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Pram "Zippy Tutis"

Pram "Zippy Tutis"
Pram "Zippy Tutis"

If you want to buy a beautiful and unusual stroller for your long-awaited baby, then by all means pay attention to the Zippy Tutis model. It has an unusual bright design and an interesting combination of colors.

zippy tutis


The base is made of plastic. The interior and upholstery are made of natural fabrics. It is easily removed and washed. The dimensions of the cradle "Zippy Tutis" are 75 by 35 centimeters, and the height of the sides is 24 centimeters. In winter, you can easily fit a child and a blanket (plaid). The large, lined hood descends to the bumper. On the front there is a segment of oilcloth, hidden under a zipper. It can be removed if necessary and protect the baby from the weather. In this case, you will be able to see it perfectly. The hood zips off at the back. Instead, there is an insert-grid. It is designed for hot weather. Thus, we can say that the baby will feel comfortable under any circumstances. From below a cradle there are sliding plastic legs. Thanks to this element, it is possible to use it as a rocking chair. This detail is especially well thought out in the Tootis Zippy Sport variety.


The seat is high enough off the ground. Its dimensions are depth 22 cm, width 32 cm, back height 42 cm, footboard length 26 cm. For convenience, there are armrests and sides. A terry liner is provided for cold weather. The back is fixed in four provisions, including in horizontal. The block is installed in the direction of travel and against.

tutis zippy sport


The "Zippy Tootis" stroller is equipped with seat belts with pads made of soft fabric. The bumper is adjustable in height. It can be detached from either side or completely removed.


The stroller is very comfortable to drive. It is suitable for mothers of any height, as it is adjustable in height. Stroller "Tootis Zippy Pia" has a special cover that protects your hands from the cold. This will certainly be appreciated by mothers of "winter" babies.


Purchases and things necessary during the walk can be added to the basket. It has a fairly large size. There are zippers on the sides. You can easily put something in it and take it out.


Chassis are 63 centimeters wide. The front and rear rubber wheels are 26 and 31 centimeters in diameter, respectively. The brakes are separate, located on the rear wheels. There are also spring shock absorbers. The front wheels turn. This makes the stroller very easy to handle. It is easy to move not only on smooth city roads, but also in rural areas.

stroller tutis zippy pia

Folding mechanism

The stroller "Zippy Tootis" folds easily and quickly. You do not have to resort to the help of outsiders, you can do everything yourself. When folded, the stroller can be secured with straps. In this form, it has a size of 57x107x63 centimeters.


The stroller comes with a footmuff, rain cover, mosquito net, mum bag.


All material parts of the stroller are removable. They can be machine washed. Wheels are removable. This makes them easy to wash.

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