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Tramontina knives are reliable and durable helpers in the kitchen

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Tramontina knives are reliable and durable helpers in the kitchen
Tramontina knives are reliable and durable helpers in the kitchen

Production of kitchen knives is the main activity of the Brazilian company called Tramontina. Before you purchase this tool you need in the kitchen, you should decide on a specific purpose and price category. You can choose Tramontina knives based on the set of products that are most often used for cooking. Cutting tools from Tramontina are produced both in Brazil and in China. The characteristics depend on the chosen line of knives, and, accordingly, there is a difference in cost.

Information about the production of Tramontina knives

Tramontina knives are produced in China and 3 in factories in Brazil: Cutelaria, Belem and Farropiha. There are quite a few varieties of cutting tools, so the company has grouped them into certain categories:

  • economical options that have a decent appearance, but an insignificant cost - up to 100 rubles;
  • knives available forpurchases in large hypermarkets; the most popular of them is the Polywood line, which is distinguished by the use of high-quality materials in the production - stainless steel and wood species;
  • high-end models with high prices and chic looks.
Tramontina knives

Varieties of knives

Tramontina kitchen knives vary in size, shape, purpose and materials used as a basis. Tramontina cutting tools can be found in the following series:

  • Onix.
  • Universal.
  • Athus.
  • Tradicional.

Plus, the Apolo and Polywood models are popular, the blades of which are made of high-quality stainless steel with high hardness. The surface is matte. The Century range belongs to the elite Tramontina series. Knives, reviews of which can be found on numerous forums where various popular brands are discussed, have earned a fairly high rating in terms of service life and quality indicators. For the manufacture of the Centuri series, high quality Gin-1 steel is used, which contains a lot of carbon, which gives a high degree of rust resistance to the product.

Tramontina kitchen knives

Professional master, as well as Premium, are distinguished by good cutting accuracy and preservation of original properties even after many years of use. The blades of these models are made of stainless steel 2 mm thick.

Assignment and care

Tramontina knives are of high quality and comfortable.A tool with a thin blade and a pointed end is perfect for slicing fruits, including citrus fruits. The “hatchet” model is ideal for all types of meat, because with the help of such a knife you can get even and whole pork steaks or neat chicken cubes. For tomatoes and other vegetables, a budget model with a blue plastic handle and a sharp thin blade made of durable “stainless steel” is ideal.

Tramontina knives reviews

Knives can be stored in special sheaths made of high-density synthetic materials. Wash the instruments with a soapy solution with an additional rinse with cool water. In order to avoid streaks and white spots on the blade, be sure to wipe the point with a dry paper or cloth towel. This must be done because excess moisture can lead to undesirable results - the knife will quickly "dull".

The advantages of cutting tools from Tramontina

Tramontina knives are quality tools that make your work in the kitchen much easier. The advantages include the following parameters:

  • reasonable price for high quality: for 200-300 rubles you can buy a wonderful tool that can cope with cutting any product and will last for decades;
  • Sturdy construction whether budget or premium;
  • wide range of patterns and colors for both handle and blade;
  • initial sharpening is perfect, all knives are compact and will not takelots of space;
  • possibility to purchase a set of knives in a gift set;
  • wide range of distribution - from well-known hypermarkets and high-end cookware stores to Internet resources.

User experience with knives

Tramontina kitchen knives get reviews from users all over the world. This is not surprising, because a wide selection and affordability attract many housewives. Plus, these knives are comfortable and compact. There are many positive reviews regarding the long service life - more than 15 years. The handle is tightly fixed at the base of the blade, the tip of the tip does not bend, the tool blunts slowly (once every six months with daily use).

Tramontina kitchen knives reviews

Consumers speak positively about the ergonomics of the handle - with long cutting, the hand does not get tired. Even the most budget model of a knife from Tramontina will cope with any product - from cutting thin tomato rings to even slices of toast bread. Many people buy a large set that contains everything that is often required in the kitchen: a knife for meat, vegetables, butter, bread, scissors for processing fish and much more. It all depends on the configuration. A stylish set of quality cutting accessories in attractive packaging makes the perfect gift for any modern housewife.

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