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Cat food: reviews and recommendations

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Cat food: reviews and recommendations
Cat food: reviews and recommendations

Modern pace dictates the conditions of life not only for people, but also for animals. If earlier a good owner, attentive to the nutrition of his pet, could spend hours choosing or preparing food for him, now an increasing number of breeders and just animal lovers are switching to ready-made dry and wet food. First of all, this affected domestic cats, as they are most often found among favorite pets.

Variety of cat food

It's not easy these days to find quality cat food. Reviews say one thing, advertising - another, veterinarians - the third. The variety of food is simply amazing to the unprepared buyer.

Cat food reviews

And the beloved cat suffers because of this.

When switching to prepared pet food, it is worth considering their division into classes.

Holistic feed

This class of cat food is relatively new. At first, they were tried to be classified as super-premium food, but there is too much of a gap between them. What is the essence of such a separation?

Holistic means whole. That is, food is not selected for anythen the type of cat, not for a specific part of the body or sore, but in general for a cat. Indeed, before becoming a domestic purr, the entire feline part of the planet's population was wild and obtained its own food on its own. At the same time, none of them suffered from obesity, or urolithiasis, or problems with the liver and kidneys. So, by eating holistic, a domestic cat gets everything that it would get in the wild, eating fresh, freshly caught meat.

This is a fully balanced cat food, customer reviews confirm this by the good condition of the pet - both external and internal. In holistics, only fresh meat is used, the growth of which was not driven by hormones. Accordingly, they will not enter the cat's body and will not be able to cause mutations, including cancer. This is one of the "chips" of holistics - the meat used for food could be eaten by a person, as it is selected according to all quality standards. This already excludes the presence of giblets, horns and hooves, as well as offal. In addition, the meat for these feeds undergoes minimal heat treatment, which allows it to retain maximum useful properties and taste.


For example, holistic foods include Akana and Orijen by the Canadian company CHAMPION PETFOODS LTD.

Acana cat food reviews

"Akana" - food for cats, reviews of which are 99% positive. These are biologically appropriate foods, they are completely balanced and suitable for daily feeding. A huge plus and difference from simple feedis the absence of grain components in the Akana and Origen feeds. In them you will not see any millet, or corn, and even more so soybeans. The animal receives all the necessary carbohydrates from potatoes, an obligatory ingredient in Akana. The composition on the packages is written in great detail, and it includes several types of fresh meat (lamb, fish, chicken, turkey), fresh vegetables, fruits, about fifty types of herbs. It is worth noting the absence of such cheap fillers as corn gluten, which causes allergies in animals, bone meal, organ meats, corn and cornmeal. Only natural preservatives are used in this feed - these are some herbs and vitamins. Proteins are mainly of animal origin, not vegetable, they are much better absorbed by the body of the animal. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of natural urine oxidizers, which save the animal from acquiring urolithiasis even after castration or sterilization. People who have been using the Akana product (cat food) for a long time (and the food has been produced for more than twenty-five years) leave approximately the same reviews: they got rid of allergies caused by other, cheaper food, the animal looks great, is active, eats with pleasure, but not much, etc.

Speaking of the feeding rate. An animal that eats dry food needs to drink plenty of water. Cheap food, which is poorly absorbed by the cat's body, only clogs the stomach, as the animal, trying to get enough and get the right amount of energy and vitamins, will eat up for future use. FewSince this is a direct path to obesity, there is also no room for water in the stomach, and the cat begins to drink less. And this already threatens with problems with the stomach, kidneys and urinary tract. The norm of feeding "Akana" averages 80 grams per day. And almost everything eaten is processed into energy, respectively, the volume of feces decreases.

The Akana line does not have veterinary feed, it is designed for he althy animals. At the same time, according to reviews, this food solves problems with allergies and stomach (nausea, vomiting). There are also no wet foods "Akana" and "Orijen", so if the animal is accustomed to eating preserves, you can soak dry food, but the moisture should not exceed 35% of the volume.

Therefore, when choosing food for your purr, you should first of all pay attention to this food. It will not be cheap, but you will save money on veterinarians and treatment.

Super premium food

If you can hardly get a dozen of holistic class feeds, then there will be more super-premium class. These feeds for the most part still consist of meat, and not of cheap flour fillers; the composition should not contain meat by-products. The daily rate is also small, since most of the feed is absorbed by the animal's body.


Leonardo cat food reviews

These foods are also very high quality, and some of them are only one or two short of holistic. For example, such feeds include "Leonardo" -cat food, reviews of which are mostly positive. The line of food includes both dry and wet types, but most buyers prefer canned and preserves.

The manufacturer indicates that he uses only fresh ingredients, while several types of meat meal are indicated in the composition of the feed. But there are no by-products, and this is good news. Another plus is that most of the proteins are still of animal origin, which means your pussy will easily absorb them.


About the food "Hills" for cats, the reviews are very mixed. Some breeders and fanciers praise it beyond measure, some say no to this food.

In fact, this food is now difficult to classify as super-premium, they continue to do it more out of habit. Hills used to be really the best, but recently cornmeal and corn gluten have been introduced into the feed, which contributes to the development of allergies, soy, which leads to the formation of cancerous tumors. The line contains both food for daily use and veterinary food (the quality of which is still better), there is dry food and wet food (only medicinal).


Another food that can be attributed to the super-premium class is Bosita. Cat food with reviews that exceed the manufacturer's wildest expectations.

Wet cat food reviews

It was originally created as a premium food, but it turned out to be much better and smoothly migrated to the nextgroup. Buyers highly appreciated both the composition of the food (no corn gluten and gluten, not a word about offal), and its smell, which attracts even the most fastidious cats to the bowl, and its consistency. The food is divided into dry and wet, there are no veterinary foods, but Bosita was created that way - for daily use by he althy cats. Wet food "Bozita" was highly appreciated. They are of two types: pieces in jelly and pastes. Animals, according to customer reviews, are happy to eat this and that.

Premium food

Hills cat food reviews

Premium class includes everything that is worse than the above, but not as bad as the economy class.

Meat is still present in premium feeds, sometimes it is even the main ingredient. But in the composition you can no longer find fresh meat, the maximum is meat or bone meal. There are also by-products. And what they include - no one knows. Was it just the remains of meat from slaughterhouses or horns and hooves - it will not be possible to establish.

Pro Plan

At best, the flour component is rice and rice flour, as in ProPlan. Cat food, the reviews received are not so bad. In the composition, meat or fish is in the first place, this is a good indicator, but it is only 20%. The famous corn gluten is present. The remaining 80% of the composition is cheap fillers, corn, flour, etc. The food is not very well balanced, the animal may receive too much of one vitamin or mineral and suffer from a deficiency.another. They also have wet cat food, reviews on it will be better, but they consist of offal meat, there are flavor enhancers, although they are allowed, but still … There is a lot of jelly in a bag, compared to pieces, which means the buyer gets water.

The premium class also includes foods such as "Royal Canin", which is already known to many consumers. The composition is weak, but there is no soy, and this is a plus.

Brit cat food reviews

Another worth noting is the Brit food for cats - reviews are different. Some people are happy with the food, some not so much. But it has a fairly affordable price even among premium feeds, so many people choose it.

There are also Russian feeds that are proudly called premium feeds. For example, "Our Brand". The food, in general, is quite good, but it still has to develop and develop to the premium class. He is more likely to be classified in the next category.

Economy class food

Economy class for animals is almost the same as the same class for people. This is cat food, reviews of which are either simply absent or negative. There is very little meat in the composition, in most cases these are meat by-products. And even this class of food is divided into two types: the first is those on which a simple, non-pedigreed or yard cat may well exist for quite a long time, the second is absolutely commercial food created for profit, there is no question of caring for animals.


Good foreconomy class stands out "Purina" - cat food, reviews of which are striking at least with some variety. "Purina" has in its lineup completely different feeds with various compositions, which I even want to attribute to different classes. These are Friskis with Darling, which, rather, I would like to attribute to commercial, advertised types, and Cat Chow, which looks very good for its price category, and the Purina veterinary line - cat food, reviews about which are still positive, not negative. They are dry, there are wet, in some meat 4%, in others about 20%.

Vets don't really like this food, but recently the medical line has begun to improve the quality.

Other economy class food

Purina cat food reviews

Most of the commercial feed is produced by Mars. Everyone knows these foods, even those who do not have cats know them.

This is the famous "Kitty Ket" and "Whiskas". It is difficult to say what is in the composition of these feeds is beneficial for the animal. There is practically no meat in them, and if meat offal is added, then it is of the lowest quality. This cat food reviews are relevant, but many continue to feed them to their cats. It's just that it is always at hand (you can buy it at any store), and cats always eat it with pleasure. But that doesn't mean the food is good. This only says that it contains a large amount of flavoring.

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