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Partial program is Harmonious development of a child's personality in kindergarten
Partial program is Harmonious development of a child's personality in kindergarten

Partial program is a buzzword for any mother who thinks about what her child is doing in kindergarten. However, there is nothing wrong with them.

Partial program is part of preschool education, an integral part of the formation of personality.

In addition to the main educational work, pedagogical activity includes additional, partial programs. What is it and what is its purpose?

Partial programs in the preschool educational institution are classes and techniques aimed at developing fine motor skills, pure speech, developing an understanding of language and language forms, and developing associative thinking.

What is the difference between a partial program and a regular program?

These programs are in addition to the main development program for children in kindergarten. Most often, educators use whole methods created by the author or a group of authors. In the bookstore in the department of methodological literature, you can find books with detailed descriptions.

the partial program is

Children's preschool educational institution may not use partial preschool programs. But then lifethe child will become bored and not filled with educational games and activities, and he will not want to attend them.

Partial programs are good because they describe methods already carried out by other educators and reflect their results. In some way, such programs can be trusted. In any case, the choice is made by the leadership and kindergarten teachers.

What is the point of a partial program?

Partial education programs direct children's attention to learning tools and interesting tasks. Creative activity and return are welcomed. In this unique period when young children are receptive to literally everything in the world around them, imaginative play will help them like nothing else.

The task of the kindergarten is to create an atmosphere of equality between children, to give each child the opportunity to develop without harming the psyche and he alth.

preschool educational institution

That is why so much attention is paid to pedagogical activity. The more knowledge about the world a child receives in kindergarten, the more chances he has to adequately perceive the world around him, to cope with stress at school and in later life. But a positive attitude begins to take shape only from three to four years. Therefore, the partial program is a chance for any child.

What are partial programs?

Partial programs in preschool educational institutions are divided into several areas. Some of them involve the study of folklore, fairy tales, fables, poems and epic heroes. This not only gives children an idea of ​​history, but alsodevelops memory: excerpts from fables, rhymes and simple verses are easy to learn and are an example for independent activity.

Math programs introduce you to the simplest arithmetic operations and smart tasks, thus developing rational thinking.

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You can also add theatrical activities aimed at studying theatrical skills to this list. Even among preschoolers, a simple circle can be extremely popular if the organization of classes and the process of creating performances are properly approached.

Besides this, activity in kindergarten is also aimed at gaining access to the spiritual world, teaching the rules of etiquette and politeness.

Partial GEF programs

Of course, the activities of kindergartens are regulated by federal standards. Partial programs under the GEF suggest that preschool education will be aimed at individualizing classes, supporting the initiative and activity of children in all areas, cooperation with the family and the help of parents, the active work of educators and other kindergarten staff to ensure a comfortable stay in kindergarten.

An individually selected partial program is important for each child. The Federal State Educational Standard allows you to organize it according to all the rules.

Children's preschool educational institution independently chooses educational programs, but they must comply with federal standards.

What exactly are the partial programs aimed at?

Principlespartial programs are simple. There are several areas of education. They are used either individually or combined to achieve the best effect.

A child is instilled, for example, with ideas about everyday life, the culture of human habitation, about household items and the materials from which they were made, about the purpose and purpose of each item. Gradually, not only an understanding of its place in the world arises, but also a desire to contribute and take an independent active part in its study.

partial program fgos

In the future, you can instill an idea of ​​the measures of magnitude, mathematical entities, numbers, numbers, measures and volumes. This helps to systematize knowledge about the world around us in a single system with other people.

Designing in the senior group teaches you to distinguish colors and geometric shapes, create something yourself and experiment. The older the children, the harder the tasks become. But also more fun.

How does this activity affect children?

Kindergarten mode, as a rule, is chosen rationally: the child does not get tired, gets time for rest and games that do not have any specific purpose. But it is important to ensure that active games and activities do not cause stress.

You can't arrange a lesson so that one immediately follows another so that there is not even time to rest. Many parents involved in education, sometimes show excessive zeal. They believe that the kindergarten is not enough for the child, and therefore they take him to additional classes.

partial educational programs

At this age, you don't need to force any activities. Chronic fatigue for a child who has not yet started going to school is nonsense, but it is also possible if you overdo it with the educational process.

Can parents help?

The next of kin, mom and dad, make different decisions about how much time their child spends in kindergarten. If they have enough opportunities to study on their own, then it is not necessary to attend kindergarten. If you agree on this issue with the leadership, you can appear in class only in the second half of the day or, conversely, in the first.

The rest of the time, you can engage in raising a child on your own. The Partial Program is a good opportunity for parents as well. It is not at all necessary to become an expert in this field, but it is necessary to have an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat classes are held in kindergarten so that you do not lose progress at home.

design in the senior group

It's good for older kids too. For example, construction in the older group can lure not only children, but also parents. And what could be better than playing together?

But even if due to work there is no time to take care of the child during the day, you can devote a couple of hours to this in the evening.

What problems might a family face?

In addition to difficult family situations, such as the absence of one parent or neglect, several other things can interfere with parentingfactors.

First of all, it is important to remember that young children are very impressionable. And even when they live in an absolutely adequate, prosperous family, they may have problems. For example, among peers. Kindergarten teachers themselves sometimes become victims of seemingly vicious jokes. This does not bypass children. Sometimes they are capable of immoral acts. If parents notice that their child has become withdrawn, does not want to talk about what happened in kindergarten or on a walk, this may be a sign that someone has treated him rudely.

partial preschool programs

The words and actions of other children can lead to the creation of complexes that will literally interfere with life at an older age.

Evil caregivers: myth or reality?

In addition, the child may experience shyness or even fear of one or another teacher. Nursery staff are selected with the utmost care. But every situation is different.

Children's preschool educational institution should not leave a bad impression on the child.

Talking and arguing with management will only lead to unnecessary nerves and stress. No matter how good the partial programs in the preschool educational institution are, they will only bring discomfort to the child if he sees an enemy or an evil witch in the teacher.

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