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Chaise lounges for summer cottages: an overview, tips for choosing and caring

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Chaise lounges for summer cottages: an overview, tips for choosing and caring
Chaise lounges for summer cottages: an overview, tips for choosing and caring

The chaise longue as a household accessory to ensure a comfortable stay became widely used in the middle of the last century in parallel with the spread of private cars. The folding design made it possible to conveniently put it in the trunk, transporting it to a remote vacation spot - the beach, camping, picnic, etc. Today, a separate segment of deck chairs for summer cottages has formed, which have their own operational and technical features. Accordingly, the approach to the choice should be with an emphasis on the place of use.

Optimal design

Chaise lounge for a summer residence

From the point of view of the technical device, form and implementation of functional mechanisms, transformer models are more practical. In the simplest versions, this is a folding chair made of frame elements covered with fabric. This design is easy to maintain, transport and rest on it. Mechanisms allow the possibility of transformation into an armchair, couch, couch, etc. But in terms ofreliability is not the best option and operation under external influences on the site leads to rapid wear of the control units.

As an alternative, you can offer a monolithic chair-chaise longue for giving, which does not at all imply the possibility of assembly and disassembly, but is characterized by increased durability, durability and reliability. True, one should also prepare for maintenance difficulties - at a minimum, it will take a lot of space to store such a deck chair. Next, you should proceed to the choice of materials.

Wooden Models

Wooden deck chair for giving

Classic garden chairs and seats are made from natural materials. The most common of these is wood. What breeds to give preference? Models made of teak, cedar, Scandinavian pine, etc. are in demand. If you want to buy furniture from more familiar domestic species, then it is better to choose oak, maple and beech.

Non-standard options include wicker and rattan deck chairs. Such options are more expensive and more capricious in maintenance. Also, a natural vine or vine over time “sits out” and becomes unusable. Ordinary wooden deck chairs for summer cottages, which do not tolerate contact with moisture and are not best left under the scorching rays of the sun, do not differ in practicality. But, again, environmentally friendly material with a natural texture and a noble look on vacation are already significant advantages.

Metal models

Forged chaise lounge for giving

Also an ambiguous option, which has both pluses and minuses. Turn to metal garden furniture if you need a high-strength, rigid and durable construction. In terms of the reliability of thin mechanical units for the assembly and adjustment of individual parts, this is the best choice. There may also be aesthetic benefits to such products. For example, forged monolithic couches have a fixed back and do not involve movement at all. They are installed as stationary furniture, which at the same time acts as an object of landscape design - this is already determined by the style and decorative properties of a particular product.

In most cases, it is worth choosing combined deck chairs for summer cottages made of metal. The rigid steel frame is covered with durable fabric, and individual functional parts are trimmed with leather or artificial rattan. As a result, protective properties and durability are combined with naturalness, original design and functionality.

Plastic models

Plastic deck chair for giving

The simplest version of a deck chair, which attracts with its low cost, moisture protection and light weight. As a rule, these are monolithic and non-folding models that resemble ordinary beds with legs.

What else is good plastic deck chairs for giving, so it's a variety of colors. You can choose the option directly to the tone of the surrounding garden and landscape composition. But plastic quickly wears out, becomes covered with scratches, deforms and cracks under mechanical stress and shock.

Custom sunbed options

The very concept of this type of lounge chair provides a lot of opportunities for the implementation of non-standard, but familiar to all design solutions. For example, swinging models are popular. Usually these are combined structures, provided with a supporting metal base with skids, fabric trim and ergonomic handles made of wood or plastic.

You can also find on the market a technological rocking chair for giving with electronic control. What does it mean? The built-in equipment allows you to configure the chair for the vibration rocking function. The user himself interacts with the electronics via a remote control.

Another unusual solution is a hanging lounger. According to the traditional scheme, it is suspended at two opposite points like a hammock. But in order not to look for well-placed trees, it is proposed to arrange support positions in the form of stationary metal racks.

Optional accessories - what to consider?

Vintage chaise lounge for a summer residence

The task of a standard chaise longue is to provide ergonomic support for the back, legs, head and pelvis. At the same time, resting positions can be different, which will require the inclusion of additional elements in the design. These include footrest, cushions, armrests, etc.

The sun visor will also allow you to expand the functionality of a deck chair for giving in the summer, and for convenient handling of gadgets, books and magazines, it is proposed to equip the design with specialbracket holders. The convenience of moving the sun lounger itself is provided by wheels.


It is desirable to give preference to the products of companies that specialize in the production of garden furniture. These are the companies GREENELL, GoGarden, Forester, Green glade, etc. Among the domestic brands, one can single out the Camping and Olsa brands. The average cost varies from 2 to 3 thousand rubles. Budget options for plastic models can cost as much as 1 thousand, but the operational life of this product is unlikely to last longer than two or three seasons.

Multifunctional folding deck chairs for summer cottages are available for 3-5 thousand. The increase in the price tag is determined not only by the transformation mechanisms, but also by the materials of manufacture. High-strength steel or rare woods are more expensive, but the quality of finishing materials also adds to the price.

Caring for your lounge chair

Metal deck chair for giving

In the conditions of operation of garden furniture in the country, it is especially important to organize proper care for it. It is easier than ever to stain a deck chair, but it is more difficult to wash it off. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to provide a protective cover for the product. What should it be?

The fundamental division in the choice is based on the type of material - natural or synthetic. Connoisseurs of environmentally friendly textiles should turn to linen or cotton covers. By the way, the deck chair itself for giving can be made of the same materials. But natural matter gets dirty much more readily, and washing it is more problematic.

More practical synthetics in the formacrylic and polyester. The structure of the fibers of such fabrics is distinguished by the ability to repel foreign particles and wash them out just as easily. It is best to provide for the presence of special protective layers that can provide a barrier against water, dirt and the sun's rays.

Special attention is paid to the condition of metal and wooden surfaces. So that the texture of the wood does not burn out, and the steel does not rust, special impregnations and coatings should be used. They are produced in the form of paint and varnish mixtures endowed with certain properties. During operation, the treatment with protective agents should be repeated at least every season.

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