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How to determine swelling during pregnancy? How to remove puffiness

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How to determine swelling during pregnancy? How to remove puffiness
How to determine swelling during pregnancy? How to remove puffiness

During the period of expectation of a child, many girls meet with a similar phenomenon as swelling. During pregnancy, edema appears due to the fact that additional blood begins to form in the girl's body. Not everyone knows how to determine swelling during pregnancy (abdomen, legs, internal organs). And it is not always possible to get an appointment with a specialist.

Every month the uterus begins to grow. Increasing in volume, it begins to press on the pelvic veins and on a large vein, which is located on the right side of the body. These vessels are supplied with blood from parts of the body below. Because of this, blood circulation begins to slow down. Water begins to remain in the tissues of the ankles and legs. There are many ways to determine if there are edema during pregnancy. Let's get acquainted with them today.

hidden swelling during pregnancy


Edema in pregnant women usually appears from the second trimester and has a different severity. Causes can be both physiological and pathological.

Increase concentrationprogesterone causes potassium and sodium retention in the kidneys. Due to this, the volume of fluid rises, which, being distributed unevenly throughout the body, leads to edema.

If a woman exceeds the norm of drinking water, the kidneys, due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus, cannot cope with their filtering function. Then the excess accumulates in the intercellular space.

Edema can also be a symptom of a serious complication of pregnancy - preeclampsia. There is a violation of the exchange of water and s alts, the permeability of capillaries increases. Fluid collects in the tissues of the placenta and causes oxygen starvation of the fetus, which can lead to its death.

Right heart failure is another reason for changes in body volume. Due to the decrease in the rate of the heart, blood accumulates in the veins, which is accompanied by a significant increase in the liver.

Morning swelling of the face is a sign of kidney failure. In this case, you should seek medical help as soon as possible to reduce the risk to the he alth of the mother and child.

edema prevention


Every woman during the period of expectation of a child experiences a real fear of edema. To know how to determine swelling during pregnancy, you should remember the following questions:

  • Can you get the ring off your finger?
  • How much weight gain in one week?
  • Does pressure leave a mark on the surface of the skin?

How to determine if the legs are swollen during pregnancy? Yes, very simple. As soon as the shoes began to crush the foot, the limbincreased in volume and rounded - this is the first sign of edema.

The listed signs are rather difficult not to notice, since at the very beginning only the lower limbs can swell. Gradually add hands and face. You should not be too frivolous about your he alth, therefore, at the first symptoms, it is important to immediately contact a specialist. It is a qualified doctor who will help reduce swelling and take measures to prevent possible complications.

If the pregnancy is going well, and the woman has no problems with the heart and kidneys, then the first edema makes itself felt only in the second trimester. How to determine swelling during pregnancy in this case? For all of the above. Such edema is not a pathology. This is the normal state of a woman carrying a baby.

dried apricots during pregnancy

Internal swelling

During the period of bearing a child, swelling can be internal. There are many cases where at first glance it is impossible to recognize their presence. Usually a more accurate diagnosis is made with regular monitoring of all changes that occur with a woman's weight.

If latent edema occurs during pregnancy, then during the gestation period there will be a significant weight gain, and this happens unevenly. To more accurately determine internal edema, it is necessary to monitor the volume of fluid that leaves the body.

To know how to determine internal swelling during pregnancy, you need to read the following information.

Edema begins to develop in thatif a certain amount of water accumulates in the body. It is the indicators of this delay that will be analyzed by a specialist. The normal rate reaches 75% of the total liquid drunk. If we talk about the use of vegetables and fruits, then each of them should be equated to 50 ml of water. The result is a response that shows significant deviations. This indicates the development of latent swelling of a pregnant woman. Those who are thinking about how to determine swelling during pregnancy should note that the symptoms are not very pronounced, but in the absence of suitable treatment, serious complications can begin that cause irreparable harm to he alth.

sea ​​s alt

Expert Opinion

Foreign doctors claim that any swelling during pregnancy is normal, so do not panic and start treatment. But in Russia, experts say the opposite. Puffiness itself cannot be harmful, but it often acts as the main symptom of a more serious disease. It is important to identify it at an early stage so that further treatment does not harm the expectant mother and her baby.

How to remove puffiness?

If edema appears during pregnancy, it is first recommended to review the drinking regimen. Together with this, the doctor prescribes a diuretic collection and prescribes certain medications. You can not self-medicate, as an incorrectly selected medication can have a negative effect on the developing fetus. Forpregnant women, there are many contraindications among the pills, so it is the gynecologist who must make the right choice and explain to the patient about its harmlessness. There are a large number of different causes that cause swelling. Based on the data obtained, the selection of drugs is carried out.

Drug therapy

phytolysin paste

Those who are thinking about what to do with swollen legs in a pregnant woman are advised at the very beginning to try the following herbal remedies:

  • "Cyston" contains saxifrage, mummy and a number of other useful herbs. It helps restore the functioning of the urinary system.
  • "Hofitol" is based on artichoke leaves, so it can help with problems with blood flow and inflammation in the genitourinary apparatus.
  • Pasta "Phytolysin" contains extracts of many medicinal plants. In addition, it has essential oils of orange and mint. Thanks to the variety of these components, it was possible to obtain a unique combination of flavors. Used as an antiseptic and perfectly relieves inflammation.
  • Canephron tablets consist of rosemary leaves, centaury and lovage. An excellent option for those who are thinking how to remove puffiness. Available in the form of a tincture or small tablets. It is prescribed for kidney problems and has a diuretic effect. If this particular drug was prescribed to a woman, then it is important for her to adhere to a certain drinking regimen.
Magne against edema

Women whodo not know what to do with swelling of the legs in pregnant women, and they quite often suffer from strong contractions of smooth muscles and blood vessels, then doctors advise giving preference to Drotaverin, Eufillin or Magna B6. The most commonly used is "Eufillin", which is sold not only in the form of tablets, but also in drops. It is able to relieve spasms and helps to normalize the process of urine excretion. With regular intake, the tone of the vascular walls is significantly reduced. Taking "Eufillin" on an empty stomach causes a number of negative reactions of the body. For example: the mucous membrane of the esophagus is irritated; headache and weakness appear; pressure drops

Of course, this drug has contraindications. It is best not to use it in patients who have a history of hypotension, stomach ulcers, or heart problems. Any drug should be taken only after consulting a gynecologist, but first you need to try to eliminate swelling without drugs.

kanefron for edema

Folk remedies

Swelling of the legs causes great discomfort and greatly complicates the life of a pregnant woman. The doctor gives a referral for laboratory tests, based on the results of which a decision on acceptable treatment will be made. If the data does not exceed the norm, then it is quite possible to get by with traditional medicine. But no one is able to find a universal recipe that will immediately remove unpleasant symptoms. Some patients get better, while for others, this method causes side effects. Ifit was decided to try traditional medicine, then this should be done very carefully. Any change in well-being should alert, and if symptoms worsen, it is recommended to immediately stop taking the remedy.

Basic Recipes

Take cranberries or lingonberries and rub them through a sieve. Pour in water and put on fire so that the mixture boils. The resulting juice should be drunk chilled. With its help, you can not only quench your thirst, but also rid the body of excess fluid.

You can make a decoction of any dried fruit. Dried apricots, which have a diuretic effect, are best suited. First you need to thoroughly rinse the fruits and put them in a saucepan. Pour boiling water over and leave for about 1 hour. This decoction is consumed every time thirst arises.

Edema of the lower extremities is well eliminated by baths consisting of cool water and sea s alt. This method effectively relieves the feeling of fatigue, and enhances the flow of lymph throughout the body. As a result, there will be no stagnation in the muscular system of the legs.


To prevent the appearance of edema, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules.

  1. Mild edema can be treated on an outpatient basis.
  2. It is important for pregnant women to follow a dairy-vegetarian diet.
  3. S alt consumption should be reduced, but in severe cases, this product will have to be abandoned.
  4. Don't binge on sugary foods and sodas as they slow down the excretion system.
  5. Every dayyou should drink at least 1.5 liters of water, and up to 80% of the liquid should stand out.
  6. It is forbidden to deliberately reduce the recommended amount, as this will bring even more negative consequences.
  7. With a lack of water, the body will try to retain it, which will provoke swelling.
  8. It is not recommended to spend a long time standing or just sitting.
  9. During hot weather avoid direct sunlight.
  10. Kidney tea and other herbal preparations are allowed, but it is best to consult your doctor first.

If you experience the slightest swelling, you should immediately go to a specialist who leads the pregnancy. This unpleasant phenomenon can be de alt with, but only if you seek medical help in a timely manner.

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