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Women's watches Moschino for romantic natures

Women's watches Moschino for romantic natures
Women's watches Moschino for romantic natures

The famous and popular Moschino brand was founded in 1983 by the talented designer Franco Moschino, who was born in 1950 in Italy. From early childhood, he passionately dreamed of becoming a famous artist, which is why he entered the Milan Academy of Arts.

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Even in his student years, Franco began to successfully cooperate with many fashion magazines. The work of a novice artist was noticed by Gianni Versace and offered him a job in his Fashion House. For 11 years, Franco worked as a designer for the great master, gaining experience and learning the secrets of professional craftsmanship. In 1983, he creates his own clothing company. Moschino was absolutely sure that in nature there is no good or bad taste - there are only mediocre and talented things.

His creations are extraordinary and imbued with subtle irony. Strict, classic outfits may well be decorated with some funny inscriptions or appliqués, heart-shaped pockets, bows and pompoms. Moschino was convinced that beautiful does not mean rich. He carried this motto through all his work.

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He is more forthe fashion of the streets, and not the stiff world of haute couture. Suffice it to recall his famous jacket with the inscription "Dear jacket" or a T-shirt with a pattern in the form of spots and the inscription "Stained with black caviar." He created masterpieces cheerfully, as if playing. He passed away too early (he was not 44 years old), but the magnificent colorful performance that Franco Moschino began continues to this day.

After the departure of the master, the company continued to develop, and in 2002 an agreement was signed with the Sector Group for the manufacture of watches.

Watch Moschino for women is the embodiment of taste, playfulness and coquetry. In order for them to please you for more than one season, the company not only carefully thought out the design, but also used high-quality materials in their manufacture. They are equipped with a Swiss quartz movement, which guarantees long and flawless operation. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, and the strap is made of genuine soft leather. The dial is covered with mineral glass, much more durable than usual. In addition, it is more resistant to chips and scratches.

moschino watch

Created by Moschino, a watch for women is a stylish and colorful accessory. The designers did their best to create such models for lovely ladies that would meet the concept of the company and emphasize the individuality of their mistress.

Moschino women's watches are presented in a huge assortment, so every fashionista will be able to choose a model to their liking. You will not be left indifferent by the model, which uses a scarf with the brand's print instead of a strap. And what can betouching little heart at the tip of the second hand? This is a kind of symbol of the company, speaking without words about who created this watch.

Brand designers, creating Moschino watches, are not limited to one style, they try to produce fashion accessories for all occasions. It is in this direction that many well-known watch brands are now working.

On average, Moschino watches cost about 9 thousand rubles. Not too cheap, but the price is always fully justified by their high quality.

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