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How to choose an orthopedic backpack for a first grader
How to choose an orthopedic backpack for a first grader

The bag with which the child goes to the first class should be characterized by convenience, durability and reliability. All these criteria are met by an orthopedic satchel, on which pediatricians recommend stopping. Its acquisition should be taken as responsibly as possible. Here are some tips to help you choose a substitute for the once-popular portfolio.

Orthopedic backpack: size and weight

The lower the weight of the backpack, the safer it is for the he alth of a first grader. Ideally, the weight of a school bag should not exceed 10% of a student's weight. This takes into account the weight of the product along with the contents. The optimal purchase is a light orthopedic backpack, the weight of which is 1.25 kg.

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Size is another important selection criterion. Small backpacks and bulky box products will cause the same inconvenience to the child. The former will not be able to accommodate sketchbooks, the latter will be excessively heavy. The school bag should not fall below the waist, be higher or wider than the shoulders.

Reduce the load that will fall on the student's back, pockets will help.It is desirable that there be as many different departments as possible, this makes it possible to distribute things among them.

Exploring material and fittings

Orthopedic backpacks for first graders are made from lightweight, durable fabrics. They are characterized by resistance to temperature fluctuations, are waterproof. The most widespread models are made of polyester, you can also stop at vinyl, nylon. Products made from this fabric are practical, easy to clean from dirt. An additional plus is that the colors are well preserved.

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Fittings is another point that you should pay attention to when choosing an orthopedic satchel. Locks, zippers - devices that should be easy to close / open. Plastic patches cannot contain sharp corners that can injure a child. It is also important to check the quality of the seams, to make sure they are reliable and free from burrs.

Orthopedic backpack does not always have a tight handle. Some products have a simple loop that serves to fix the school bag on the hook of the desk. However, if the parents plan to accompany the first grader and carry his backpack for the first time, it is better to prefer the option with a handle.

Orthopedic backpack: reliability and safety

The ideal place to buy a school bag is in reliable stores that can provide hygiene certificates proving the safety of the products. In their absence, the quality of the material should be tested on its own, making sure that the model does not emit a repulsive odor.The lingering unpleasant odor emitted by the bag indicates the use of cheap dyes in its manufacture. Such a backpack will have a negative impact on the he alth of the baby.

orthopedic backpacks for first graders

Reflectors are a useful invention that a high-quality satchel has. Thanks to this, an orthopedic backpack will be noticeable to drivers in the evening. Ideally, such elements are present on the side surfaces of the bag. Bright colors are also welcome: yellow, red, orange. The student will be easier to see at the crosswalk.

Choosing the right shape

The popularity of box models, which has been observed in recent years, is quite justified. Such orthopedic satchels for first-graders are able to keep their shape perfectly, they are spacious and reliable. Having opened the backpack, the student can easily get the necessary item due to the excellent visibility of all contents.

satchel for the first grader orthopedic lightweight reviews

Some parents find that an orthopedic backpack equipped with wheels is the most comfortable for the child. However, such a bag, having survived numerous rolling on the ground, turns out to be dirty. In addition, the products cannot be called comfortable, as the trolleys rest against the back. For the same reason, you should refrain from buying models with a plastic bottom.

The convenience of the student also depends on the number of compartments that the bag has. They are useful not only for redistributing the load, but also for separating school supplies. It will be possible notmixing notebooks and textbooks with mom's lunch.

What should be the back of the backpack

Rigidity is the main requirement for this element. It is important that the orthopedic knapsack has an additional padding that reduces the intensity of friction and simplifies long-term wearing. Ideally, the material of such an element should be breathable, this will not allow the back of a first grader to sweat.

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The optimal solution is to choose a model with an orthopedic back. The design exactly reproduces the curves of the spine, has a positive effect on the posture of the student. The presence of such a backrest is indicated by a special designation, which should be contained on the label.

When choosing a school bag, it is worth evaluating the width of the straps, 4-5 cm is considered optimal. An important role is played by the possibility of their regulation, so that the orthopedic device can be placed exactly on the back. As a result, the backpack will not slip, interfere with free movements.

General recommendations

From all of the above, we can already conclude what a backpack for a first-grader should be like - orthopedic, light. Reviews about specific products, written by parents who know them, will help determine the model. However, do not forget about the preferences of the student himself, caring solely for reliability and convenience. A backpack should definitely please the child, it will help him to be more enthusiastic about attending school.

satchel for girls orthopedic

When choosing an orthopedic satchel for a girl, one should not avoid models with colorful embroidery and rhinestones. Most often, such elements are firmly fixed on the product, manufacturers take into account the intensity of operation. Boys will also like bags of bright colors.

It is important not to forget to try on the model before purchasing it. Backpacks for growth are a bad decision, products of the wrong size will complicate the life of the student.

How much does a schoolbag cost for a first grader

Many parents are convinced that a quality school bag should be quite expensive. However, you should not chase the price when buying an orthopedic light backpack for a first grader. Reviews of models belonging to the average price segment are also positive. Considering that the backpack will soon have to be changed, it is quite possible to pay attention to products whose cost starts from 2000 rubles. They are also capable of being beautiful and of high quality.

The ideal solution is to go shopping with a student. Parents will choose reliable and comfortable models, and the child will tell them the perfect pattern and color.

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