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The most delicious riddles about berries for kids

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The most delicious riddles about berries for kids
The most delicious riddles about berries for kids

For the first time, children encounter berries in the country. The city kid discovers them on his own plate. Then, pictures, coloring books, cartoons about berry-girlfriends are used. In kindergarten, children learn the names of these fruits, read poetry, and make crafts. You can consolidate your knowledge with the help of riddles about berries. They will teach kids to think about every word, develop thinking, ingenuity, memory and speed of reaction.

Riddles about berries

What is a berry?

Not every adult will answer this question. The inhabitant and the botanist call different fruits "berries". So, according to scientists, strawberries are a lot of tiny nuts. Cherries and sweet cherries are not berries, but drupes. Raspberries are a complex fruit, consisting of several dozen small drupes. But botanists will classify the tomato as a berry, unlike a kindergarten teacher.

Such difficulties are useless for a little man. It is enough for him to remember that berries are juicy fruits growing on trees, bushesor in the grass. As a rule, they are small. They can be taken with your fingers and put whole in your mouth. Riddles about berries for children will help to consolidate this information.

On the bushes, among the grass

Lost beads:

Red, black, yellow, green.

Who is walking by, Definitely breaks.


Was green and sour, And then how she grew!

Filled with bright color, Climbed into our basket.


Fruits - look -

Many seeds inside.

They are sitting on the bushes

Or hiding in the grass.

And how they get in the mouth -

They will be delicious.


Riddles about berries growing in the garden

The easiest way to enjoy these fruits is at your own summer cottage. People grow the most delicious and he althy berries in their gardens. The children must have seen them with their own eyes and will easily find the correct answers to the following riddles:

Riddles about berries with answers

There is a small bush in the garden

Planted in an even row.

Mustache green curled, The white flower has blossomed.

Under the leaves, look

Red blushes…


These berries

Bears love

Babies and mothers.

Red fruits

Cure a cold.

Isn't this a miracle?

Pick them up carefully -

It can be painful to inject.


On the pea bushes

Green hung.

Their sunwarm, And they are ripe.

Peas made

Red and black.

Sparkled brightly

Clusters selected.

Sweet, sour, They ask for a hand.

To jam with them

Everyone will pounce quickly.


I love the striped berry, And I will stretch my hand to the prickly bush.

It is not easy to take an amber bead.

Pricked her finger, but not deep.

Who is the culprit?

This is…


A small tree all in bloom in spring, White veil outfits

Meet here and there.

And with the advent of summer

Beads puts on

Ruby color.

Bright beads are not simple at all:

Delicious, slightly sour, Bone inside.


Riddles about berries growing in the forest

Delicious fruits are found not only in the country. Children should know that there are wild berries. They are divided into edible and poisonous. You can not take unfamiliar fruits in your mouth, they can be poisoned! After studying the topic from books and pictures, offer your child riddles about berries with answers.

Riddles about berries for children

On a sunny meadow, Among the dense grass, This berry is reddening.

Hurry up and rip it off!

Sweet in taste.

Sister's name is strawberry.

What is this, tell me?


Among swamps and forests

You will find her.

Flash through the grass

Dark blue side -

Notcome through!

Pack it up in a basket, And the hands will all be in …


On a hummock in the middle of a swamp

Someone scattered the red beads.


When it's cold outside, The bullfinch and the thrush are hurrying here.

On a snow-covered branch

Red berries are hanging.

What a wonderful picture?

This is a berry - …


These berries are like raspberries, Only black.

Grow on a thorny bush.

Do you know what this is?


The biggest berry

Of course it's a watermelon. Juicy, with many seeds, it belongs to the berry-like fruits - pumpkins. Toddlers will surely be surprised by this fact. Give them the following watermelon riddles:

Among melons -

Striped balls

Very sweet tasting.



He is wearing a green vest, Under her is a white shirt, Inside - red T-shirt.

Count the black spots on her!

Riddles about berries are a great way to have fun with your child, at the same time reinforcing the studied material on the topic. They can also be used as part of presentations, children's quizzes and holidays.

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