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At what age can a child have pea soup? Rules for introducing peas into the diet of a child, recipes

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At what age can a child have pea soup? Rules for introducing peas into the diet of a child, recipes
At what age can a child have pea soup? Rules for introducing peas into the diet of a child, recipes

It is necessary to include dishes from legumes in the child's menu. The process of their preparation is quite simple, the dishes are hearty and he althy. Legumes have a whole range of useful and nutritious elements, they normalize bowel function, remove toxins.

at what age can pea soup be given to a child

But parents often have a question, at what age can a child have pea soup? The baby's body is very sensitive, and some foods can be introduced starting strictly from a certain period.

Useful properties of peas

Parents need to consider at what age a child can have pea soup and how it can be useful. The main value of peas is that it contains a large amount of vegetable protein. In addition, peas are rich:

  • essential amino acids;
  • starch;
  • fats;
  • vitamins C, B, H, PP;
  • beta-carotene;
  • natural sugars;
  • micro and macro elements;
  • antioxidants.
at what age to give pea soup to a child

Peas have a positive effect on the formation of the brain, nervous system, on the work of the heart and blood vessels. But pediatricians often limit children's use of this bean product. This is due to the fact that peas are quite difficult to digest and can cause bloating and increased gas formation. Therefore, it is the pediatrician who monitors the development of the baby who will help the mother and give recommendations on whether the child can have pea soup, at what age.

When to start introducing into the diet

At what age can you give pea soup to a child? Practice shows that doctors do not recommend giving soup with peas to children in the first year of life. A child at this age has not yet fully mastered the main types of complementary foods. It is forbidden to give children dishes with peas under the age of six months, because the baby's digestive system is still weak. At this age, the introduction of soup with peas is fraught with diarrhea and indigestion. Even at 9 months, when the baby has already mastered many new ingredients, doctors do not recommend introducing peas.

So, at what age should you give pea soup to a child? Doctors recommend introducing a legume product into the diet of a child at two years old. By this age, the baby's digestive system has already sufficiently adapted to non-dairy products, and the body begins to absorb all the necessary micro and macro elements. Thanks to the proteins contained in peas, the baby will develop correctly and harmoniously.

How to introduce peas into a child's diet

Doctors recommend starting to introduce legumes intofresh. This also applies to peas. So it will be better digested and will not cause bloating in the baby.

When can you give pea soup to a child

When can I give pea soup to a child? When the baby gets used to fresh peas, pea soup should also be introduced. At first, the child should be given no more than two tablespoons of soup. Then portions are gradually increased.

Proper preparation of pea soup

Homemade recipe for soup with peas involves the use of smoked meats. The child will eat such a soup already at an older age, the pediatrician will again advise at what age it is possible. Pea soup for a two-year-old child should be prepared according to the following rules:

  • Before the peas are boiled, they should be soaked for 12 hours.
  • Pea soup for babies is cooked in vegetable or meat broth. Meat for soup is chosen lean. The soup is cooked on the second broth, which means that after the meat boils for the first time, the broth must be drained. Then cook for another half an hour, periodically remove the foam.
  • All vegetables that go into the soup must be fresh. Better take potatoes, carrots and onions.
  • Before you give your child soup, you need to grind it in a blender. The baby's body is not yet strong, so it is easier for him to digest puree soups.

Which ingredients should not be used

It is forbidden to put in pea soup for children:

  • Smoked ribs. Despite the fact that this ingredient is the main component of soup for adults, it is not used in the children's version.put.
  • Meat with high fat content.
  • Spices and seasonings. You can put some s alt in the soup.
  • Bouillon cubes.

Delicious pea soup recipes

Peas are good for themselves. But to make the soup tasty and full of vitamins, you need to add other vegetables and meat to it.

Soup puree

To prepare this soup you will need one carrot, one onion, peas - 200 g and a spoonful of butter. If the peas are used in dried form, then they must be soaked overnight. Cooking Method:

  • After the carrots and onions are cut, they are placed in a small frying pan with butter. Vegetables should be simmered a little. But don't fry!
  • Then the vegetables are placed in a pot with peas, poured with water and put on the stove. Instead of water, you can use vegetable or chicken broth.
  • After the soup is ready, grind it with a blender.
can a child have pea soup at what age

Yum Yum Soup

To prepare this soup, you will need three medium-sized potatoes, 500 g of chicken, one each of onions and carrots, 200 g of peas. Peas should be pre-soaked. Cooking Method:

  • Chicken broth is boiled first.
  • Then take out the chicken and put the peas into the broth. Boil for an hour.
  • Next add potatoes, carrots and onions. Carrots with onions can be lightly stewed in a pan. Cook for another 20 minutes.
  • 10 minutes before cooking, return the meat to the saucepan.
at what age can you give pea soup to a child

This soup pairs well with homemade white bread croutons.

At what age can a child have pea soup, will it be two years old or later - only the mother will decide. She knows better the taste preferences of the baby and the characteristics of his body. It is important to monitor the reaction of the child to a new dish. If he eats with pleasure, then you should continue feeding. In the case when the baby turns away and does not want to eat, it is better to wait a little and offer him pea soup at a later age.

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