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How to become a Winx? Fairy Mystery
How to become a Winx? Fairy Mystery

Very often in our time, young mothers are faced with the problem of organizing a children's birthday. Sometimes, not knowing how to approach this issue correctly, they make a lot of mistakes, especially if the daughter loves modern cartoons and tries to imitate her favorite characters, and wants to organize a holiday in the theme of the series. It often happens that a child can puzzle parents by asking how to become a Winx (fairy).

how to become winx

In order to avoid incidental situations and misunderstandings on the part of parents, it is important to keep track of what your child is interested in. Take a closer look at the choice of toys in stores, analyze his tastes in choosing books and cartoons. Take a little more seriously the preferences of children, because psychologists advise to attach importance to even the smallest nuances of playing with a child, as in the future this affects the formation of not only the character of the child, but also his tastes.

How to organize thematicbirthday for daughter in the style of the animated series

If your child is a fan of one of the modern animated series, then the birthday theme with his favorite characters will surely appeal to him! In order for the celebration to pass without incident, the best option would be not to organize it yourself, but to turn to professionals. People with experience in the field of organizing holidays will be able to create any miracle for your children. In addition, professional hosts of children's events and animators will be able to easily transform your children into their favorite characters and explain how to be a real pirate or how to become a real Winx fairy.

Where to get clothes for a child's birthday

Many parents, when they want to arrange a daughter's birthday in the theme of their favorite cartoon, forget about the importance of clothing at such an event, and this is one of the most important tasks assigned to them. When a child wants to be like a cartoon character, do not forget about the importance of complete reincarnation. A costume party must be discussed in absentia with all parents of invited children.

how to become a winx fairy now

Due to the popularity of animated series, girls often ask their mothers how to become a Winx fairy now, and whether they will be real. It is for such children that it is recommended to make parties for the holiday, where the child can dress up as a fairy, princess or other popular cartoon character, feel like a part of their favorite fairy tale.

Costume Outfitcan be sewn by hand. If your outfit is not very complicated, and you have a desire to create it yourself, then the problem of finding the right clothing rental store does not threaten you. In addition, the child will be able to wear his favorite costume, when he wants.

What to do if your daughter wants to become a fairy

For girls 5-10 years old, it has always been and remains normal to want to turn into a real fairy. What to do if your child, after watching a popular animated series, decided to ask his parents about how to become a Winx (fairy)? In this case, it is worth helping the child get what he wants and in no case interfere with his dream.

how to become a winx fairy flora

In order for your daughter to believe that you can be reincarnated as a real fairy, caring mothers should cheat a little. For example, you can come up with a “ritual” thanks to which your daughter will become a real sorceress. Give the child a piece of paper, let him write on it what kind of fairy she wants to be, indicate the element and magic that her favorite heroine of the animated series owns. After that, you can set fire to a leaf, and send the child to sleep (if you do all this at a late hour), be sure to say before that that you need to drink a glass of warm milk to appease the fairies. In this way, you can also teach a child to obey, most importantly, everything in moderation, do not abuse it.

Which cartoon fairy would suit a girl

Many parents, unfortunately, do not have time to watch their favorite animated series with their children. Due to busyness, sometimes we miss the hobbies of our children, and when it comeswhen it comes to a holiday gift, we get overwhelmed by the number of new fashion dolls in stores, and in most cases we forget what is best for them.

If you have ever heard a question from your daughter: “Mom, how to become the Winx Fairy Flora?”, But by your confused face, the child realized that you did not understand what was at stake, do not be discouraged, Get your daughter's favorite fairy in the form of a doll. Flora is a fairy from the Winx animated series, which is most suitable for the calm type of children, since the character owns the magic of the Earth. This fair-haired heroine is always reasonable and balanced, therefore she is very impressed by girls like her.

how to become a winx fairy stella

How to become a fairy at home? Tips for parents

All of you will surely agree that it is impossible to take away a dream from a child. When your daughter wants to become a magical character in one of her favorite animated series, you should help her in this in any way possible. There are several tricks for moms who want to help their child believe in miracles. First you need to find out what kind of fairy your little sorceress wants to become. So, if your daughter asked about how to become a Winx (fairy), you need to tell her with confidence that mom knows a couple of secrets.

how to become bloom from winx

Tricks for moms. Fairy Transformation Rituals

Keep in mind that your child must believe in what is happening, so you must be as convincing as possible when telling your daughter about the rules for "turning" into a fairy. So let's look at a fewoptions:

1. Find an old perfume bottle at home, fill it with water, add a few drops of any aromatic essence (lime, cedar, vanilla), sprinkle some cinnamon or other spices. It is recommended to add cosmetic or stationery glitter for a "magic" effect (remember that you are preparing a miracle elixir that will help the child "become" a fairy).

When you are done, tell your daughter to say her question out loud while looking inside the vial, while addressing the fairy queen (for example, how to become Bloom from the Winx). After that, proceed to the educational process. Explain to your daughter that this "magic elixir" must be sprayed in the room twice a day (the number of sprays should also be specified) in order for the fairy queen to allow her to become one of them. After a certain number of days, you must present the “queen's answer” to the child, for example, you can wrap a couple of sweet treats, decorations in a small bag, and hide it under the pillow. By learning that mom has the secrets and secrets of how to become a Winx, you will not only enlist the trust of your daughter, but also help her imagination and fantasy to develop.

fairy mystery

2. Pour sea s alt (a couple of pinches) into a bowl of water, add shampoo or liquid soap (for a pleasant aroma), then tell your daughter to wash her hands in the resulting mixture, while mentally thinking about what kind of fairy she wants to become. It is very important before you start doing all these actions, to know in advance your favorite heroinedaughters. For parents, this is not such an interesting fact, but if, for example, your daughter asked you about how to become the Winx fairy Stella, this means that she is not sure of her attractiveness, since this character was an “ugly duckling” until a certain point, which means that your child also dreams of turning into a “beautiful swan”. Treat this with understanding and do everything possible to convince your daughter of her beauty. Sometimes cartoons, even with a simple script, provide an opportunity to learn the secrets of your children, save them from emerging complexes and earn respect and understanding from their side. After all, children at an early age are very rarely completely frank with their parents.

The secret of the fairies, or how to play magical and staged games with your daughter

If you and your little sorceress have gone through all the stages of reincarnation and become real fairies, then it's time to learn how to play correctly. Still, you should sometimes watch her favorite animated series with your daughter, or, alternatively, if you play the role of an omniscient mother, watch it secretly from the child, let her be surprised once again by your awareness. Considering the fact that in addition to fun, every normal parent also wants to turn any game into a benefit for the child, for the purpose of education, you can use your status (and you have it, because you knew the secret of how to become a fairy) and entrust your daughter with certain assignments, whether it's getting homework done on time or helping to clean the house.

how to become a real winx fairy

On top of everything else, do not forget about secrets.If you don't want your daughter to scream "I'm a fairy" at every turn, explain to her how important it is to keep it a secret, you can even say that when someone else finds out about it, she will lose her magical powers.

Thus, we will preserve the psyche of our child, and give the opportunity to splash out their fantasies and play with imagination, while depriving her of sidelong glances from peers who, perhaps, have already outgrown this period and have forgotten what they are talking about dreamed once.

Pay attention to your child, play with him, follow the game of his imagination. Remember that we were once children too, and don't worry if your daughter plays a little longer than you expected. Try to give her the confidence of full understanding on your part. This will give you the confidence that in the future your daughter will be more frank and sincere with you.

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