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How best to organize a buffet table for a wedding

How best to organize a buffet table for a wedding
How best to organize a buffet table for a wedding

When a wedding is arranged, the expenses are, of course, big. In order to really reduce them, instead of the usual restaurant feast, you can offer guests buffet tables set in the garden, park, country cafe, etc. At the same time, several birds with one stone are "killed". The celebration takes place in a non-standard, relaxed atmosphere, the newlyweds and those invited feel more free, which means that people really have fun. And even if you have rented a banquet hall, boring sitting according to strict regulations with a change of dishes will also pass you by. You can dance, play pranks on each other and guests, participate in competitions - everything will work out very naturally and from the heart. And to satisfy your hunger and thirst, you can always refresh yourself with mouth-watering dishes and drinks.

Serving Features

buffet table for wedding

To serve a buffet table for a wedding, you need some imagination and creativity. Firstly, everything should be beautiful, elegant, graceful - to match the celebration. It is good that tablecloths and napkins are designed in the same color scheme.and general style. For example, they matched the bride's bouquet. Draperies with ribbons and bows, flounces along the edges of tablecloths should emphasize the festive atmosphere. You can decorate the buffet table for a wedding with small bouquets of flowers - so that they do not interfere with guests taking food. Or put up baskets of flowers and fruits. And when it's getting close to evening, use Chinese-style lanterns or some other unusual design, for example, candles in caps. Thanks to them, your buffet table will become very attractive. For a wedding, it would be good to choose a symbolic decoration by placing figurines of doves, imitation of wedding rings, etc. Naturally, you should take care of the dishes for self-service. Disposable plates, cups and other utensils, napkins, ashtrays - all this should be enough.

buffet table for a wedding at home

The buffet table for the wedding should not be very wide, but long. In order to arrange the prepared dishes in 1-2 rows, and people could not crowd in line. Do not chase for a large variety - let there be 5-8 species, but in a fair amount. Offer guests sliced ​​cheese, meat and sausage products, various salads, fish, vegetables, fruits, and sweets. Setting the buffet table for a wedding, at home you can use preparations from juices, compotes, and from purchased drinks - mineral water without gas or lemonade. As for alcohol, then reserve 2-3 bottles of champagne for every ten participants in the holiday, 3 for ordinary table wine and the same number of stronger drinks. Preferably for the first toastput the glasses on the buffet table. For a wedding (photo - in the article), it would be nice to decorate them with wedding symbols (flowers, hearts, bow rims on legs, etc.). But when, after the first satisfaction of hunger, the guests are a little dispersed from the tables, it is better to remove the glass.

What to serve guests

Let's discuss the menu in more detail. About different types of cuts, salads have already been mentioned. Be sure to make canapes, other small sandwiches - with caviar, minced meat, meat or fish pate, decorating it with greens, powders. Nalistniki with various fillings - cottage cheese, fruit and berry, cream - will do just as well. They can be served both cold and hot. Peeled shrimp, crab sticks, olives and olives will come in handy.

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Meat rolls and baskets are also very suitable. Fans of traditional food will be pleased with cutlets or zrazy, for example, with prunes. An excellent spicy appetizer will be tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic or gogoshary stuffed with stewed carrots and garlic. For sweets, you should put different varieties of sweets, 3-4 types of cookies, 2-3 - cakes. The wedding cake should be on the sidelines - its turn will come at the end of the celebration. But it is important that even without it, guests have something to sweeten the traditional “bitter!”

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