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How to fatten a cat to be fat?

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How to fatten a cat to be fat?
How to fatten a cat to be fat?

A person who has a cat at home, of course, changes in the way of thinking and worldview. With the advent of a furry friend, you have to think more and more about how to provide the animal with proper care. Sometimes it happens that a member of the cat family looks quite thin. Then the owners are wondering how to fatten the cat so that it is fat? Is it possible to help an animal gain weight?

how to feed a skinny cat

How to do it right, without compromising he alth?

Vet visit

Consultation of a specialist is necessary in order to exclude the presence of serious diseases. If this is not done, sooner or later you will begin to doubt the correctness of the chosen tactics. Thinking about how to fatten a thin cat, you need to act consistently. The veterinarian will examine the animal, make the necessary tests. The overall picture will be clear when you conduct a complete examination of your pet. If no diseases are found, then you need to turnclose attention to nutrition. A lot depends on food: energy level, activity, the presence or absence of appetite. Any knowledgeable specialist will tell you that proper nutrition is the basis of he alth.

Breed features

Turns out that matters too. When wondering how to fatten a cat, you need to pay attention to breed characteristics. You need to understand that a Siamese cat, by definition, cannot be fat. If the owners are too zealous in feeding, then the animal will rather acquire a lot of he alth problems than get better. If you are thinking about how to fatten a Bengal cat, you need to consider that the breed feature suggests that they remain three to four kilograms in weight. No need to try to break the rules yourself. Otherwise, the animal will become obese. It is necessary to clearly distinguish where weight gain is required, and in which case it is worth abandoning the very idea.

Scottish and British breeds

These cats, by their constitution, are arranged in such a way that they should be relatively massive. When deciding how to fatten a Scottish cat, you need to focus on the norm. Do you want him to be at his ideal weight and not overeat? Then you should understand that a he althy animal without pathologies cannot be heavier than five to six kilograms.

how to fatten a cat to be fat

For a Scot, this is a completely acceptable option. If he weighs more, obesity may develop. When a caring owner contemplates how to fattenBritish cat, you need to understand the natural features of the breed. These animals look quite massive due to the dense short hair. The ideal weight for a Briton ranges from six to nine kilograms. It is undesirable to gain a large mass, since in this case there will be a serious load on the cardiovascular system.

Feeding rules

If your pet really needs extra nutrition, you need to understand what you need to pay attention to. How to fatten a cat if he is thin? There are two options here - natural food and professional prepared food.

how to fatten a scottish cat

Which one to prefer - entirely depends on the choice of the owner. In no case should you mix different types of feeding. Otherwise, it will immediately affect the he alth and well-being of the pet. Cats usually eat several times a day. At the same time, they themselves dose the size of their portion.

Natural nutrition

If you decide to feed the animal with regular food, please note that all products must be fresh. You need to immediately understand that natural nutrition is not food from the table. You can not offer your pet what is left from lunch or dinner. There is a great risk that the delicate stomach of a cat simply cannot cope with the load placed on it. Consider the most useful and necessary products that help you gain weight to the desired norm.


Meat is a source of protein. If you really want your pet to please you for many years, you should try to include in itdiet of boiled beef.

how to fatten a bengal cat

You can only give raw meat when frozen to reduce the risk of infection with worms. Thinking about how to fatten a cat, you must definitely not forget to give him beef. You will see how the coat changes, there will be more physical activity. If the animal eats right, then it looks the right way.

Dairy products

Fresh cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk must be present in the diet of a pet. Milk, contrary to popular belief, is not recommended for cats. The fact is that it is absorbed only in babies. An adult may have a gastrointestinal upset.

how to feed a cat

If you try to feed your pet correctly, then he will be at his ideal weight. Fermented milk products are generally very he althy for both humans and animals.

Chicken eggs

An indispensable product that should not be forgotten either. True, cats are recommended to give only the yolk. They don't digest protein. The yolk should be given no more than once or twice a week. If you teach an animal to proper nutrition from childhood, then as a result, then you will not have to deal with correcting your own mistakes. It is known that treating a sick animal will be much more expensive than trying to immediately prevent the development of the disease.


Mainly chicken and turkey should be included in the diet. Poultry meat is very useful for cats. If agive it regularly along with a hearty side dish, then the animal will be at the optimal weight.

proper cat food

You need to teach your pet to eat right from childhood, then in the future there are guaranteed no he alth problems.

Excellent fish

Today, many owners know that pollock is not recommended for cats. If you give fish, then you need to do it no more than once or twice every ten days. It is recommended for this purpose to choose flounder, salmon, cod. You can give your pet saffron cod if your cat loves it. If you give fish little by little and rarely, nothing bad will happen. The pet will not lose weight, it will delight you with a he althy look.

Industrial feed

If you opted for ready-made products, you should not choose the one that belongs to the economy class. A variety of "Whiskas", "Friskas" and "Kitekets" have a detrimental effect on the he alth of your pet. Not only will they not help him gain weight in any way, but they can also significantly impair the functioning of the digestive system.

Industrial feed must be chosen correctly if you do not want to harm your pet. Brands that are truly trustworthy are not sold in the public domain in supermarkets. The main feature is that in such feeds a completely balanced composition. If you feed a cat with Proplan or Royal Canin, then she does not need to add any additional vitamins to her food. Such feeds are of high quality. In the composition you will not finddyes and various harmful substances that have a negative effect on the body. In addition, expensive feeds have special lines with which you can improve your pet's he alth.

Thus, if you are thinking about how to fatten a cat, you should be guided by simple rules. You need to immediately decide for yourself what type of feeding you choose and stick to it throughout the life of the animal.

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