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Good food for kittens: reviews of veterinarians
Good food for kittens: reviews of veterinarians

With the appearance of a small kitten in the house, the owners immediately have a lot of questions related to his departure. First of all, you need to monitor the nutrition of your pet so that it develops properly and pleases with its little pranks. When choosing food for kittens, it is better to study reviews about it in advance. The growing body of the animal requires a special approach, so the proposed food may not suit him, which will cause indigestion.

kitten food reviews

The importance of feed quality

Often kittens get into a new home at the age of 2-3 months. Usually, responsible breeders have already done the necessary vaccinations by this time and accustomed the animal to regular food. When choosing food for kittens, owners should study the reviews of veterinarians very carefully, especially if the pet is considered purebred. But it is also important for an ordinary kitten to receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals with food for a harmoniousdevelopment.

The pet market offers a variety of products from different manufacturers. Sometimes it can be difficult for an ordinary cat lover to understand them. But the food must necessarily contain the necessary trace elements and vitamins so that the pet does not suffer from the digestive, muscular and skeletal systems. Kitten food (reviews confirm this) has a big impact on the quality of wool.

A must for good food

Lack of nutrients and vitamins leads to growth retardation in a young individual and can provoke the appearance of various diseases.

Veterinarians in reviews of kitten food indicate that they should include the following components:

  • Micronutrients for growth and development: taurine, iron, iodine, zinc, L-carnitine. Without them, the growth of the animal and the full development of all systems of its body is impossible.
  • Vitamin A, which is responsible for the kitten's eyesight and bone growth.
  • Vitamin C is indispensable for the development of the digestive system, excellent immunity and promotes the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels.
  • Vitamin D is responsible for blood circulation.
  • Vitamin E is responsible for the future reproductive function of the kitten.
  • B vitamins improve metabolism, help strengthen blood vessels and muscle tissue.
kitten food reviews veterinarians

Therefore, in order to choose a good cat food, reviews of veterinarians should be taken into account. Experts, on the other hand, have different opinions about the varieties of animal diets, which we will consider.below.

Which is better?

Even experts sometimes argue about which food is best for a small pet - dry or wet. In this case, it is better to focus on the breed of the animal, its age, personal preferences of the owner and his financial capabilities.

But it should be remembered that you should not feed the animal with feed from economy class manufacturers. There is no natural meat in their composition, and the amount of vitamins and nutrients is negligible. In addition, flavorings and preservatives are added for long-term storage and improvement of taste properties.

Dry food

Vet reviews of good kitten food claim that quality brands are usually perfectly balanced.

It should be remembered that this type of food is suitable for a pet from two months of age. The pieces themselves are quite hard, so it will be difficult for the kitten to handle it if it is still too small. But, according to experts, eating solid food is a good prevention of such a misfortune as tartar.

Kitten food reviews show that it is better to choose premium brands. Only they have all the useful substances necessary for the development of a pet.

good food for kittens reviews veterinarians

Top dry food brands

Veterinarians generally recommend the following types of dry food:

  • Royal Canin. The composition for the most part consists of meat, in addition, indigestible substances are excluded from it. The food is balanced and easily digested by the stomach.
  • ProPlan. Sternfor premium kittens (reviews of professional breeders confirm this) do not contain preservatives and have a natural composition.
  • Eagle Pack Holistic Select. The most suitable food for kittens, according to veterinarians. It contains probiotics. Enzymes are easily absorbed. Contains a fully balanced vitamin and mineral complex. Meets protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements.
  • Canidae. The food is free from preservatives and has a natural composition.

Professional cat breeders do not advise buying food in supermarkets, because only economy brands are supplied there. To buy, it is better to go to a specialized pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

Pros and cons of dry food

Cat breeders respond positively to dry kitten food. To many of them, it seemed convenient in terms of use. They highlight its following virtues:

  • Balance. Each bite contains tons of nutrients needed for the development of a kitten.
  • Excludes feed error. This means that the owner cannot accidentally include inappropriate food in the diet, which will cause digestive upset.
  • Dry food does not need any processing and is ready to eat.

The main disadvantage of such feeds is the high cost of a quality product. Veterinarians recommend feeding your kitten only premium brands, so the price may be a turn-off for some.

cat food which is better reviews veterinarians

But cheap foods contain too many preservatives, increasing their shelf life. Instead of meat, as a rule, veins, bones and skins are included in the composition.

Wet groundbaits

The main difference between these types of feed lies in their constitution. The composition of wet products is almost the same as that of dry. As with the previous species, there are economy and premium feeds.

The main advantage of wet food is that it can be offered to the kitten a little earlier. The soft pieces easily give in to the weak jaws of a small animal, so a one-month-old pet can handle them.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the marking "for kittens". Pieces for them make even smaller and enrich with an additional complex of nutrients that promote growth and development.

Manufacturers produce a variety of wet food for kittens. Reviews show that mousses and tender creamy meat purees are very popular with pets and prepare the animal well when switching from mother's milk to adult food.

premium kitten food reviews

Recommended wet foods

Among manufacturers, there are many companies that produce quality products. However, there are also fakes, so be sure to pay attention to the quality of the packaging.

The most popular wet food brands are:

  • Flatazor. It contains dietary meat and phytoactivecomponents.
  • Doctor Alders. It has a wide range of different flavors. The composition contains only natural ingredients that exclude the development of allergic reactions.
  • Felidae. Inexpensive and good food for kittens. Breeders' reviews confirm that the composition is natural, it contains all the necessary trace elements and recommended vitamins.
  • Hills. The composition contains only natural meat. Enriched with magnesium, phosphorus and calcium for growing organisms.

Premium kitten food reviews from breeders are only positive. Their composition satisfies all the requirements of specialists and does not cause problems with the kitten's digestive system.

Pros and cons of wet food

Pros of wet food are usually exactly the same as dry food. But its main difference is that it can partially satisfy the pet in liquid. In addition, after drinking, you do not need as much water as after dry.

The downsides of the wet option are also related to its price, especially if you buy a quality premium brand. In this case, it should be noted that with constant feeding with wet pieces, it is necessary to take care of anti-tartar agents.

What is the best food for kittens? Reviews on the network can be found conflicting. The choice primarily depends on the composition of the product and the personal preferences of the pet.

Selection rules

Despite the similar benefits of dry and wet food, many pet owners struggle with the choice.Professional breeders advise choosing the following brands of dry food:

  1. Royal Canin.
  2. ProPlan.
  3. Eagle Pack Holistic Select.

These manufacturers offer a wide range of feed, but their cost is not suitable for everyone. It is worth noting that feeding cheap analogues can adversely affect the he alth of the kitten. The thing is that the economy version always contains too much s alt and preservatives.

kitten food reviews

Many people prefer canned kitten food. Which is better? Reviews of veterinarians indicate that it is better to prefer a species that completely excludes flavors. Of course, premium stamps cannot last long. Therefore, they are placed on a plate immediately before use.

Kitten Feeding Highlights

Veterinarians in kitten food reviews testify that it is better to prefer premium products. Quality brands are fully balanced and meet the needs of a young animal.

But often the owners want to pamper their pet with homemade food. Here are some rules to follow:

  1. Do not s alt the finished product.
  2. Raw meat can only be given after freezing. This destroys possible microorganisms.
  3. If the animal is neutered, then it cannot be offered fish.
  4. Fatty foods and butter are contraindicated for a kitten.
  5. The fish must be boiled before serving to prevent the appearance of worms.
  6. Sausage, sausages and pork to give to kittensabsolutely not.
good food for kittens reviews

In closing

When a fluffy ball appears in the house, it becomes necessary to purchase food for kittens. Which is better? Reviews from veterinarians indicate that it is best to lean towards premium brands. Only they are as close as possible to natural products and at the same time balanced and enriched with everything you need.

If you have difficulty choosing or the proposed diet does not suit the kitten, you should consult a veterinarian. When buying, be sure to study the composition, manufacturer's data and feeding recommendations. The packaging is important because, unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeits of expensive food these days.

Whatever food you choose for a kitten, do not forget that fresh water is always available in an accessible place. If the wet option is chosen, then you should purchase an anti-plaque agent at the pet store. When a kitten eats dry food, water is required a little more than with the first option.

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