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Fodder "Bozita" for cats: description, reviews of veterinarians

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Fodder "Bozita" for cats: description, reviews of veterinarians
Fodder "Bozita" for cats: description, reviews of veterinarians

Bosita cat food is a super premium class product from Swedish manufacturers. These are quality products that provide your pet with essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Types of food

Lantmannen DOGGY produces two types of cat food "Bosita" for cats: dry and canned. This brand does not have a line of medicinal foods, only everyday foods for perfectly he althy cats.

boseta cat food

Quite often, owners praise canned food "Bozita" for cats (reviews, photos can be found in our article). They are available in two types: meat pieces in jelly or pâté. According to owner reviews, cats mostly prefer meaty pieces, probably because they are more convenient to eat (especially breeds with a short muzzle, such as Persians).

Dry food

Dry cat food "Bozita" is made from fresh natural products that are not pre-frozen. This species is available in Tetra Recart packages. They allow you to preserve the taste, properties and smellproduct. Today in stores you can buy food "Bozita", recommended for kittens, adult animals, pregnant cats.

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Creating this food, Swedish experts use ingredients that must pass the strictest state quality control. This ensures that there are no ingredients harmful or dangerous to cats in the products. Owners are delighted that this food lists fresh meat as opposed to the mysterious organ meats that are often labeled as lesser quality on pet food packages.

Food "Bozita" for cats differs from similar compositions of other manufacturers in the content of a large amount of animal protein, as well as ballast substances. First of all, it is vital for the he alth of cats taurine, vitamin and mineral supplements. The company is especially proud of the Macrogard complex, which was developed as a stimulator of the animal immune system.

Fodder "Bozita" for cats: reviews of veterinarians

Specialists believe that the Lantmannen DOGGY products we are talking about today deserve the attention of pet owners, but they also have certain disadvantages.

bosita cat food reviews veterinarians


Food "Bozita" for cats is made from quality products, has a well-balanced composition. The ratio of phosphorus and magnesium, calcium, important minerals is normal. There is a fairly wide range ofcanned and dry food. No allergens, artificial additives, soy. Feeds recommended for animals of different breeds and different ages are produced. This allows each cat to choose a diet individually.


There is no therapeutic line of feed in the assortment, in case of illness of the animal, a transition to another product will be required. Contains cornmeal and rice. These ingredients cause diarrhea in some cats. Many veterinarians believe that Bosita is not enough supplements to prevent urolithiasis (UCD), although this is not too serious a drawback for everyday foods.

It must be remembered that the ideal food has not yet been created, so the choice of the owner should depend on the characteristics of your pet's body. A week after the introduction of a new product, go to the veterinary clinic, take the necessary cat tests. This will allow you to be sure that this food is safe for your pet.

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