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Elegant wedding bottle. With our own hands we make out quickly, easily, in an original way

Elegant wedding bottle. With our own hands we make out quickly, easily, in an original way
Elegant wedding bottle. With our own hands we make out quickly, easily, in an original way

Wedding and champagne are very compatible concepts. It is hard to imagine this holiday without a noble drink. It has already become a tradition to place beautifully decorated wedding-style glasses and a bottle of champagne on the table in front of the newlyweds. Make holiday decorations for them under the power of every bride. And don't worry if you've never done anything like this before. In our article, we will tell you how to make your wedding bottle, decorated with your own hands, look original, elegant and spectacular. Choose the idea you like and feel free to start creating.

DIY wedding bottle

Cool labels

Decoration of wedding bottles can be made in the form of funny labels with portraits of the newlyweds. If you draw well, then it will not be so difficult to complete such masterpieces. For those who are not friendlywith pencils and brushes, we suggest using the services of Photoshop. Insert the portraits of the newlyweds into a special program, print and glue the label on the champagne on the printer. The general background of the bottle can be painted with acrylics or covered with decorative paper.

Decoration of wedding bottles made in kanzashi technique by hand

Satin ribbons have long been an invariable attribute of weddings. For the original design of champagne bottles, you can also take them as a basis. A container with a sparkling drink, decorated with ribbon flowers and beads, looks very gentle. To complete the composition, we take two identical bottles. Prime the entire surface with white acrylic paint. From narrow white ribbons, make any flowers (you can buy them ready-made). On each of the bottles, make an application of flowers and beads in the form of a half heart, and in a mirror image. Use a glue gun to attach. Try to keep the compositions on both containers the same in shape and size. When you put them side by side, the composition of one big heart should be visible. That's all, the wedding bottle, decorated in traditional colors with your own hands, is ready.

DIY wedding bottle decoration

A dressed up wedding bottle. With our own hands we sew an outfit for champagne

The dressing of containers with a sparkling drink in wedding suits is very relevant and very fashionable today. As a rule, to create a finished composition, a bottle is prepared in the groom's attire and suchthe same container in the bride's attire. It is desirable to sew costumes from beautiful fabrics: satin, silk, chiffon. For decoration, you can use lace, braid, ribbons, artificial flowers. On corks, you can make a veil and a hat-cylinder, on necks - a bow tie and beads. A simplified version of this method can be the design of colored paper champagne outfits according to the type of application.

wedding bottle decoration

Using our tips, you can easily arrange for the happiest holiday in your life such an attribute as a wedding bottle with your own hands. And if you don’t drink it on the day of the wedding, perhaps its beautiful decoration will delight you for more than one year and give pleasant memories of this event. Good luck in your work and happy family life!

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