don't neglect the open day

When it comes to the question of how to adapt a child to kindergarten, the most positive result is a joint visit to the garden in advance. Each kindergarten holds an open day - this is an opportunity to go with your little one to the garden and introduce him to the teacher, as well as to familiarize him with the atmosphere in which he will have to be most of the time. Go to the playground, let the baby see the colorful swings, slides, sandbox. After all these activities, be sure: the baby will certainly want to go to kindergarten.

Teach your child to be independent

In a group, as a rule, there are a lot of children, and the teacher cannot see everyone at once, serve everyone. To do this, it is important to teach the baby the necessary things that will make it easier for him to be in kindergarten.

How to prepare a child for kindergarten?

First of all, you need to wean the baby from the pacifier before the garden. This is not an easy task, but an important one, because if he goes into the garden with a pacifier, it is not known how many children he will give it to suck. And also teach your baby to sleep without a pacifier, otherwise he will either not sleep at all in the garden, or he will, but restlessly.

Potty training

When a child goes to kindergarten, it is necessary to potty train him. If the child asks for a potty, this will make the task easier for both him and the caregiver, especially in cold times. This way you can protect him from colds.

How to use cutlery

When you wonder howto prepare the child for kindergarten, you need to remember one more important thing - teaching the baby to eat with a fork and spoon. Many children who came to the garden do not know how to use cutlery, they cannot drink from a cup, because at home they drank either from a bottle or from a drinker. So that your little one doesn't go hungry in the garden, show and tell how to eat with a fork and spoon, how to use napkins.

For the first time in kindergarten

child goes to kindergarten

Tomorrow is the long-awaited day when the baby will go to kindergarten. You need to make sure that the child gets enough sleep. At 3-4 years old, children need ten to twelve hours of sleep each night. You need to take this into account so that you know when to put it down in the evening and when to pick it up in the morning. Also, children get up badly in the morning and are naughty, and in order not to be late, you need to wake them up earlier. In the evening, prepare clothes with your child, make sure that he chooses an outfit for himself - in this case, his mood will rise, and he will go to the garden happy.

Social and emotional development continues throughout childhood and adolescence. The skills that are important in kindergarten are just as important throughout the rest of your child's life: in school, in their careers, and into adulthood. It is during kindergarten age that these skills begin to take root. Therefore, such a moment, how to prepare a child for kindergarten, is of great importance both for his further stay in it and for subsequent development.

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