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Average group of kindergarten. Classes in the middle group
Average group of kindergarten. Classes in the middle group

The middle group of the kindergarten is attended by children of four years of age. Such pupils understand the relationships that exist between objects. In their activities they try to imitate the actions of adults. When difficult situations arise, children try to cope with them on their own. Communication with peers and adults significantly enriches their speech.

Features of the middle group

Middle group of kindergarten

In the activities of children of four years of age, an important place is occupied by teaching the correct behavior at home and in public places. At the same time, they develop organization and responsibility. Educators explain to children what to do in certain situations and what not to do. During classes and in free activities, the teacher works to develop the creative abilities of pupils of the middle group of the kindergarten.

Medium kindergarten group: imagepupil

At this age, the child is fully formed. Each has its own character, certain preferences and tastes. Four-year-old children are very active, they want to make many friends. Often their activity confuses not only educators, but also parents. Children of four years old practically conquer one height after another. Today there was a sofa back, tomorrow - a window sill, then a heated towel rail in the bathroom, a computer desk. Children want to explore everything. Often such actions are destructive. It is at such moments that many parents begin to send their children to kindergarten groups, where the activities of the kids are filled with communication with peers and a variety of activities in which they can release their energy.

Math classes

Middle group. Lessons

Different activities are organized with all kindergarten students. If we talk about mathematics, it can be noted that in the younger group, educators give children basic knowledge in this area, while the middle group assumes the complication of tasks for the formation of elementary mathematical representations. Mathematics classes include learning to distinguish between the constituent parts of a certain group of objects and the formation of concepts of similarities and differences between them. The educator forms the knowledge that a group of objects is more than a separate thing that is part of it. Already at this age, children are taught to count to ten.

Physical education with four-year-olds

In the middle group, children are taught to run easilyand rhythmically. Attention is paid to the formation of correct posture. The kindergarten program involves teaching children to jump from a small height onto a soft surface. Also, kids are taught to move around the swedish hill and jump rope. The head of physical education gives the first ideas about throwing, teaches you to line up in height and perform turns in the ranks.

Speech Development

Kindergarten groups

The middle group of kindergarten involves planning the activities of the teacher in such a way as to give children basic knowledge about sounds and syllables, as well as about sentences. In stories from personal experience, children are encouraged to use not only direct, but also indirect speech. Attention is paid to the fact that children actively use different types of complex sentences when communicating. The middle group of kindergarten involves the formation of skills in retelling literary works that are simple in plot.

Emotional well-being of pupils

The middle group plans its activities in such a way as to form friendly relations in the team not only between the teacher and the children, but also between peers. The educator makes sure that each child is active throughout their stay in kindergarten in all activities. It provides a stable emotionally positive well-being for each pupil.

Middle group. Games

Educational, developmental and learning tasks

Functions of a preschool teachervaried. Among the main ones I would like to note the provision of physical development of children. The teacher should promptly teach children to perform basic movements. Particular attention is paid to the formation of elementary cultural and hygienic skills. The middle group of the kindergarten assumes such a daily routine, in which the tasks of developing the cognitive activity of pupils harmoniously fit. The work of a teacher involves expanding the knowledge of kids about people, phenomena and objects. He also teaches to highlight the features of objects through sensory examination, elemental analysis and comparison.

What does a teacher teach four-year-olds

Kindergarten program

Pupils of the middle group form independence skills. Classes are held to teach them different ways of activity. Gradually develop self-service skills in children. Particular attention is paid to teaching game actions. All tasks can be found in the program by finding the "Middle group" section there. Games are represented by blocks. It is indicated which of them should be planned for physical education classes, which - for a walk and during free activities. Manual labor in the middle group of the kindergarten also occupies an important place. During its organization, the educator solves many educational, developmental and educational tasks. Such activities contribute to the formation of a friendly atmosphere in the team. Manual labor in the middle group is attractive to children because it gives them the opportunity to show their individuality and creativity. Speech development classesorganized according to the program corresponding to this age group. Also, educators form children's ideas about a he althy lifestyle. The kindergarten program involves planning the activities of the teacher in such a way that it contributes to the full development of each pupil. This is possible thanks to the observance of the regime, which is drawn up for the middle group, taking into account the characteristics of its pupils.

Manual labor in the middle group

The atmosphere in the middle group of kindergarten

Among the tasks that the teacher solves, a special place is occupied by the development of relationships between children of four years of age. He teaches them to coordinate actions, accept a common goal and strictly follow it. The teacher makes sure that each child knows how to experience the joy of the results of joint activities and be kind to everything around him. He teaches kids to respond emotionally to the conditions of other people and to show good feelings towards plants and animals. In the course of joint activities, the teacher develops the creative manifestations of children, fosters interest in participating in various games. He also encourages pupils to engage in artistic activities, teaches them to experience success and joy from the fact that they managed to realize their plans.

How the development environment is organized

For the full development of four-year-old children, social, social, spiritual and material conditions are equipped. The right equipment is essential to encourage children to play activities and develop their imagination.The subject environment can be compared with mental activity, which is why it is so important for the comprehensive development of the personality of each child. The subject environment is the external conditions of the pedagogical process, makes it possible to properly organize the independent activities of pupils and contributes to their self-development under the supervision of a teacher.

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