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How does a baby eat in the womb? Development of a child in the womb by week

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How does a baby eat in the womb? Development of a child in the womb by week
How does a baby eat in the womb? Development of a child in the womb by week

How conception occurs, people learn in schools thanks to an anatomy course. But not many people know what happens next. How does a baby eat in the womb?

Starting a new life

How does a baby eat in the womb

In the first days after fertilization, the egg receives nutrients from its own yolk sac. This happens until it implants in the wall of the uterus and acquires a placenta. While the fetus is in the mother's abdomen, he receives all the necessary substances from her body. Based on this, a pregnant woman should diversify her diet and eat well.

She must definitely consume all the necessary vitamins, minerals, limit the use of smoked, s alty, spicy. This is very important for the development of the baby.

There is an opinion among the people that just a born baby is like a "white" sheet of paper. But this is far from true. What does a baby feel in the womb? All the emotions that mom experiences, he also feels, whether it be joy or anxiety, feelings or happiness. It is affected by both illness and the situation in the family.

After 4 weeksThe embryo receives the necessary nutrients and oxygen through the villi of the chorion, which turns into the placenta. It not only protects the baby from internal and external factors, but also through it the mother and the fetus exchange the substances necessary for energy. A real home! The metabolic products of the baby are also excreted through the placenta. It is also commonly called "children's place".

It is very interesting how the fetus eats in the womb. Let's say the future mom ate an apple. The digestive system breaks down nutrients into simple molecules. After that, the process of their absorption into the blood begins, which delivers all the necessary components to the body of the fetus.

How does a fetus eat in the womb?

How does a baby eat in the womb?

The fetus is fed directly through the umbilical cord attached to the placenta. It contains 2 arteries and 1 vein. Venous blood flows through arteries, and arterial blood flows through veins. Venous blood flows from the baby towards the placenta and stores metabolic products. It's that simple! Now you know how a baby eats in the womb. Interestingly, the width and length of the umbilical cord grows with the child. By the time of birth, its dimensions can reach from 30 centimeters to a whole meter.

Some nuances

How does a baby feed in the womb

How the baby is fed in the womb, we have already considered. But it should be noted that the baby eats the same as the mother only if she consumes all the necessaryvitamins and elements. And if the mother's nutrition is inadequate, the baby takes all the necessary "building materials" for the growing body from her tissues and cells. Is it dangerous for a woman? Of course yes! Therefore, the state of her he alth is deteriorating. There are problems with hair, teeth, nails. The child's need for calcium is great, since he must create his skeleton out of "nothing".

If the mother uses harmful substances

How does a baby eat in the womb if she doesn't think about the consequences at all. We should not forget that the child will get not only useful, but also substances that are harmful to a small body if the mother smokes, uses alcohol or drugs. This will adversely affect the he alth of the unborn baby. Doctors advise giving up these bad habits in advance of planning a pregnancy.

Oxygen for baby

How does a fetus breathe and eat in the womb? It is very important for any living being, including humans, to receive oxygen, it is impossible to live without it. If the brain is not supplied with enough oxygen, then it suffers. The fetus does not breathe with the help of the lungs, it receives the right amount of oxygen through the placenta. Therefore, it is so important that the mother breathes properly and stays in the fresh air as long as possible. And during childbirth, proper breathing is important. It will help keep the baby in excellent condition.

The course of pregnancy by week

You are the happiest person on earth! You will soon become a father or mother! Do you know everything about the development of a child in the womb?weeks?

1-4 weeks. During this time, the fetus develops the circulatory system and the nervous system

5-8 weeks. The brain begins to control the heart and muscle movement. Already in this period, the baby knows how to move, but the mother still does not feel it, since he is very small. The eyelids, inner and outer ear of the baby appear. By 8 weeks, he already looks like a man. The stomach begins to produce gastric juice. By blood it is already possible to establish the Rh factor. You can see tiny fingers. Mimicry develops

9-16 weeks. The weight is approximately 2 grams, and the height is already 4 cm. The genitals are forming. The kid already knows how to suck his finger, and he does this when he gets completely bored. He begins to hear sharp sounds and can even close his ears with his palms. And this suggests that he has formed a vestibular apparatus. Hair grows on the head, and eyebrows and cilia grow on the face. He can already smile involuntarily

What does a baby feel in the womb

20-24 weeks. Your baby has already grown noticeably, his height is about 30 centimeters. And on the fingers of the limbs there are marigolds. The kid can already express his dissatisfaction. Going to bed at night, he sees dreams, this has been proven by scientists. The baby’s skin is red and all wrinkled, but don’t worry, a special lubricant protects it from exposure to water. If the baby appears at 24 weeks, he will survive, but, of course, with proper care and medical care. And nothing that his weight is only 500 grams

3rd trimester of pregnancy

  • Child development in the wombmothers by week

    28 weeks. Weight increases to 1 kg. He already recognizes his mother's most native voice and reacts to it if his mother communicates with him. Talk to the baby, he will already hear everything said. At this time, childbirth is considered premature.

  • 32 weeks. Do not worry if you notice that the baby has begun to move less. He just doesn't have enough space. Its weight is approximately 2 kg. Studies indicate that he may dream of something.
  • 34 weeks. The weight of the child is slightly more than 2 kg. Most often, at 34 weeks, the head is already down. The lungs are fully developed so that in the event of a premature birth, he will breathe without any assistance.
  • How does a fetus breathe and eat in the womb?
  • 35 weeks. Actively accumulates fat on the limbs. Hearing is fully developed. Most often, at the 35th week of pregnancy, it becomes difficult for expectant mothers to breathe. This is due to the fact that the fetus is located throughout the uterine cavity.
  • 36 weeks. From now on, the baby adds 28 grams every day. Mom is getting more and more difficult to move around. He is fully formed.
  • 37 weeks. Oxygen to the baby still comes through the umbilical cord. It weighs about 2800 grams.
  • 38 weeks. The fluff that previously covered the skin of the child disappears. Since he breathes liquid, hiccups may occur. The jolts are getting more intense. Hair on the head can be longer than 2 cm.
  • 39-40 weeks. The baby continues to accumulate fat. Height varies from 40 to 60 centimeters.

The development ofbaby in the womb by week. But remember that labor can begin as early as the 38th week, and this is considered normal. Such births are timely. As a rule, at birth, the weight of the baby is from 3 to 4 kg, and the height is about 50 cm. As soon as he is born, you will hear the first cry. And your life will change forever!

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