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Purse - what is it? Characteristic differences
Purse - what is it? Characteristic differences

Modern man practically does not leave home without a wallet. Such vital little things as money, change, business cards, identity cards or rights can come in handy at the most unexpected moment. Well, what could be more convenient for storing such a wide range of things than a capacious purse?

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Main differences between wallet and purse

Purse is a relatively small wallet with various functional compartments designed for careful storage of money, papers, change coins, etc. In turn, a wallet is considered to be a flat bag used to save cash.

The differences between wallets are as follows:

  1. A purse has more modest parameters compared to a purse in its traditional definition. The wallet can easily fit not only money, but also documents. In the case of a traditional men's accessory, it usually has to be folded in half.
  2. A purse is both a male and a female wallet. However, women's options are moreresemble a stylish accessory rather than a receptacle for money.
  3. Modern wallets must have a compartment for storing change.
  4. Wallet compartments fasten with a zipper or snap into place with buttons. In the case of a purse, only the latter option is often used.
  5. Compared to the wide variety of individual wallet designs, wallets are distinguished by their sober finishes and limited color palette.
  6. Most often you can see leather wallets. Wallets today are made from a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials.

Characteristic features of traditional men's wallets

As noted above, a purse is more of a men's accessory than a women's one. Products for the representatives of the stronger sex are distinguished by the design characteristic of such wallets.

Men's products are designed primarily to be worn in the inside pockets of a coat or jacket. Therefore, such wallets have the appropriate parameters. Most men's garments are sewn in the form of a square or rectangle. Only this form allows the most careful storage of papers during any activity.

Unlike wallets made specifically for ladies, products for real gentlemen usually do not close with latches or locks, but simply fold in half, slamming shut like a book.

leather wallets

Main types of purses

Today, the following types of wallets are distinguished:

  • bifold products in which banknotes canfold only in half;
  • wallets for carrying in the inside pockets of clothes, where even banknotes, documents, securities, less often credit cards are placed;
  • a purse with three or more folds, which does not imply the possibility of placing numerous bills, and the main emphasis is on storing business cards, discount, credit and plastic cards.

What can a money purse tell about?

purse for money

A successful person can be recognized not only by a rich, neat appearance, but also by the value and quality of his wallet. A purse is equated with such must-have men's accessories as a watch and a formal suit.

Using such a wallet to save credit cards, even in today's times, is considered rather bad form in the business environment. For this, a man is recommended to use a separate special case. As for business cards, they should be stored in transparent laminated pockets.

Recently, fashion designers have been working tirelessly to preserve the traditional style of a genuine leather purse, while significantly expanding the functionality of such a must-have accessory.

Modern models often allow you to store paper bills or securities, but may also have compartments in the form of miniature notebooks or notebooks.

Which purse is better to give preference to?

Today, a purse is not necessarily austere. And what is offeredto modern men by eminent designers, it begins to look more like handbags or cosmetic bags. The most upsetting development of this trend is among real conservative gentlemen.

genuine leather wallet

Some designers still believe that nothing could be more practical, elegant and masculine than the traditional models of leather wallets, decorated in black and brown palette. Innovators generally agree with this sentiment, but are looking to add a range of practical compartments and are increasingly releasing colorful pieces.

In general, it should not be noted once again that a real wallet must be made of genuine leather, while being a model of parameters corresponding to formal clothes and the image of a business man.

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