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Mysterious cat. How many years does a four-legged friend live?

Mysterious cat. How many years does a four-legged friend live?
Mysterious cat. How many years does a four-legged friend live?

Most pets after several years of living with a person under one roof become full-fledged family members. This is especially noticeable if a dog or cat lives in the house. How many years does a feline live? This question worries many owners of four-legged animals, especially when their favorite fluffy comes to a critical age. When a little kitten runs around the house, it doesn’t even occur to the head that the time will come and you will have to part with it. But the owners of 5-year-old cats are increasingly visited by sad thoughts.

how long does a cat live

Each living organism is designed for a certain time. For example, giant tortoises can live for two centuries, a goose for 80 years, and how many years do Siamese cats live? It all depends on the owner, because only an animal surrounded by care can live a long life. If the cat is constantly under the supervision of a veterinarian, eats high-quality food, receives the necessary vitamins and minerals, then he will please his owner with his presence much longer than an animal deprived of care.

BThe Guinness Book of Records listed a cat named Cream Puff from Texas, who lived 38 years and 3 days. The animal became a long-liver not only thanks to good he alth, but also to the care of the owner, who, in addition to the champion, had a cat who died at 34. Of course, this age is more the exception than the rule, because not every four-legged pet is able to celebrate its thirtieth birthday. Usually a cat can spend about 15 years with its owner.

how long do siamese cats live

How many years a four-legged friend lives depends on the living conditions. If the cat is domestic, lives in an apartment, and goes for a walk only with the owner or does not go out at all, then he can live up to 18 years. The age of street animals usually does not exceed 7-8 years. The fact is that such pets are more likely to be in danger, they can die under the wheels of cars or suffer in the event of an attack by dogs. Such cats get infected in fights, pick up harmful, and even poisoned food in garbage cans. Of course, animals need to walk in the fresh air, but as practice has shown, pets that are constantly in the apartment feel much he althier.

How long do Persian cats live? This is of interest to many owners of fluffy pets. This breed is very demanding for care, so the maximum age for it, as a rule, is 10-12 years. No matter what care the pet receives, after 10 years it will certainly not feel very well, it may suddenly become seriously ill. Persians are sedentary animals prone to obesity, so the ownerit is worth taking care of the diet that his cat adheres to. How long a four-legged friend lives, of course, depends on the diet, because obesity reduces life expectancy.

how long do persian cats live

Owners of centenarians recommend paying close attention to such factors as the use of nutritional supplements and vitamins for animals, quality nutrition with the inclusion of vegetables in the diet, and physical activity. All this, of course, affects how the cat feels. How many years an animal lives depends on its he alth, lifestyle, supervision by a veterinarian, but the owner's love also plays a big role. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of your four-legged friend more often, and he will definitely reciprocate.

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