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Cat hair falls out: possible causes

Cat hair falls out: possible causes
Cat hair falls out: possible causes

The reasons why a cat's hair falls out can be different. Often owners of four-legged faces such a problem. This can be either a natural process or a signal of some disease.

Let's look at the most common reasons why a cat's hair falls out.

cat hair falling out

The first of them is adenitis of the sebaceous glands. This is a rare disease in cats. Symptoms are the appearance of areas with crusts on the head, ears, and the coat is easily pulled out. In order to confirm this disease, it is necessary to conduct a skin biopsy of the animal. Treatment consists in the use of anti-seborrheic shampoos, if the case is more severe, steroids are prescribed.

One of the most common causes of cat hair loss is a food allergy. In order to identify which product the reaction is to, it is necessary to exclude one by one from the animal's diet. Allergies are treated with a change in diet.

The reason that the cat's hair falls out in clumps may be alopecia, which is caused by injections. Most often it manifests itself in places where injections are given.Falling out can begin even a few months after the end of the course of injections. Treatment is not required, the hair will grow back after some time.

cat is losing hair in clumps

Folliculitis is a cat disease that manifests itself on the muzzle and neck. Its symptoms are crusting, itching, hair loss. Treated with antibiotics for 3 weeks.

The cat's hair falls out due to a disease such as seborrhea. It is also manifested by peeling, skin irritation and an unpleasant odor. To diagnose seborrhea, you need to do a blood test. Treatment is prescribed by a veterinarian, usually fatty acid supplements, special shampoos.

The fact that the cat's hair falls out can be a signal for such a serious disease as a granuloma. It is caused by an infection, the symptoms of which are hard nodules on the skin of the animal, possibly of different sizes. Treat granuloma with surgery. It is removed, after which the animal must undergo a course of antibiotics.

Some types of lice can also cause hair loss. Infection with them is also manifested by itching, the appearance of a crust. To get rid of lice, pyrethrin or ivermectin will help.

The natural cause of hair loss is the cat's pregnancy or lactation period. Usually in such cases, the wool is restored by itself.

why does my cat's hair fall out

Another reason is psychogenic in nature, for example, if the animal has undergone stress. Help for recovery will be getting rid of its cause, limiting the possibility of excessive lickingwool.

Reaction to medication can also be a reason for falling out. Symptoms are also accompanied by itching, redness, and crusting. The treatment will be to stop taking the drug.

A serious disease accompanied by hair loss is ringworm. It appears due to infection with several fungi. Diagnose it by sowing cultures. After detection, prescribe miconazole, itraconazole orally.

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