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Mekong Bobtail: breed description, character, reviews

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Mekong Bobtail: breed description, character, reviews
Mekong Bobtail: breed description, character, reviews

The Mekong Bobtail is a cat breed without a tail. More precisely, not completely without a tail: it is very short, while each cat has a unique curvature of its process.

mekong bobtail


The Mekong Bobtail breed counts down from the breeding time of Siamese and Thai cats. In Europe, the ancestors of these three breeds appeared in 1884, when they were brought from Siam. Cats were brought to the USA in 1890. Then this breed was called Siamese by the name of its native country. An animal of this breed was the wife of one of the presidents of America. The Siamese breed was brought to our country at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Siamese animals, the first to come to Europe, had significant curvature of the tail. This became the hallmark of this breed, which was also called the Royal Siamese, which indicates that the royal family loved these cats.

At a later time, selection was carried out, during which cats with the most curved tails began to be culled. If there were no Russian enthusiasts who fell in love with cats with broken tails, this breed would long agodisappeared.

The breeding of the breed, called the Mekong Bobtail, began to be developed in Iran, China and Vietnam. In Moscow, there was a club of cat lovers "Korgorushi", which also developed this breed.

The Mekong Bobtail, whose photo adorns more than one photo album, has an amazing feature: cats of this breed live much longer than usual. Their average life expectancy is 20-25 years. At the same time, these animals are able to bear offspring until a very old age.

Legends about these cats say that the purpose of the animals is to protect temples and palaces from rodents and snakes. At that time, tail breaks were called rings, and the strabismus of these cats was highly valued in the East. The skin of these cats is not tight enough to the bones, which allows it to be stretched in different directions without harming the animal. It is believed that this made it possible for furry guards to calmly endure the bites of poisonous snakes, since the poison did not get into the blood.

mekong bobtail photo

Another legend tells how the squint and rings on the tail appeared. Cats, guarding valuable vases in temples, covered them with their tails and stared at the object. It twisted their tails and damaged their eyesight. The Mekong Bobtail was carefully guarded by the Thais, there was even a ban on the export of animals from the city. For the abduction of a sacred animal, which these cats were considered, the criminal was awaiting the death pen alty.

However, sometimes animals left the country, being donated by the kings to those persons who provided some significant servicesthe state as a whole or its rulers personally.


This cat breed (Mekong Bobtail) is unique, it cannot be confused with any other variety. The most noticeable feature is the short broken tail, which immediately draws attention.

According to legend, princesses used to hang jewelry on the kinks of their tails while taking a bath. In addition, this animal has many qualities that make them related to dogs. So, they are able to bring a feed in their teeth, quickly get used to walking on a leash, and become strongly attached to the owner. Moreover, surprisingly for a cat, this breed is able to establish an intuitive connection with the owner, based almost on the genetic level.

The Mekong bobtail was singled out as a separate breed only in 2004. It was then that the standards specific only to this breed were finally approved.

Thus, the Mekong Bobtail, the description of which appeared not so long ago, should look like this: its body is medium, rectangular in shape, small, rather muscular, with simultaneous elegance and very slender. The back is almost a straight line, the paws are oval, the legs are of medium height.

cat breed mekong bobtail

Head with soft contours and almost flat top. The profile is almost Roman, with a strong chin, clearly defined.

The tail consists entirely of knots. Their number cannot be less than three. If there are fewer or no knots at all, the cat cannot be considered as belonging to that breed. The length of the tail should not exceed a quarter of the lengthanimal.

The Mekong Bobtail has expressive, large and very beautiful oval eyes. It is preferable that the eyes squint.

The ears are very wide at the base, appearing larger than they should be. The tips are rounded, the ears are slightly laid back.

The coat is short, close fitting, smooth, very pleasant to the touch, silky. Almost no undercoat.

The most common color is color point. Kittens are almost always born completely spotless, light, and acquire the standard coloration during adolescence.

Cats weigh about 4-6 kilograms, which is not very heavy compared to many other breeds.


A unique cat breed is the Mekong Bobtail. Their temperament makes them unlike any other breed. First of all, their instinct of a hunter, expressed unusually brightly, distinguishes them. Even in a closed room, these animals are able to find a prey. It can be any bug, fly, shadow - anything that can be confidently attacked.

mekong bobtail reviews

In addition, the Mekongs have excellent muscles, they are unusually energetic and jumpy. Jumping from a place one and a half meters in height is a common thing for pets of this breed.

Cats of this breed mature very early. Even at 5 months they are ready to reproduce. There is evidence of an individual who continued to bring offspring when she was 21 years old. In addition, despite this earlier development, animals do not make marks in the house.

Amazing parents are the Mekong (breedMekong Bobtail). Reviews say that both cats and cats are equally patient with their offspring. It is important that they take care not only of their own children, but they can "adopt" a completely foreign kitten.

In a cat family, the head is the female. The cat is a subject, but does not lose its natural vigor.

Bobtails love to sit on the arms of someone they like. They do not just sit on their hands, but actively communicate, as they are able to make various sounds.


Mekong bobtail, whose breed description can be seen above, does not need careful care. These cats are extremely clean, so the owner can only comb the fur during molting.

You can wash animals only as they get dirty, but not more than twice a month. When washing, it is important to ensure that water does not get into the ears. After this, the pet should be wiped well and left to dry in a draft-free room. Sometimes it happens that the cat falls into a tantrum from the water. In this case, you just need to wipe it with napkins.

In addition, sometimes you need to clean your ears with special products, without using cotton swabs. Remove dirt only from visible parts.

If the cat's eyes are festering, it is necessary to wash the eyes with products that are sold in a pharmacy. But do not be too zealous with them, because cats are able to cope with minor inflammations on their own.

mekong bobtail character

He alth

Genetically, these cats have nopredispositions. However, you need to regularly take your pets to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations that the specialist will recommend.


Engaged in breeding breeds in many countries. This occurs both in kennels and in the homes of individual breeders. Having a couple of thoroughbred animals, waiting for kittens is not a problem. If a cat and a cat live in the same house, they make up a permanent couple. However, different partners will only improve the quality of the breed and the he alth of the kittens.

Breed virtues

The Mekong Bobtail, whose photo is in the article, has many advantages. This is excellent he alth, and activity, and devotion. Keeping a bobtail does not require much effort: it does not mark corners, it does not make loud sounds. In addition, like dogs, these animals stand up for their master when danger is suspected.


Kittens of this breed do not differ from others in the process of adaptation to a new home. They need to allocate a place in which the kitten will spend time until it is time to introduce him to the whole house. The baby must be provided with a house or bedding, a tray, bowls for food and water, and toys. If there are other pets in the house, there is no need to rush to introduce them to a new resident, this should be done a week or two after the kitten has settled in a new place.

mekong bobtail breed description

For the safe living of the baby, you must follow the following rules:

  1. The balcony and windows in the room where the fluffy pet lives should be closed. If ait is necessary to keep the windows open, they must have a mosquito net.
  2. Poisonous plants, dangerous objects must be removed from the room. Wires must be carefully disguised.
  3. The room should not be drafty, the room must be kept warm.
  4. Threads and plastic bags are bad toys. Long bones should also not be given to a kitten.
  5. The washing machine should always be closed: the kitten can hide there and go unnoticed.
  6. It is necessary to ensure that the animal does not climb under furniture with a low bottom.

Interesting facts

mekong bobtail description

There are a few curious things that are unique to this breed.

  • In communicating with each other, these cats do not use voice, this type of communication is only for humans.
  • They follow on the heels of the owner, controlling his actions.
  • Paw pads sweat in the heat.
  • There are 32 muscles in the ear that cats can easily control.
  • Cats of this breed do not like loud noises. They leave the room if the music is too loud or the TV is on.
  • First of all, in a fight, teeth are used, not claws.
  • When a pet's ears tremble, it means that the cat is excited.

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