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Scenario: end of grade 1 (holiday for children)
Scenario: end of grade 1 (holiday for children)

The end of May is a joyful event for many children and parents: the end of grade 1. A holiday on this occasion must be arranged! After all, first-graders are a special people. Studying at school for them is still a kind of game. A whole school year has passed. During this time, the children got used to the new conditions, rules and routine, received new knowledge and learned a lot.

Holiday to be

In order to demonstrate the skills and abilities of children, it is possible to hold not only an open lesson for parents, the teacher can also use such forms as a joint game, master class, meeting, holiday. The end of the 1st grade is a certain feature in the life of young schoolchildren. What will this period of study be remembered for? In what mood will the children go on vacation? The answer to these questions will depend on how the results are summed up.

1st grade graduation holiday

Rehearsal or impromptu?

Traditionally, teachers and parents at the end of the school year arrange a graduation party for children 1class. You can come up with a scenario for such an event yourself or use the form proposed in our article. Sometimes parents and teachers compose an event in such a way that only poems and songs performed by children alternate in it, and only a small surprise moment brightens up such a concert. It is worth considering whether such a scenario is festive? After all, if everything is rehearsed, and the children know in advance who goes after whom, what they read or sing, then for them this will become another “lesson”, albeit open, with the invitation of their parents. A different form of holding will be much more interesting for children. For example, travel.

Further in the article, we bring to your attention the author's script for the holiday dedicated to the end of grade 1.

1st grade graduation party script

Invitation to Vacation Island

The hall or classroom is decorated according to the nautical theme. The captain comes out to cheerful music.

Greetings, salad! Glad to see you all on the deck of our ship. Why are you so beautiful and smart today? Come on, confess, why are you here?

Children answer.

Do you have a holiday dedicated to the end of grade 1? Wow! This is great, but what will happen to you next? Are you in second grade? Are you starting tomorrow? Ah, the holidays are coming! I'm on my way to Vacation Island. Do you want with me? True, the road there is confusing, but somehow we will get there!

On our ship the captain is in charge of everything, but who is in your school? Teacher? Sailors pay respect to their boss, if you want, I will teach you,How do you show respect to a teacher? Then I urgently ask you to whistle everyone upstairs! If you don't understand, please stand up!

Now open your eyes, and harder! Straighten your shoulders, but wider! Chest forward, but rounder! Inflate your belly and make it bigger! Here! And now you need to smile and say out loud: “Hello!”.

Well done! Please respectfully sit down.

I see that you know how to respect elders! I'm taking you on my crew, but first I need to get to know you a little better.

holiday dedicated to the end of grade 1

Game "Answer loudly "I!"

Team, line up! Raise your hand and say loudly: "I!". Great, you will answer like this when I ask.

Who likes to eat marmalade? Grape? Butterscotch? Laps out of a bowl? Who loves an orange? Mandarin? Pears? Don't wash your ears? Who loves pomegranate? Chocolate? Movie? Broke the window? Who loves cake? Ice cream? Plum? Already drinking beer? Who loves strawberries? strawberries? Banana? And who is stubborn as a ram?

Great! Now I can take you to my crew. The main thing on the ship is discipline. Orders are not discussed, but carried out. Memorize orders.

Game "Orders on the ship"

If I say: "Left rudder!" you should take a step to the left (try it), and when I say “Right rudder!”, in the other direction. What is the name of the front of the ship? That's right, nose. Hear this word - take a step forward. The back is feed. So you take a step back. And at the command "Admiral on board!" you should freeze, standing at attention and saluting. Did you remember everything? Then let's get started!

Captain ingives orders in any order, children perform movements. When they have mastered the commands well, you can deliberately complicate the tasks by showing one thing and doing another. Music plays in the background during this game.

Captain: Alright, we're off! I hope you can swim?

To the song “Wave” from the repertoire of the “Barbariki” group, children one after another perform movements that imitate swimming, draw wavy lines in the air in front of them with their hands for the chorus and “dive”, crouching “to the bottom”.

Music plays, pirate comes out.

Pirate: A thousand devils! Who has brought this into our seas? Well, answer me, who are you, what are you doing here?

Captain: The ship under my command is making a voyage to Vacation Island. The crew are great guys. They have a holiday: the end of the school year in grade 1!

Pirate: What is it? Why do you need a school? For me, for example, this is useless. Let me repent: I am a pirate, a thunderstorm of the seas! Rivers and oceans are my teachers. I know everything here, all the reefs and shallows. Without me, you can't get to Vacation Island.

Captain: Listen, pirate! The guys have an important event in their lives: the end of the 1st grade, a holiday! Can you help us?

Pirate: So be it! I know the fairway and I will lead you through the seas! Get up all behind me.

holiday end of the school year in grade 1

The game "On the seas, on the waves!"

Now we will sail several seas at once. They are all different, so you need to swim in different ways. You should unanimously answer me “sail-we-we!” when I ask you. The first sea is the Ruchkin Sea. Hold hands. In the seaRuchkins, shall we?

Children and the captain: Pro-swim!

I am a pirate, the storm of the seas.

We are sailing the ship across the seas.

Into the sea… Shall we go?

Children: Go-swim!

The pirate leads the children, each time changing the name. For example, he calls the Elbow Sea, where children are taken under the arms, clasping their elbows. You can call the sea of ​​Hangers, Spinkins, Ushkins, Shchechkins and so on.

School Knowledge Island

Further, according to the scenario, the children find themselves on different islands. In order to sail past them to the island of Vacation, they perform various tasks. It can be islands of mathematics, drawing, physical education and other lessons. Such a development of a holiday for the end of grade 1 will allow children to consolidate in a playful way what they have been studying for a whole year. For example, on the island of Schitaniki, first-graders will solve fun puzzles and examples that will require not only counting skills, but also ingenuity. On the island of Gramoteev, they will find the missing letters and make words out of them. On the island of Colors, a fun competition with collective drawing.

1st grade graduation script

Let's give a few points that can be included in the scenario of a children's holiday. Finishing 1st grade is great fun.

Secret message

Three volunteers are needed for the competition. Each of them is given a secret letter - a sheet with some kind of image. The participants are given a task: they must destroy the message in 5 seconds, tearing it as small as possible so that no one sees the image. After that, it is announced that he will winthe competition is the one who will be the first to collect his sheet back.

Cheerful singing

Children must understand that the end of Grade 1 is a holiday! Songs on this day should sound fun and loud. You can arrange a song contest. One team is invited to sing a line from a song, the second team is invited to sing an excerpt from another song. First, at the direction of the leader, the teams sing in turn, then they sing together, each his own. It's noisy and fun.

Let's be honest

The host invites the children to tell the whole truth about everyone they know. He starts the phrase, and the children continue:

Leading. Let the boys answer first. All the girls are the most…

And now, girls, what do you think? All the boys in our class are the best…Let's say guys together what we think about adults. And our parents are the best…, and our teacher is the best…, our school is the best…, and our class is the best…

development of a holiday for the end of grade 1

Parents and teachers must try to make the end of grade 1 memorable for children. The holiday should end with the arrival at Vacation Island.

Jump into summer

Pirate: A thousand devils! Finally, we have reached the goal of our voyage - here it is, Vacation Island! Caramba!

Captain: I've never swum this far. Thank you guys for helping!

Pirate: Let's get ready before we go ashore.

Captain: Whistle everyone upstairs! Team, get ready! Your first grade days are far behind you. Probably, in this voyage, a fair wind was not always blowing? Surely, there were both reefs and shallows. I offer youremember everything that got in the way and did not please you.

Children remember and list everything they didn't like: broken pencils, difficult puzzles, etc.

Pirate: Now put it all in your fists and throw it overboard! Shake your hands to shake off the remnants of difficulties! We are now free from them (you can perform this moment with energetic music in the background).

Captain: Well, now that all the troubles are thrown out, we celebrated the end of 1st grade wonderfully. The holiday is coming to an end, and it's time for a solemn moment - a jump into summer!Pirate: Look at this bright ribbon (lying on the floor in front of the children lined up). You must jump over it together at my command. Look carefully at your friends. You won't see each other as first graders anymore. In a minute you will find yourself on vacation island, and from it you will come to school as second grade students. Ready to jump?

Captain: Let's all count together. Three two one. Vacation! (This moment is good to complement with music, fanfare, confetti cracker).

script for children's party end of grade 1

We hope that our article will help you organize a graduation party for grade 1. The scenario proposed by us can be easily changed and supplemented with your materials. Let the first-graders with a great mood complete the first school year and meet the holidays!

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