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Rating of hair straighteners: an overview of the best, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

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Rating of hair straighteners: an overview of the best, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers
Rating of hair straighteners: an overview of the best, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

Hair straightener is one of the most sought-after tools for beauties. The principle of operation of the device is very simple. There are two plates. The strands, passing between them, straighten. Some models not only straighten curls, but also create a curling effect.

Today's market offers a chic assortment of flat irons. Some, simple and cheap, are well suited for home use, while others, more functional, reliable, and at the same time expensive, have found their application in beauty salons.

Masters have long identified a number of attractive models for themselves, while beginners experience serious difficulties in choosing the best option. In this case, various tops and ratings of the best hair straighteners help in this case. We will just compile the latter, taking into account the opinion of experts in this field and the responses of ordinary users.

So, we bring to your attention a rating of the best hair straighteners. Consider the remarkable qualities of each model, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the feasibilityshopping anyway. For a clearer picture, we will break our rating of hair straighteners into several parts. All the options described below can be found both in specialized offline and online stores, so there should be no problems with testing.

Home Appliances

Here we have simple, but at the same time inexpensive devices that are not designed to work on a stream. The practicality of materials and functionality for the most part leave much to be desired. But even in this case, you can find quite worthy options.

Rating of the best hair straighteners - for 2019 - household type:

  1. Dewal 03-870 Pro-Z Slim.
  2. Philips HP8324.
  3. "Bosch PHS2101".
  4. "Scarlett SC-HS60004".

Let's take a closer look at the remarkable qualities of each model.

Dewal 03-870 Pro-Z Slim

In the first place in our ranking of the best hair straighteners is a product from a popular American brand. Despite belonging to the budget segment, the device boasts decent qualities close to professional ones.

Dewal 03-870 Pro-Z Slim

The model received 4 heating modes, which allows you to work with a variety of hair. The package includes additional styling nozzles, thereby expanding the possibilities of ironing. I was also pleased with the power of the device - 30 W, which implies a quick heating of the device to working condition.

The model took first place in our ranking of the best hair straighteners also fordue to the high-quality coating of the plates. Titanium and tourmaline are considered the safest ingredients. In addition, they do not dry out the curls and, in addition, saturate them with ions.

Consumers in their reviews especially note such qualities of the device as durability, uniform heating of the strands and ease of use. There are no critical flaws in the model. The cost of such a high-quality device is appropriate - about 2000 rubles.

Philips HP8324

In second place in our ranking of the best hair straighteners is a model from the Philips brand, which has received a lot of flattering feedback from consumers. Users prioritize device security and convenience.

Philips HP8324

The design really turned out to be ergonomic. Here we have a 360-degree swivel cord, a comfortable-grip body, a non-slip coating and a smart layout of controls. The irons themselves are covered with ceramics, which, unlike metal, treats curls much more carefully.

In addition, there is an ionic function that reduces static and makes hair smooth and shiny. The device is included in our rating of hair straighteners also due to a well-thought-out security system. When critical temperatures are reached, the automation will reduce the power of the device or turn it off completely, and the local indication will keep you informed and avoid accidental burns. The cost of the device is around 2000 rubles.

Bosch PHS2101

In third place in our rating of hair straighteners is a powerfula model from the Bosch brand, which allows you to "overclock" the device to 200 degrees. The tongs themselves are made of quality materials and gently straighten curls.

Bosch PHS2101

The temperature rises evenly and is distributed over the entire area of ​​the plates. The sizes of the latter are enough for both short and weak hair, and long strands. Also, consumers in their reviews point to an intelligent protection system that automatically works when critical temperatures are reached.

Ergonomics is also in order. A 360-degree swivel cord, light weight (200 g) and well-placed controls add convenience to the device. The only serious drawback that users often complain about is the long cooling time. You need to spend at least 15 minutes on this and monitor the device all this time. The model can often be seen in specialized stores at a price of around 1200 rubles.

Scarlett SC-HS60004

In fourth place in our rating of hair straighteners is a very simple model "Scarlett" from China. The device pleased not only with a democratic price tag, but also with its efficiency along with simplicity.

Scarlett SC-HS60004

The model will perfectly fit into household use and will perfectly cope with straightening and simple twisting. Consumers in their reviews indicate that the iron does not burn hair, and wide ceramic plates adequately cope with almost all types of strands. The nozzles glide smoothly over the curls without breaking or catching them.

Modeladditionally equipped with cable twist protection and power-on indication. But the low cost could not but affect the operational and technical qualities of the device. The iron is not suitable for owners of large curls, so the latter will have to look after a more expensive device. In addition, the build quality can be called acceptable, but not good. Nevertheless, the cost of the model, which is about 600 rubles, more than offsets its disadvantages.

Professional equipment

Here we have devices with higher quality plate coating, faster heating, as well as high power, as well as with an abundance of special modes. Naturally, equipment of this kind will cost much more.

2019 Professional Straightening Iron Ranking:

  1. Babylis BAB2072EPE.
  2. GA.MA Starlight Tourmaline.
  3. Remington S8700.
  4. Roventa SF 7640.

Let's look at the notable qualities of each model.

BaByliss BAB2072EPE

In the first place in our ranking of the best professional hair straighteners is a model from a famous French brand. The device is very often seen in beauty salons. The iron is distinguished by an elongated base of working surfaces (24 by 120 mm), which allows you to work with any, even the most voluminous curls.

BaByliss BAB2072EPE

The plates are made with advanced technology, where the ceramic coating has a high sliding force, and at the same time is thinner and more reliable. Goodthe power rating assumes fast and even heating of the work surface.

Five temperature settings allow you to choose the best option for any type of hair. The functionality of the model is not limited to straightening only. With its help, you can easily and quickly wind curls and make a high-quality hairstyle.

Users are completely positive about this iron. In addition to the fact that it proved to be extremely effective in work, it distinguished itself by high build quality, convenience and a decent delivery set, which includes a thermal mat, thermal gloves and a practical carrying case. The cost of the model is around 4500 rubles.

GA.MA Starlight Tourmaline

In second place in our rating of professional hair straighteners is the device of the Italian brand, which has received a large number of flattering reviews from experts in their field. The model offers a decent functionality that contributes not only to the creation of hairdressing masterpieces, but also to respect for curls.

GA.MA Starlight Tourmaline

Working surfaces received a tourmaline coating. The mineral origin of the plates endows them with an ionization function. The components of the working surface of the model are floating and fit as tightly as possible to the strands, contributing to perfect straightening.

Thanks to the high power, the iron heats up in a matter of seconds, notifying the user about it with the appropriate indication. The working temperature varies between 150-250 degrees, which is more than enough to process any type ofhair.

Also, consumers in their reviews indicate a high rate of ergonomics of the device. The model received a convenient display, which displays the current state of the device and the temperature of the plates. The 3m cord is tangle-free thanks to the rotating hinge in the case. Ergonomics are added by a thoughtful and well-protected design, as well as a small weight of the device. The cost of ironing fluctuates around 4500 rubles.

Remington S8700

The model from the German brand differs from its other counterparts in the presence of a steam humidifier. Curls in the process of ironing are subject to strong heat, and at the same time dehydration. The steam humidifier solves this problem, and without regard to even the highest temperatures.

Remington S8700

In addition, the device received ceramic plates containing keratin, which helps protect the hair during the procedure. Also, consumers in their reviews note such positive qualities of the model as an abundance of temperature conditions, almost instantaneous heating, ease of use and reliability of the design.

I was also pleased with the delivery set, where, in addition to the nozzles, they put an excellent case for carrying and storing the iron. The only drawback that users complain about is the very modest volume of the reservoir for the steam humidifier. It has to be refilled with water very often. Nevertheless, the device fully justifies its cost, which is almost 5500 rubles.

Rowenta SF 7640

Another professional model that appealed to domesticmasters. The device received an informative display, nano-ceramic plates and several operating modes, where the maximum temperature fluctuates around 230 degrees.

Rowenta SF 7640

The brand declares the presence of proprietary Pro Curling System technology, which involves reducing the time when winding curls. Judging by the feedback from users, it really works, reducing the duration of the procedure by about 30%.

The device heats up relatively quickly (about half a minute), as indicated by the indication on the case. Curls easily pass through the iron and the output is shiny. Local ionization significantly reduces the level of static. Thanks to the technological coating, the plates cool quickly.

In general, the device was a success, but some consumers complain about the rubberized corners of the working surface. Out of habit, movements can be jerky and pull out curls. But after a couple of applications, everything falls into place. The cost of the model is around 2500 rubles.

Curling equipment

Irons of this kind are most often called multi-stylers. These are multifunctional devices aimed not only at straightening hair, but also at curling. Multi-stylers have an extended package, where you can see various nozzles and other accessories for styling and other procedures.

Ranking of the best hair curlers:

  1. Philips BHH822 StyleCare.
  2. "Remington S8670"
  3. Panasonic EH-HV51.

Let's take a closer look at the critical characteristics of each device.

Philips BHH822 StyleCare

In the first place in our ranking of the best hair curlers is the Philips model, which has received many flattering reviews from professionals. The device has two long plates for organizing perfectly smooth curls.

Philips BHH822 StyleCare

OneClick technology allows for almost instant replacement of nozzles. The last two are the classic version for curling and the comb for voluminous styling. The device heats up in a little less than a minute, as indicated by the indication on the case.

Ceramic plates evenly distribute the heat received, which reduces the risk of damage to curls. As an additional safety measure, the device automatically turns off in case of critical temperatures. Users in their reviews point to other advantages: a cable with hinges, a comfortable case and an extremely high-quality assembly. So the high price of the model is quite justified - 4500 rubles.

Remington S8670

In second place in our rating of hair curlers is the professional model with the most impressive package. The device is able to organize curling and styling of all types of hair, even the most rebellious.

Remington S8670

Here we have ionic air conditioning, an abundance of temperature settings, intuitive controls, ergonomic design and quality assembly. Also pleased with the long-term warranty for the model - as much as three years.

Some serious disadvantages, judging by user reviews,there is no device. The only thing that consumers sometimes complain about is the long, in comparison with competitors, warm-up time - about 3 minutes. The cost of ironing fluctuates around 4000 rubles.

Panasonic EH-HV51

The model boasts extended functionality and an impressive delivery set, which includes five full-fledged nozzles. The latter will find an approach to hair of any type. The device received photoceramic plates, where heat is evenly distributed around the entire perimeter.

Panasonic EH-HV51

Users in their reviews separately noted the heating rate of the device. For some 15 seconds, the model gains the required operating temperature. Also pleased with the presence of 5 modes for a variety of types of curls and styling.

The model allows you to easily create both elastic and voluminous curls, and perfectly straight hair, and without losing color. A cord without a hinge, which is often confused, acts as a fly in the ointment. In all other respects, this is an excellent device for the money (3500 rubles).

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